Saturday, December 20, 2008

What's Your Signature Style?

Just got back from KLCC with Hanis. =)

Hmm.. I think right now, part of my signature style is, Corsets. hehe. (I have four corsets now,btw. hee hee)

I absolutely LOVED corsets and always find myself drawn to it whenever I saw them in stores. (And I saw one today, at Principles! Gawddd.. It's v.e.r.r.y nice! And it's RED! I want it so badly.. but it's a little too expensive for me la. It's RM 359 or something.. I forgot.. =(

Anyways, there's just something about modern corsets that makes me fell so in love with them! Maybe it's the boned bodice, or maybe it's the cinched at waist style. Or maybe cuz it would stand out like a fashion statement. Or maybe it's because almost every corset is always designed to enhance the female figure. (N I have a curvy figure. So wearing a corset would make me feel or at least gimme the illusion of being slimmer! LOL. At least, that's what I thought la..hahaha. Yeah right.) =P

Or maybe it's just about everything stated above! heh.


Here's the pictures of me wearing all my four beloved corsets.. hehe ;)

This is what I wore to KLCC, today:

Bought this corset from Jaya Jusco, yesterday. It's a lacey corset with ribbon = Cuteness! And the best part is, it's only RM59!! =D

Sorry, this picture a bit blur (I have a crappy cam!).

This is a satin corset top with button front. It's a simple one. It looks something like this, except that it has buttons at the front part. Bought at The Gardens, from Colour Eighteen.

And this is a satin ruffle corset. It's from Topshop. Oh me likey! =)

And lastly...

This is a silk waist corset. Or u can call an enormous belt! hehe. It has a black corset string at the back! The back lacing looks a bit like this. I loved this one the most! It's from In Wear, The Gardens. I bought this corset last March but I just wore it for a couple of times only.. =(

U know, the sad thing about corsets is that, I couldn't wear them over and over again in a short period of time! It's bcuz these kinds of style people don't wear them too often, do they? At least that's what I thought la.. Otherwise, i'll look boring-wearing the same style repeatedly. hehee ;p

Oh hey.. Victoria Beckham (my now and forever idol) said this:

"It's always good to know what suits you. Your signature style is whatever makes you feel happy, confident and sexy. Of course it's always good to mix things up every now and again too."

"Push the boundaries and evolve your style. Have fun, but be realistic. Don't follow the crowd."

hmm.. Don't follow the crowd. hehee

So ladies.. What's YOUR personal stamp?? ;)

P/s: I'm a bit better now. No more sneezing. Just snoring. haha. No lah. Just having a really bad irritating violent sore throat. isk.

Anyways, thank you girls for the ubat2 yang dicadangkan. May God Bless You! heh ;)



  1. looking fab la adik wani!

  2. huwaaa... i like the one u bot at Jaya Jusco. saw ur pics at ur sista's blog n thought it to be cun gile (the corset ok =P i thot it was 1 outfit!) jusco mana u bot it? ade lagi tak =D

  3. mee too love all ur corsets!:) tp me gemokkkk :( *sigh

    wani dh nak start klas tomorrow ke?
    we are all waiting for ur scarf entry ;)


  4. u mmg cantik dear!! i add u in my bloglist yer!!:-)

  5. what brand is the flowery corset? i loike~

  6. i like corset too. tapi kang bile pakai i will look like a muffin! semua isi terkeluar di atas. hahaha

    so this outfit only applicable to those who is not chubby like meeee huhuhuuuu

    my signature style? i loike silky tops and chiffon! yg tu jer i feel comfortable with not only it look fabulous! huhu

  7. oh my signature style is jeans + a simple tshirt + a fab shoes!! =)

    p/s: u look great in those corsets!

  8. i love love love ur signature style..
    but too bad for me..i terlampau kurus kering..kalau pakai nnt malu la jugak..haha

    u hv killer curves jd cantik la pakai corset!aaaa jealous ='(

  9. this year i like blouses with sash hehehe. it does makes blouses less dull heheh.

  10. mine wud be RED!!! i loved the color red!


  11. look so slim sis!compare before.
    Body you so firm and mantap.

    Apa rahsia? kindly pls share with me.

  12. my current signature style is... nightshirt with front-button + bengkung + socks + indoor slipper + toncet + panda eyes.

    confinement la weh! ;p

  13. ohhh i really adore wanie style! -yaya-

  14. wani, berapa berat ni?buleh tahu. petite n comel jek. cutting bape ni?kak nak tahu sbb comel sgt u ni..hope u dun mind..tq -kikin-


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