Saturday, January 24, 2009

It's the RED season again..

which means, the Chinese New Year is heree!!! (and holidays too!) hehee ;p

Happy Chinese New Year everyone!!! May you have a prosperous lunar new year!

Hey, I know how to sing their 'raya' song! Wanna hear? hehee

Me ke ta ce siau siau
Me ke renti chu-ay li
Cien menti ee chi hua
Cu ser gong xi gong xi,
Gong xi gong xi gong xin nian yah,
Gong xi gong xi gong xin nian.

hahaha.. Sorry for the wrong spelling or pronunciation!!! I bantai only! =P


1 comment :

  1. hahaha!! i think it's correct?

    not too sure myself! :)

    Happy Holidays !!


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