Monday, December 1, 2008

My To Do List before I'm Off

  • Go to a Digi Centre (Checked!)
  • Post all the tops (Checked!)
  • Apply for the Maybank Debit Card (Checked!)
  • Facial with Leen (Checked!)
  • Activate the ATM international thingy (Checked!)
  • Buy that Coat (Checked!)
  • Buy white colored boots (Checked!)
  • Buy comfy socks/tights/leggings (Checked!)
  • Go to the Citibank (Checked!)
  • Meet my buddies! (Checked!)
  • Buy one pair of looong glove (Checked!)
  • Buy a matching colored bag for the coat/gloves (Checked!)
  • Pack all my essentials! (Checked!)

Hmm.. I guess that's all for now..

Oh hey, can anyone tell me, how to pack light?! I seriously have a problem with this! I mean, the whole point of wearing clothes is that u choose them according to your mood in the morning when u open your closet! Right??

How am I supposed to know or predict my mood for each and everyday when I'm over there?! What if I bring my pink bomber and then suddenly I felt like I wanted to wear something else for the day.. maybe a wooly coat or something. Or maybe just something less complicated.

And I heard it's 0 degrees! Can u people tell me exactly, how do I pack light in that kind of weather??!!

Oh God.. Can I bring my whole wardrobe? iskk.

I dunno how to sort things out lar! Ishh.. =(

I dunno what to take. And what to leave out. I want everything with me! Can I? (Then only I'll feel safe!) heh ;p

I hate myself right now! I'm tooooo complicated! (But I can't help it!)

Ouh..I need my Naz (a.k.a my P.A) to help me out!




  1. Where're you off to dear? Somewhere freezing I suppose? Try to minimize your stuff. I'm sure you'll buy lots of things and nanti tak mau la ada problem packing nak balik pulak + excess baggage. If you go somewhere freezing and byk spend masa outdoors, your baju will be covered with a coat/jacket anyway, and a cardigan/sweater beneath it. And if you have much RM (or Euro) to spend, nanti rambang mata. You'll buy more.
    Depends on how long you'll stay. Bring travel size toilettries, miniature perfume, scarves yg senang nak match, plus a pair of comfy shoes/boots.
    With 0 degrees, definitely you need a long john/tights & socks. In this kind of weather its cold, but dry. So, bring good mosturizer and lip balm too. Huhu... boleh cerita panjang lagi nih, but stop sini dulu la.
    Ok, I ada trick ni - bring some food maybe. So, you'll be forced to allocate this space. balik nanti this space dah kosong, so boleh lah isi with your hasil tangkapan of shopping spree.

  2. Ha ha... pandai aje nak advice orang. I'm now have my own problem nak pack barang balik Malaysia. Even though I'm leaving in 2 weeks' time, dah start packing to roughly estimate how much space is left. Belum apa2 dah 20kg, and that's the limit for MAS. Byk souvenirs for families nak bawak balik & my own stuff. Have to revise my checklist.

  3. hehehee..thanks for the advice n tips, liyana! ;)

    skrg tinggal lg sikit je nak pack.. tinggal hand carry je..tak byk pon.telekung,laptop n coat..tu je yg nak di sumbat..

    ok la tu kot..huhu.. main sumbat je semua.. tah boleh zip ke tak my luggage ni haa.. huhuhu ;p

  4. yeah, it's freezing at the moment.
    so make sure you have those suitable attire for this kind of weather. hmmm...i think u'll shop more here so tops etc tak yah bwk byk lah kot.hehehe...xdtg uk ke?
    xmas sales will be starting soonnn ;)

  5. dunt forget to buy something for bloggers!!hahaha..Amsterdam..owww amsterdam....

  6. Where are you off to dear? Get your winter coats there! Saves you space, plus it's better to get it there.

    Ohh have you posted all the things you want to let go? Darn! I didn't get to purchase any :-(

    Anyways, hv a great trip!!

  7. eliminate laptop by buying itouch. kecik n chomel n ringan.. hi hi hi.boleh gune free wifi kt airport.


  8. wani!!! nak ikot!!! hehe..rndu ko la...=(

  9. wany.. nanti beli tie rack bebyk n jual kat kami ehhh .. amsterdamn best!! :)

  10. yeah, i suggest you just bring one essential winter coat and buy the rest there. tops pun tak nampak sbb you will be bundled up in coats most of the time if you'll be outdoors. so minimize this. more space for you to shop!

  11. wani..wani.u remind me to gabby (desperate housewives)..haha

  12. why u need to bring a laptop?? ko pegi sana jap je kan??

    anywayyy selamat bersukariaa!

    i wantt tie racksss puhleaseee!! pastu kalau ade baju H&M lawa2 silky tops esp tolong belikan for moi. nnt haku bayar.

  13. Where are u off to??

  14. naz: aku pun rindu korang!! ;)

    kay: hehe..tu la my phun pun ade wifi gak..tapi i tak ske..screen kecik!! huhuhuh.. i still want laptop! heh ;p

    arneta a ramos: err..really? hehe.. n why is that? i dun watch desperate housewives laa..iskk..

    hanis: i need a laptop cuz i need to transfer my pichas. my camera sgt old skool okeh.. 512MB sajerrr.. mane cukopp weh.. so kena laa ade, my hand carry kosong je.. ade telekung n coat..tu ok laa letak laptop..huhu..

    lain la kalo tetibe je abah nak belikan aku camera baharuuu.. yg ade 40 gig kerr...hahaha ;p

  15. owh..if u want to minimize ur stuff, maybe xpayah bwk telekung. u can just use ur long coat as long as tutup aurat.

    just want to i dont use telekung utk solat if travel unless kat rumah =)


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