Sunday, December 28, 2008

Wedding and Birthday

Last Saturday, I went to Aishah's big brother's wedding at Bandar Tun Razak. Just so u know, Aishah is one of my primary school friends. I was just so very happy to meet my ex school mates! It has been umm... about 9 years since we last met! I was excited to see all of them! hehee..
Especially this girl called Wina. I just can't seem to stop talking whenever I meet this girl! Borak memang tak ingat dunia! Padahal dah lame gile tak jumpe! N the weird part is, I don't even know what I'm talking about! haha. Merepek je keje. N it's like I'm in my own world when I'm with her. hahaha. =P
Semua org tanya, "Apalah..yang korang borak tu? Sampai tak prasan orang lain?" haha. Ntah lah. Saya pun tak tahuu. =P


Here are the pictures for the day.. heh. (Which mostly were taken by Naz. Well, I have to bring my paparazzi wherever I go! hahaha. JK!)
Thanks a zillion Nazirah!!! U're the best! Muaxx! ;)

Meet my primary school friends! (Except for Naz. I met her in matric.hehe)

This is Aishah Zain, tuan rumah

Iylia Roslan, Shazwina Nordin, Anis Azlan, Aishah Zain & Schazwany Hameed. heh

Oh, Shikin(the one in black kebaya)!!! Rinduu nyee, tapi tak sempat jumpe!!! haishh =(

Budak-budak sekolah Taman Midah.. (1994-1999)

Wina keeps on saying I'm sengal laa.. tak boleh blah laa.. etc, etc..hahaha.. Dunno what that really means! =P

Meet the brides and groom!

Main kawin2.. haha


Kami semua sekolah Menengah lain2..Except for 3 girls..heh.
Wani: SAB, Wina: CBN, Naz: Samad (memang sekolah rendah pun lain! haha), Aishah: BTR, Anis: SBU, Iylia: SAB, Amira: SAB

Thanks Aishah for inviting me!! =)



Later.. I went to KLCC with Naz. To buy Miu's birthday pressies since she invited me to her BBQ Birthday Party, which was held at Hartamas Regency 2.

Here's the invitation email:

Hi darlings,

I am inviting you girls who might not know each other very well (or not at all) to my birthday party on this 27th (sat) December. I hope you can come :) just to eat? drop by if u can ^__^ i would be busy serving guests or just preparing the food (bcoz i am the cook/hostess) so don't worry about needing to layan me yah. Come enjoy the food n chat with each other?

u all have one thing in common, which is u girls are shopaholics!

so do rsvp back to me by 22/12/08 so i can prepare food amount to buy..yah?


I had a hard time finding the perfect gifts for her! If I wanna buy shoes, clothes, etc etc..for her, I still dunno her size and taste! So nope.. I can't buy that kinda stuffs.. Hmm..

So just when I was wandering around the mall..
I saw this at TGV!!

This is the hugest paper bag I have ever seen!!! hehe. I'm super excited!


Oh my god!!!!
This movie must be out n released very verryy soon, huh?!!! Aaaaaa.. I cannot wait to watch!! I love love love Isla Fisher!

Oh.. Err.. back to my story. haha..

So then I thought, why not I give her this Shopaholic book since it is listed on
her wish list! She wanted the first book, which is 'The Confessions Of a Shopaholic'. I looked everywhere! But couldn't find any!! So I just bought for her the 2nd and 3rd ones (btw, there are 5 series altogether). And so I decided to give mine(the first book) to her since they're sold out, I guess!

Oh, and I also give her a Starbucks espresso cup, and a teddy bear/fridge magnet, and a fridge magnet from Holland. And it turns out that she's been eyeing this teddy for months!! I'm really glad u like my gifts dear!! =)

Oh hey! I
won the best wrapped gifts!! heheee. All thanks to Naz! =)

Okay.. all set! Now I'm going to Miu's party! ;)

We were verrrry late though! Arrived around 1130 pm! Sesat area Bukit Damansara for 1 hour pluss!! Haishh! =(

Nevermind.. Luckily when we arrived there, she was just about to cut the cake! Pheww!
So I did get the chance to taste the delectable ice cream cake by Haagen Dazs! hehee ;D

It's a house cake or something.. Yummy!!

Oh hey! I met my reader-Tubbies(the one in white scarf) over there! She's very friendly! N she graduated from UIA too! hehe. Ouh, and if you're reading this, err.. hallu hallu!! hehe =P

Then.. me and Miu had our girl talk.. U know.. make up and stuff! hahaha ;p

Btw, she's very cute u know! N her name really suits her face! hehee ;)

Oh..and just when we were talking n talking.. Naz snapped our pics.. and then she asked her, "Hey, what are u doing? Are u taking our pictures?"

Then Naz replied, "Ha? Err.. yeah! hehe"

N I added,
"Oh..she likes to take candid photos. She has a thing with cameras! Everywhere I go, she'll busy taking my photos or maybe other things!" LOL

N Miu said, "Oh really?! No wonder I always see your pictures while shopping/ eating etc.. I was wondering whether u purposely took all those pictures! Wahh.. so nice to have a friend like this!! Later I wanna go shopping with u and she'll take our photos! hahahaa"

Me: "hehehe.. Okay!" =P

I told ya she's cute!! hehe

This is a picture after we realized we're being snapped! heh =P

Such a nice place!! Very beautiful and peaceful and quiet! Oh I am now in love with Hartamas Regency 2!! This condo is like a hotel, I tell u!

This is the camerawoman for the day! hehe

.....and thank you Miu for inviting me! =)

Ahhh... What a happy day! =)



  1. sgt menyerlah la warna baju kurung u!! nice! turqoise yeah?

  2. Naz adalah seorang kawan yg sgt baik :)

  3. anonymous: thank u! yup, turqoise it is =)

    reena: yeah betul!! dia mmg sgt2 baik!! im glad she's my friend!! my bestest friend! =D

  4. omg omg.. that's the biggest shoppin bag i have ever seen too! (best movie poster hands down.. *bow down*). I really love your gifts! u didn't have to buy so many O_o !!! especially u know normally people just buy 1 book.. but here i have.. book1, book2, book3, souvenir from amsterdam (Reminds me of harold n kumar part 2) expresso cup (Eeee alwiz wanted one to pretend very busy bee) and the cute starbucks bear i have been eyeing on for months (but reluctant to buy for myself bcoz it would seem a bit sad case to buy a bear for ownself T_T sob)

    Naz is such a darling & a noty one!! didn't know she snapped so many pictures!! nobody took so many pics like u 2!!! even me doin that.. (how come i am acting like that? i dun remember acting like a cat/rabbit pose?!) oh no.. naz give me warnin next time... i give u supermodel pose ok? sob sob..

    but the pictures really turn out nice! lucky lah i din do some monyet garang face..

    Naz thanks for the cool gift wrapping idea! it's really a shopaholic's dream wrap! the candid pics looks good too! and Shaz thanks for making it to my bday party even thou u got lost 1 hour and have to rush from a wedding :(

    U 2 made me very happy by showing up (and just in time for the cake! good timing..) Ty very much T_T sob sob.. i am so touched.

    Nice pic with the cupcake Shaz ;)

  5. oh..what a looong comment miu! hehe.. ;)

    hey, i'm really glad u like them!

    it's almost january! so..
    "happy birthday and happy new year!!!" ;)

    pssst.. how old r u already ha? im not sure laa.. but i know one thing for sure.. that u r 20+++ hehee... =P

  6. Hi wanie... nice update!
    Akak suka baca blog wani even akak not at ur age...hmmm... akak tinggal kt hartamas regency 2 tp xpernah turun kt bwh yg wanie amek gamba tu..nice.

  7. Oh.. I know that 'Tubbies'.. Hehe.. Same here, I'm one of your senior jugak la. Im kinda guessing you're IIUM-an coz tengok care pakai tudung. Hahaha. Gosh, bebudak sekarang ni maju betul. Dah ade blog bagai. Ni pegi kat ITD ker? Ha? Ha? :p

  8. yeahh kalau dah jmpa wina mmg susah la nak stop cakap. haehehe.

    btw u look lawaaa as alwiz.


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