Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Wani's Birthday Wishlist! (Updated! hehe)

My birthday's coming up!!! So here's what I wish to have! hee hee ;)

1. Shopping vouchers!!!

2. To be taller by 6 inches! hehe

3. This kinda bedroom! Very lavender and very calming.. hehe. And verry nice!!

4. New ride!! Like this one! haha ;p

5. An aromatherapy massage!

6. Colourful clutches! I need in red, green, blue, yellow especially! And these are from Dorothy Perkins, Forever 21, and Topshop

7. Miumiu Leather Coffer Bag! Ade sape2 yang baik sangat hati dia nak kasi tak? hehehee

8. To sleep with Victoria Beckham! haha ;p

9. Sex and The City The Complete Series. Anyone care to download for me? hehee

10. Colourful heels! Like these.. I'm a size 6! ;P

11. Cinch waist belts from Dorothy Perkins

12. FCUK Bath/Body set. OMG! I really really want this! I loved the smell so much! Some fellar in my house use mine to wash their clothes, I guess! It's empty now!! Ughh. I only use it for special occasion or date! And they don't even sell it here in Malaysia! Only in UK/US I think. Isk. Screw U!!! =(

13. Any make up brush set from Bobbi Brown

14. Blackberry Bold accessories

15. Any accessories. Like cutie hairbands like this!  Anyone please buy for me. hahahah. ;P I love anything that has to do with bow and feathers! heh

16. Jordi Labanda notebooks!

17. External Hard Disk! Really really extremely need it! I don't have enough space to store videos anymoree! (Due to having more than 14000 pics in my laptop! And Prison break season 3 & 4 and Gossip Girl and Lipstick Jungle, etc etc! hehehee.. So please buy for me...hehe ;)

18. La Senza undies! I love their stuff! So cute and comfy! (I'm a size S,btw) ;)

19. Laura Mercier Body Set. They're sooo yummy! I loved it to the max..

20. Chanel Lipstick. In any nude colours. I still haven't got any Chanel lipstick! hehe

21. A Hot Pink Camera!

22. Mauboussin-ish Ring from Kenji at Tangs, Pavillion. (Size: the very smallest!)

23. A Gucci watch

24. Any perfumes from these!!! hehee ;D

25. This Audrey Hepburn Canvas from Ikea. She's so pretty and I like her! I wanted to hang it in my room!

26. Or maybe just these..

27. A romantic dinner ;)

28. Stila Silk Eye Shadow Wash

29. Stila eyeshadow in dark purple. I need this colour!

30. This mirror from Ikea! I need 4 sets not 4 pieces! hee hee ;p

31. To get this kinda look! Like a barbie doll or something! Think Katy Perry. hehe

32. Cooper by Anya Hindmarch in Grey

33. A cat that looks like this Romeo!! Alahai...comel nyerrr..

34. Tops from Topshop or Warehouse or Dp or Principles or whatever lah.. (Size 8. hehe)

35. A pink lappie!

36. A cute bicycle with basket (and flower in it)!!

37. More VB jeans! Size 27. Oppsy! haha =P

38. To get like J.Lo's hot bod and bum! ;)

39. More Tie Rack scarfs!

40. Any anti virus software

41. This very Gucci sunnies..

42. Any cute and girly Aussino Comforter set. (Super Single)

43. A cute Aussino towel set

44. Movie passes!

45. Fine chocolates!

46. This very hair style! The Length. The Color. The Volume. The Style. Oh me likey!

47. Ice creams!!

48. A one night stay at any nice hotel in Klang Valley with my loved ones. Just like the old times. Slumber party with friends,bebeh! Oh, sounds so fun! hehe ;p

49. A fine dining with my loved ones! ;)

50. Any recommended chick-lit books!

Okay..Dah cukup kuota dah! hahaha. Don't really know what I really2 want actually. But you can just gimme anything that you really want me to have though it's not in this list. I don't mind honey! Really.
I love free stuff! hehee. ;p

Oh by the way, this is just my WISH list ok. They're my desires. Something that I've been longing to have. It'd be great if I could possess them all. But of course, who would want to be so generous to give me all of these right? If only. hehe. (Especially number 8! haha.)
I'm just doing this, to give more options for you, you, you, you and you! hahaha!! *wink. wink* ;P
Tapi...kalau awak-awak sekalian takmo kasi pun takpe..siapalah diriku ini..hahaha.
Nah.. Seriously. =)

"Happy Birthday to me! "

Oh I'm old. I'm 21. Forever 21. haha ;p



  1. Pjgnye wishlist awak!Hehe.But most of the things that u listed are the things on MY wishlist as well.Hihi.

  2. waaahhhhhh!!!! byknya wishlist wani?!?!?!!? happy birthday in advance frm me ya ;)

  3. guna bath gel FCUK to wash clothes?? sapekah? how do u know...

    hokey, i'll get u one of those things u want. RM10 voucher Parkson k? ;p hahah

  4. hai wany...i've got the complete series for sex & the city. if u like, u can borrow from me and copy the dvd. let me know kay. email me at onenie80@yahoo.com and happy becoming birthday...hope all your wishes will come true.

  5. 13. Any make up brush set from Bobbi Brown --> ohhh i nak jugak!!!! :D :D

    btw, i thot u turn 22 this 2009?? heh.. anyhow, nice BOLD... i likeeee!! :P

    ohh HAPPY BIRHDAY dear.. :)

  6. most of what u wish to have byk menyumbang ke israel lah... ;p

  7. for yr info (or maybe for anyone who wanna give u present :P),tis year price for that ikea LOTS mirror is only RM16.90 for 4 piece.i wanted to buy them,but im afraid they wont lasts long on my wall..hihi..r the tapes strong enough to let the mirror stick on the wall forever?

  8. happy advance birthday.

    wow banyaknye liset.. hope u will get it..

  9. such a high demand for 21 years old birthday girl! macam ni la kalau terlalu disogokkan sangat dgn barang2 label omputih oleh mak ayah..kalau dah ada income sendiri rasa la sendiri macamana peritnya nak cari sesen pun..

  10. no. 29 memang IN skrg. i could throw you a free makeover for your birthday ;)

  11. eyy cute la notebooks tu
    mane ade jual ya?

  12. WAHHH pjg nya ur wishlist hihih...btw bila ur b'day dear?

  13. happy birthday in advance wany...
    when is the exact date anyway?
    sy juga ingt awk adalah anak 87...

  14. happy birthday in advance wani..
    datang dari your sis punya blog..
    manyaknya wishlist dia..
    hopefully u akan dapat nanti..

  15. banyaknyer....sape nak bagi nie...???

  16. omg... i need to rob bank first!!!

    any plans up?! can't believe we're both Capricorns (right?)

    january babies!! =)

  17. hey dear..
    nak tanye, mana u dpt ek gambo romeo tu?cam tekejut gak tgk my crappy work of art editing kat photoshop in my old, old blog which I think I have deleted is in ur blog. the pic is even the wallpaper for my PC dulu2. no, am not offended, just tekejut je.romeo was my housemate's cat during my final year days in uni,rasenye dah mati kut kucing tu..it just brings some bittersweet memories la when i see romeo's pic there. btw if u really want a castrated kucing jantan, dat size, dat kaler..i have my own. nama dia ciki, kiut mcm tu gak tp tak segebu tu la..i wanna give it away actually..if interested let me know :)

  18. Happy birthday to you, hope you get well always.

  19. no.8 tu.. i nak tanya.. u lesbian ke?!

  20. Hi wani.
    Happy bday in advance!
    kalo nk jom la g shopping ngn akak. heheh.
    kalo nk mekap mcm no 31 tu bole makeup team akak tlg buat kan.


    Fuhh.. banyak nye comment nak reply! hehe..takpe..satu2 k..

    LILY: hehe.. yeke? kite 2 memang dari skolah lagi share the same interest kan? hehe ;p

    SNOWIFFY: thank u! ala..ni saje2 buat wishlist je.. hehe ;p

    ALONG: ade laaa org tu basuh ape bende tah la smpai habis! heee..sebuk gile. dah la haku gune utk occasion tertentu je. dia sukati mak nenek dia je! isk.

    hmm..voucher 10 hengget pon boleh! (tp 10 keping kan? hahaha) ;p

    NORWANIE: hye wanie! we share the same name! hehe
    omg! r u serious?!! u wanna lend me ur satc dvds??!! omg! u r so so so very nice!! ;)thank u so much babe! nnt i email u k! (im excited!! hehe)

    KAK ANITA: eheh.. tu la..i need make up brushes.. rasa tak best make up pakai jari jemari sajer.. haha ;p

    ANONYMOUS: yeke? erk.
    tp Victoria Beckham from London. haha. Jk ;p

    AISHAH: oh really? dah lagi murah ek? wowwie! best nyee!! hehe
    hmm..bout the tapes, im not so sure la..i hv never purchased these mirrors before.. so i dont know..

    EIZA: Thank u dear!! If i get all of these 50 things, i'll give one of it to u ok? ehehehe ;p

    ANONYMOUS: ha? oooo..
    eheh.. ni wishlist je la akak.. something that I hope for, or longing to have..hehe..
    Jangan la serious sgt..takut saya la. heheh.
    Saya merepek je byk kat sini.. jadi, jangan la serious sgt k akak..eheh ;p

    Plus, memang tak kan dpt pun la kan, especially number 2,4,7,8, blablabla...panjang la pulak.. hehehe.. ;p

    MIK: wowwie! r u for real?? eheh.. i love free makeovers! huhuh ;p

    ANONYMOUS: kat kinokuniya ade jual..

    NINIE: hehe..mmg la panjang.. tu nama nye dah boring la tu..mengisi masa lapang memikirkan ape yg i nak.. haha..
    padahal i taktau pun ape bende yg i betul2 nak sgt.. tu sbb la buat sepanjang yg mungkin..dgn harapan tau la ape yg i nak nanti.. haha ;p

    HUNNY: thank u! ;)

    IENA: hello, welcome to my blog! eheh.. thanks for the wish ya! ;)

    MRS HAFIZ: thank u akak!

    KAK AZLINA: eheh.. santa claus kot yg nak kasi. haha

    MIU: hehehe..yup, we both capricorn. n thats y we always have the same taste n interest. haha ;p

    MARIA: terima kaseh! ;)

    MIEZA: hello akak.. akak yg punye gamba eh?? hehe.. wani pun tatau sape punye. suka hati je letak.. sorry! sebab gamba ni dah ade dlm my old laptop dulu.. so pastu wani save dlm laptop skrg sbb suka sgt tgk romeo tu..comel sgt2 la..
    rasenye, wani amik kat laptop Iza dulu kot..mase tu dia kat mmu lagi..so rasenye dr situ la asal usul gamba ni..hehe..

    btw, serious ke akak nk kasi ciki tu?? akak tak syg dia ke?? bulu dia putih ek?? aaa..dah rase geram dah ni! hehee ;p

    MENANTI PASTI: thanks for the wish. yeah, me too..i hope i will get better n better each day.. takde sakit2 dah..isk =(

    MIU: hehehe.. yeah, im a lesbo! haha.. no lah, i just adore gorgeous people! hehe

    ARLINA: yeke?! heh.
    i've seen ur portfolio! very nice work! hehe.. i love ur touch.. cantik.. ;)


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