Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Birthday Bounty

(This is going to be a loooooooong post. You have been warned ;p)

So here goes my birthday stories.. =)

My very first birthday celebration with family and friends! hehe. I was 5 years old.

It was 18 years ago! I've grown!

Ok, dah dapat hadiah! So now I can go to school! hehe

..and this is me now after 18 years has past! hehee =P

Yell-O people!!! =)
Sorry for taking hundreds of years to post something. Been kinda busy lately. With schools, with people and with cats. Haha. So I got no time to switch on my laptop and update my online journal..heh.

Anyway, let's start with last last Saturday (which was my birthday! Oh, Happy Birthday to me! heh).. =P

Well.. it's kinda sad actually, cuz my super busy daddy forgot to wish me a 'Happy Birthday', that I have to remind him and send him an sms while he was playing golf! (Erk! I know it's so sad! haha). But well, this was the first time he didn't wish me. Normally, every year he would text me and say "Happy Birthday! Semoga menjadi anak yang solehah, dengar kata (nampak sgt aku salu tak dgr kata..hahaha), dirahmati Allah, rajin belajar, blablabla..blablabla..blablabla.. So what hadiah u want?”. haha. =)

But this year, nada. (It means no, in Spanish.) isk. Well, at least not until I remind him la. hahaha. =P

I sent him an sms, "Today's my birthday. Don't you wanna wish me? haha" =P

And then he replied, "Happy birthday. We'll celebrate at Perdana Felda. Free makan". Hmph. Sabo je la ayahku ini. hahaha ;p
(Btw, we have a wedding to attend at Dewan Perdana Felda that night!)

Well actually, I am not that brokenhearted la, if anyone doesn't wish me. haha. As for me, a birthday isn’t really a big deal ke ape la. Because to be honest, my family does not do the traditional birthday party or whatsoever, like some people.
Fyi, my dad prefers something like doa selamat ke or kenduri ke or anything old school, or maybe not celebrate at all! Heheheh. And I’m cool with it.. ;)
(But of course, it is a bonus la if someone throws me a birthday party!! Wooh! hehee ;p )

But I don't really like parties, actually. Especially if it is a special day for me (fyi, saya seorang yang sangat pemalu!). Cuz the spotlight would be on me! I just don't like it! I don't like having too many people around me. And having to talk and layan everyone in the world. heh. I just don't know how to act and layan too many people la! I'd become very quiet then! haha. I'd just rather spend it quietly (or maybe not so quiet! haha) with someone I love, instead of having a big party and invite random people.

And so that's why every time my birthday's coming, I am not that excited like some people. Well maybe because I am so used to not celebrating it and having a big party, kot? Tah la. hehe.
So basically, I wouldn’t really expect anything big, but a birthday wish from my loved ones. Really. (Oh, to my dear future husband, if you’re reading this, it doesn’t mean that you don’t have to give me presents at any times! I love free stuff! Esp. on my birthday or our anniversaries! LOL)

Oh, and when I was younger (I’m still young,btw!), my mum used to say something like this to me when I asked for a present for my sixteenth birthday, "Well.. Why should I give you a present? I am the one who brought you to this world. You are the one who should be thankful and give me lotsa pressies!" Erk. True.

Terus terdiam. hahaha ;p

Oh, I almost forgot my birthday stories! Hehe.

Anyways.. So that night we went to the Dewan Perdana Felda. My cousin, Luqman Hussin has just got married!
And I'm wearing the very exact dress by
Rizman Ruzaini that I wore during my sister's wedding at Perdana Felda last February.

23rd February 2008

Only this time, I did all by myself! From the make up, to pasang bulu mata palsu sendirik, and to pakai selendang toncet rose kat tepi tuh! No professional help at all! haha. (..and so that explains why I looked like crap! haha)

So here are the rest of the pictures of the wedding..

Meet the Bride and Groom

Flower Girls: Sakina and Khairina

Lil' Chef of the day! hehe


On Sunday 18th January, went back to my hostel.. Initially, I planned to go back on Monday morning, but Girl wanted me to return to Nusaibah (the name of my hostel) on Sunday as soon as possible, that is before 700 pm. So, on the way back to my hostel, I kept on thinking, hmm..what are they gonna do to me? Last year on my birthday, we had food fight. Or more like a cake fight. hehe. And on Naz's birthday, had a serious eggs-and-flour fight! I wasn't involved in it! Managed to escape! haha =P

But our cake fight wasn't that bad and nasty. Because at that time, we didn't have much cake left! But eggs-and-flour fight, is surely gonna get dirty and nasty!

Just look at what Girl and friends did to Jimbo, the day he turned 21!

Jimbo who magically became like a Hantu.

Oh gosh.. I couldn't imagine if that were me! hahaha ;p

So I was thinking, maybe this year, they upgraded a little bit for my birthday. haha. Hence, I dressed in my daily t-shirt and sweatpants and ready to rumble! LOL.

But then, when I just arrived my room, I called up Girl, asking where she was. (I was so ready for the fight! Haha)

And then she said, “We are somewhere in Ampang. U just take your time and get ready k. We meet u here..”

I paused for a moment, trying to digest what is it that she's tryna tell me and wanted to take me to? Then after a few mili seconds only, I realized the words 'take your time and get ready'. And excitedly I said, “Should I dress up or dress down?!” (I gotta know where I'm going to and make sure no tepung or egg is going to mess with my baju! LOL)

N she replied, “You’re the birthday girl. So of course u gotta gussy up a lil bit! And please, do take your time k! Tapi jangan la sampai 3 jam ! And drive slowly ok?!”

After I hung up, I was really excited. (But confused a bit). I don’t have any clue where I’m going or what are the activities! And most importantly, I don’t exactly know what to wear! So I stared at my clothes in the cold cupboard for a bit. And said the same old phrase each time I’m going out, “Oh gosh.. I don’t have anything to wear!” =(

I thought about a lot of things. Seriously, I had a hard time finding the right outfit, because like I said, I don't have any idea where I'm heading to. Or at least, what is the attack that they are planning to do that night to surprise me. haha. I really thought that I'm gonna get real dirrty that night. So that's why I had difficulties in choosing on what should I wear that night! =P

I dunno whether I should wear something simpler or something that is uncomfortable, or something lacey or something silky or something sweet or whatever. I was worried if I wear any of my dry cleaned tops, it’ll be ruined later on.. But then I remember she did say she wanted me to dress up and stuff..
And knowing Girl and Naz, they wouldn’t do something like that to me! They’ll only attack me when I’m ready. Haha. Right girls? =P

Anyways, at last I made up my mind and I wore my red & black with sequins and lace knickers and brassiere from La Senza, my lovable VB jeans, a Topshop slinky tube top in blue, a black lacey bolero (no brand. Got it from jinjang shop), a black & blue oblong Tie Rack scarf, a Warehouse faux crocs clutch, and my all time favorite black Eclipse heels with a set of purple shades on my face. (Fyi, purple eye shadows is my new brown! And am loving it!)


At around 800 pm, I got out and head to Ampang area. We met at in front of De Palma Hotel. And then Girl leads the way. She said just follow her and we convoyed together.

While I was driving, I do not know why I was so damn nervous. Seriously, there was at one point where I feel like I’m going out with a guy or someone that I barely know! I really felt like I’m having a really big date! LOL.
Kecut perut, berdebar-debar, risau, and whatnot. haha. =P

Well.. maybe because the part where I don’t have ANY idea where I’m heading to, and the part that the road and route taken was very verry unfamiliar to me, and the part that it was very dark (no street lamps at all), and the part that the road was so bumpy and having hills and crags, and the part where I don’t know what’s gonna happen next that makes me all nervous and a little bit anxious and spooky!

So.. after a spooky journey, we arrived at the top of the hill! They brought me to the Look Out Point in Hulu Langat. They paid for me everything! Including the entrance fee and even a jockey service! Thank you ladies! =)

We had our dinner at the Bread & Olives Café. And guess what? They managed to get a private room for me! Oh my god!! No one has ever done that to me nor have I experienced that before! I mean, it was just so amazing that we could have a little privacy and chit chat and laugh out loud like we always do without having to control our voices or laughter or even behavior, and still enjoy such great food and ambience! ;)

Bread & Olives Cafe at Look Out Point

It was just the three of us. They didn’t invite other friends of ours. Because they know that I can become so not talkative and very quiet and shy abruptly in front of a lot of people, which would drift the spotlight away from me.. so they decided that the dinner was meant to be for us three only. =)

The moment I stepped into that room, all I can say was, “Oh my god! Cantik nyee! This is so damn beautiful la!!! Thank u so much girls!!!”

Honestly, the view was just so breathtaking! I can see Kuala Lumpur from there! So b.e.a.u.t.i.f.u.l. Lights are everywhere! Seriously the panoramic view was better than the view from KLCC or Menara KL that I've seen before. At least for me.

Gheesh.. It's soo beautiful!!

Sorry, it's blur! Bloody crappy cam! haihh.. Seriously in need of new camera la! haha =P

After oohing and aahing and wowing, we ordered our foods. As for our appetizer, we ordered a plate of Falafel (I ate this quite a lot, when I was in Amsterdam. Very nice!), and I ordered for myself a Shawarma Chicken, Naz’s Creamy Chicken Pasta(Super duper nicey!), and for Girl, Grilled Lamb Chop.

The Falafel.

Mine: Shawarma Chicken.

Naz's: Creamy Chicken Pasta

Girl's: Grilled Chicken Lamb Chop

For our drinks, I ordered a Mango Milkshake, for Girl, Honey Dew Juice and Naz’s Orange Juice.

Cheers! hehe =)

Meet Girl.. =)

They bought me a party hat!!! (I always wanted to wear one, but never get the chance to wear it my whole life! Thanks girls for making it came true! hahaha)

Oh it comes with an eye mask too? Great!! ;)

Green-eyed Batwoman with Purple Eye Mask! Eeek. =P

Oh, I was excited! haha

Then, it's time for cake and pressies! Eh. More like donuts, speeches and pressies! hehe ;)

Was receiving call from Dr. Zubair Al Awwam dan keluarga. They sang a birthday song for me too! (Loud speaker, serentak bersama mereka. heh)

Ready, Set, Blowww! "Fooooohhhh!"

Hey hey hey, 24 candles??! I am so not that old la, girls! Well, not yet but getting there! haha. But nevermind, the more candles, the bigger the wish! hehe =P

Present time! Oh and speech too! heh. Two words: Truly beautiful!! I wanted to cry..but I can't because she was laughing and smiling and tersipu2 malu.. heheh =P

Eheh. Naz said something.. And then suddenly we were crying. (esp. Naz! Dia sayang aku sangat dowh! hehehee) We were so dramatic la! haha =P

Anyways, I would like to take this opportunity to thank you guys (once again!) for all of the birthday surprises; the place!(it was really nice! I really loved the view!), the private room, the dinner, the donuts, the presents, the party hat & the eye mask, the parking fee & jockey service! hehe, and then of course, the very verry beautiful speech and words! And everything else!
Gosh.. they were really really nice. I wasn't expect anything like that! Not at all! Not even close, ok! It was just too perfect! hehe. Seriously, I thought you guys are just going to give me the tepung and the eggs! haha. But oh boy.. this is way wayyy toooo beautiful and enjoyable and amusing and beautiful and fun, than that tepung thing! heheh ;p

The fact that you guys got me thoroughly spoilt for a day makes it all just splendid!
Thank you girls, for your kindness. It is sincerely appreciated. =)

Yes!!! I'm old enough! I am completely legal now!! hahaha. JK =P

U guys really really made my day!!! Thank You! =)

Happy Three Friends =)

Oh look! The Triple S girls! hehe. Stilettos, Sneakers and Slippers! =p


Last Sunday on the 25th, my dad just got back from Istanbul. He was away for about a week. So that's why he couldn't find his time to have dinner with the whole family.

So last Sunday, we had a little get together for my belated birthday and also to have our Makan Besar for the CNY. haha =P
It was at Degrees, Pan Pacific Hotel.

I like what I wore on that day. hehe. =P
At first, I wanted to wear the corset, and team it up with a white blouse. But then, I looked too serious! (all black and white). hehe. So I changed to purple then. Looked much better, I think.

Was wearing an Esprit purple chiffon top, a black waist corset from In Wear, a Topshop satin black pants, a purple Tie Rack scarf, a black pumps from Bally and a Forever 21 black patent clutch.
Oh, and I also got a FREE complimentary makover from Shu Uemura! (Well, actually it was from Benefit. But apparently the bapok there didn't exactly know how to conteng my face! So the job then was finished by Didie, a Shu Uemura Make up artist. Thank U so much Didie!!)

Okay, I'm just gonna stop story morry here, and post some of the pictures of my belated birthday dinner k! (Too tired now, due to having such a looong post! haha)

Cam whoring with the brother while we were on the way to Pan Pac.. haha =P

Family Dinner

What I ate for my dinner!

The Yee Sang!

Hariz tak jealous pun mama dia ade baby baru.. hehe

Uncle Lee with lil' Ayra;)

Hariz was like, "Eh, where does that song come from? I think I heard it before la.." hehe

Oh! My name's there! Gotta take a picture of it! haha

Tada! =)

Another wish to make..

Hey, 2 + 3 candles? I'm not 23 yet la! Ape ni..asik salah candles je! hahaha ;p
(Semua nak suruh aku tua cepat! haha)

Family Potrait. heh =)

Oh, we got 'angpau' too, baybeh!! hehee =)

Ok, that's all folks!! Real tired now!!! Will update soon! (the bday gifts! and about other things as well..) hehehee ;P

Okay, thank you very much Abah and Mama for being the greatest parents a girl could have. I wish I could repay everything and all the things that you've done for me. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. I'm blessed! I loved you both very much! =)


P/S: To Everyone who wishes me, THANK YOU VERRRRRY MUCH!!!!! MMMUAHH! ;)

P/SS: To
you people: Your colorful presence added brightness to my birthday. And made it even more special! Thank You Very Much! =)



  1. Happy birthday dear....can u please email me ur add dera???

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  3. phew~!! at last, habis gak baca this entry. what a long entry, haha! even i have to skip some sentences, heheh. anyway wanie, happy belated birthday. love your loved ones selagi mereka masih ada.


  4. hey hey. happy belated bday! wani you are 21st ke this year? rupe2nye kite sebaye eh. heheh.

    eh btw, tu look out point yg dkt jalan lereng2 bukit dkt ampang tu ke??..pandai dorg pileh tempat. kat situ mmg sgt cantik mlm2. u're so lucky to have friends mcm diorg! hehe. eh panjang pulak komen.

    anyway, your cake is cute. hehe. :D

  5. Waaa Wani, I knew this place... (Look Out Point) Not far from my home... ^_^ View mmg cantek gler tapi jln nak g sana mmg scary & dangerous esp mlm2...=_= (seraaam) Berani gak u all ek,hehhehe ^_^

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  8. Belated bday Wanie!~ :)

    Baju pengantin ur cousin tu from Butik Syahirah ye? Coz few weeks back d owner of d boutiqe called me, die kate ade this customer nak kawen, buat kat felda, white dress with pink diamond s beadings, nak suruh add lg diamond2 tu so that lg lip lap!~ :D guess she was ur cousin's wife la kot... neway, i adore d pelamin! :D sweet...

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  12. lucky u to have such great friends and family around u!

    and lucky them to have u in their lives!

    u're adorable! ;)


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