Friday, January 30, 2009

Birthday Treats

Some of the member clubs that I joined/registered.

This month I received quite a lot of birthday special treats from some of the member clubs that I've joined! From food, fashion, spa, makeovers, cash vouchers, and etc! And I'm lovin' it!!!
Oh, how I love January! So many freebies I got! hehe

Parkson gave me a lot of vouchers to be redeemed this month! They're from Bizzy Body (spa), Room 8 Couture (children's dress), Giordano Jewelery, Sheridan (bedding), Paris Hilton Handbags, a Benefit makeover, Ylang Ylang (face/body stuff), The Executive (work attire), a black & white polka dot scarf from Pure Career and also a RM50 (bday special) + RM200 (accumulated points) cash voucher from Parkson!

Wooh. It's cool to be an elite member lah! =)

The Benefit makeover voucher!

And this is the result! heh.. I edited already! (to make it looks a lil' bit more intense!) haha. (The original make up was this one) ;P

And I also receive other things as well from other retail stores: Topshop/Dorothy Perkins/Miss Selfridge-20% off on any item, Clarins-RM50 cash voucher, CRESpa-RM50 voucher, California Pizza Kitchen- Free pizza or pasta, Stila-free girlfriend club sticker and a beauty makeover, Dome-20% off for any cakes purchased and free coffee drinks for two, L'Occitane-RM20 cash voucher (bday special) + RM50 cash voucher(accumulated points), and San Francisco Coffee-Free any beverages and etc etc (forgot la..some of them it's either I buang already or lupa or misplaced the cards) I love freebies! The best thing in life are free, ain't that right?

Oh, it's so cool to be their members la!!

P/S: I can't wait for my next free makeover! By Stila! ;)



  1. wah, bestnya dpt hadiah, note to late to say this....happy belated birthday 2 u dear....

  2. wowwie.. u looking good! ;)

  3. netti: thank u dear! ;)

    anonymous: eheh. tu dah edit la! hehee ;p


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