Friday, January 16, 2009

Beautiful Nails

When I was seven, my school teacher always checked out on my nails. I still remember every morning, she'll come to my desk (and others too) and ask me to put my hands on the table to inspect my nails, to see whether I keep them long or short, or maybe colored. heh. Just so you know, my nails are the 'kuku gelas' type. Well, that's what people told me la. =)
And every time she checked my fingernails, I always ended up kena ketuk dengan pembaris kayu. Sakit tangan saya, la cikgu. isk. She always thought that I kept my nails long. But I think it's because of the shape, kot. But they're actually are so not! huhu..I always cut and clean them! But nevermind.. cerita lama.. heh

Anyways.. I would consider my nails as healthy/normal ones. Fyi, healthy nails are pink, strong, smooth and flexible.
And just like hair and skin, I believe there are also different types of nails too! Like for example nails that are dry, brittle, damaged, peeling, weak, break easily and have ridges. And my nails seem to be free from all those imperfections. hehe. (Thank you, God!)

My nails which has been done and manicured by Naz

I don't know is it just me, or does every girl has this 'problem' too, when they're having their periods? It seems like every single time I have my period, I just love, love to take extra care for my body. Be it hair, skin, hands, feet or even nails! heee ;p

So every time when I have my period, instead of being cranky all the time, I am extra conscious with my look. My hair, my body, my skin, my nails, and etc, all need to be taken extra care during that period. I prefer to have a happy period rather than a miserable and painful one. Well who does, right? hehe =P

And that is the reason why I love to reward my body and get myself pampered! Don't you just love to feel groomed and gorgeous, ladies? =)
As I have mentioned before, massage is the number one thing that will make me feel better when I'm in a state of stress or emotionally unstable or whatsoever. And some other stuffs too like hot stone, aromatherapy oils, herbal therapy, hot tub or steam bath and deep cleansing facial. Or even a manicure and a pedicure!
These things would do the trick to help me get rid of those lousy feelings. heh =)

I love to take a look at myself in the mirror and look at my shining hair, or perfectly manicured nails of mine. It is the nicest feeling ever. At least for me la. hehe ;p
So that's why I always get my nails done whenever my period attacks. hehe. Because this is the time where I don't have to pray, so I don't have to remove the colors and I can get beautiful nails. (And be happy) =P
Btw, I always think that the color beige is always a classic and somehow makes your fingers appear longer and clean.

However, I can't always run down to the nail bars every single time I have my period. I would be bankrupt in no time, right?! So of course, sometimes I do it all by myself. Or with Naz's help (she's such a great friend, camerawoman, manicurist, hair stylist, doctor, helper, listener, and lotsa other great things! LOL).

Anyway, here are some of my tools for the manicure and pedicure treatment! ;)
Most of the stuff here you can get them from Watson's. Oh I love Watson's! So many great things you can find there, kan?! =)

Oh, when I was in one of the shops in Amsterdam, I found so many acrylic nails! All unique ones. Short, long, very short, very long, and so many sizes and styles! I got really really excited!! Cuz I have never find so many fake nails that are SO pretty! And so I bought one - For the first time!
But I gotta admit, I had a really really hard time deciding on which ones to buy! So many brands and nice designs to choose! Seriously pening tak tahu nak pilih mana satu!

But at last, I bought the Real Life by Broadway Nails. They have such a nice sets of nails, I tell u! They all looked very real! Some of it also has the cuticle moon! - It is on the nail bed which looks like it has a "half-moon". Can u believe how precise they are?? hehe.
I bought the French Manicure set by Broadway-Real Life. Very nice. I loved it to the max! Though it does not have the cuticle moon, but everybody thought they were my real nails! hehe

I'm really glad I bought it! Nampak macam kuku bersih je. hehe =)

I applied this one using a double-sided tape only, instead of using the glue that they provide inside the box! (So it can easily be removed. It acts like a sticker or something. haha)

I loved it! It makes me happy. I dunno why. haha. Sounds so weird, ey? Nvm. heh.
But now I already took it off, since I'm not having my period anymore.

Plus, wearing these fake nails is like I'm wearing a label on my face that says "Hello everyone. I'm having my period". haha.



  1. i like ur hair..nicely done and look so healthy too!

  2. oh thank u! pki la sunsilk! hehe ;)

  3. alahai...kecik nye tgn awak wani!!

    halus giler!! tp cantik la! hehe..

    n ur nails pun cantik..jenis panjang.. kuku i jenis square n ketot2..tak lawa! isk..

    bestnye ade kwn yg tolong u buat kan bende2 girlish mcm ni.. hehe

  4. wani..huda ni..awak ingat kite lagi x? mase skola rendah dulu kite penah kwn dgn awak..mase darjah satu ke darjah dua tah..lupa dah..

    mase tgh hari, tiap2 hari kite suke main kejar2 la, nyorok2 la..haha..klaka je..

    pastu kite ingat lagi, dulu kite salu main rambut awak.. best, tebal, byk.. hehe..

    skrg awak dah pakai tudung ek? bagus nye..kite tak tau lg bile kite nk pki ni..tgk awak, mcm teringin nak pki la pulak..hehe

  5. besides all those.. i like ur baju. :)
    i like such with butang kat lengan tuh.. where ditcu get it?

  6. aku la: eheh. tgn saya halus, saya suka tapi susah sgt2 nak cari gelang ok!! iskkk.. =(

    huda: hye huda!!! hehe.. mesti la kite ingat.. kite 2 jadi itam sama2..main panas..haha..berkilat muka.. ;P

    btw, alhamdulilah u ada rasa nak pki tudung.. hehe.. pakai la, trust me, u'll feel the difference! hehe ;)

    rose: thank u babe! ;)
    i'm glad i bought it! hehe..
    its from warehouse dear.. bought it few months ago.. tp baru pki sekali..

    so since ramai yg ckp cantik bj tu..i akan pki selalu la nnt..hehe

  7. cikgu mmg slalu igt org2 yg berkuku gelas ni kuku pnjg kan?isk3

  8. ur jari sgt cantik..i sll teringin jari yg ade kuku mcm awak..kuku gelas..em tp sy bersyukur masih punya kuku..=)..em awak citerla step by step mcmn awak jg kuku awak..adeq lelaki sy pun kuku mcm awak..sgtla jeles..lelaki tp ade kuku gelas..ehehe..anyway hepi belated besday dear..

  9. u bli kuku tu online keer.. cantik sgt la!

  10. wanie... i loikeeeeeeee ur baju (eventho nmpak kat bhgian tertentu je... hehehe...). wanie beli kat mana eh top cantik2 tu?... neway, u have a pretty nails....


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