Saturday, January 17, 2009

Good News!

I was walking by myself in and around Pavillion the other day to redeem my birthday gifts from Parkson.. and I saw this!

Stores open up to 11 pm? Wooh. Sounds fun! Plus free 4-hour parking! (usually it's free 2-hour parking when spend RM100 n above)
Pavillion nye parking mahal nak mati.. Jadi sape2 yang nak shopping kat sana, sila lah pergi on that particular dates k! 16 to 24 January..

Yang stores open up to 11 pm tu, tinggal 23rd and 24th je la.. hehe

Omg.. Our birthday's stated there!! 17th and 23rd! hehee ;)



  1. wani, happy bday. may god gives u thousands of happiness in ur life. kite nk jd follower awk, x blh eh?



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