Friday, December 5, 2008

Fridge Magnets from Holland

Sorry for not updating anything.. I'm just not really in the mood to blog.. (Well..I'm on a holiday.. So I guess I should 'quit' blogging for a while, no? hehe)

It's not that I don't have time.. I do, but I'm just so damn lazy to even switch on this laptop..haha..


For those who wants fridge magnet(FM) from Amsterdam,Holland; u can email me at I charge RM 30 per FM. and please include RM 10 for shipping.

Or if u want something else like t-shirts, the terompah shoes (i dunno the name.hehe) or anything else, do let me know..

Ok tata I need to sleep now!



  1. wahh bestnyaa...byknya FM! lawa2...what else yg menarik kat sana yer? time2 SALE kat sana... ;-)

  2. cik froggie5/12/08 7:33 PM

    clogs my dear...

  3. heyya girl :) check out
    an online shopping directory especially for fashionista!
    every items are designed by a designer :)
    thanks! hope to hear from you soon :)

  4. wonyyyyyyyy i want!! nak 3 bijik. nak yg ade rumah holland tu. kincir angin x nak. dah ade. nak bunga tulip gakk. nnt aku byr

  5. mahalnye. wht a rip off

  6. aku nak yg gambar lembu, rumah holland dgn org dutch tuhh. puhhleseeee

  7. wanie....ur sister dah deliver! hepi.

  8. hehehe...dah dapat niece baru..congrats auntie wanie!!!

  9. laa..memang la mahal..dah tu kate convert duit mesia.. haha

    ive been to europe too, last year.. n they charge the FM thing lain2 harga ikot kedai..maybe u went to expensive shops la i think.. n they charge u 5 euro each, ey? try cari lagi kedai.. maybe u could get 3 euro each per fm!

  10. haha..klaka la

  11. ha! itu lah pasal!! kedai yg i jumpe stakat ni semua mahal...benci betul! hilang mood nk shopping!! a simple keychain pon nak charge 4 euro??! what the hell??!!! 4x5=20 hengget!!

    and FM yg kat kedai dkt dgn my apartment nih, dia charge 5.50 per FM??!..heee.. kalau yg cangih2 sket lagi, dia caj 7 or 8 euro each! =(

    takpe lah..yg tu i amik gamba je dulu..kalau i dpt jumpe yg murah, i beli hoke.. ;)

  12. Yup, memang mahal. Sometimes ada jumpa yang murah sikit but nampak 'kokak' giler! As for me orang kirim nak yg ada tulis the name of the places etc, and nak yang cantik, but yang murah.. hmmmm... camna tu. So, kena spend time survey jugak lah. I do hope they understand how much it costs here in Stockholm, being among the most expensive cities in Europe.
    But of course there are shops which sell cheaper souvenirs. Try pergi kedai yg tak berapa 'grand', dari luar nampak cikai aje. Usually these shops offer better price.

  13. heloowwwww...cantek2 nye fridge magnet tuh...yup it is a bit pricey la laling..maybe u shud go to one of the street there(i couldnt remember the street's name sorry :) ) they sell cheaper FM with nice decorations jugak... anyhoo, offer tuk bag2 Marc Jacobs tuh maseh dibuka ker??

  14. biasa lah tu price dia mcm tu. kat finland pun 7-8 euro gak kalau nak lawa2. yg murah2 nye dlm 4-5 euro. tp tak lawa.

    macam ibaratnye 7 ringgit dorg la. takkan dorg nak jual FM 2ringgit kan?? kira dollar per dollar.

  15. wanie! mine kira 4 la kan.. nnt me pilih ekk! cantik2 la sumee.. weeee!! :D

  16. wow nice pics! the holland shoes i also forgot the name..already.. look so nice!!!!!! argghhh..

    looks like you're enjoying yourself there :) have fun n pls post pics of the "hot guys" there yeah!!!


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