Thursday, December 18, 2008

Achum! Achumm Hachuummm!

Ughh.. School starts in a few days time, and I have a really bad sore throat. And I can't stop sneezing! Seven violent sneezes in ONE time! (I now sound like a man sneezing so loud!)

I think I'm allergic to something. Not sure what it is. Dust, frangrances, wood, pillow maybe. I have been sneezing for days that won't stop for hours. Every like 5-10 seconds I will sneeze and it won't stop for up to an hour or so! Sometimes I barely get air in and couldn't sleep at all!

My nose is always verry itchy and now the sneezing has affected my throat and my eyes to be very sore and very red!

Oh, I think I'm going to have a fever! Badan dah start rasa tak sedapp.. ishh.

Any drugs to suggest, anyone? I bought the Panadol Soluble and Hurix's Flyaway Capsule..but they don't seem to be effective pun.. n I malas nak pi clinic lagii.. =(

And on top of that, yesterday I went for a facial treatment. And the new therapist applied some kind of a product that burned my sensitive skin!

Dammit. =(

This is just soooo grreattttt!

Red eyes, Burned skin, Sore throat, Violent Sneezes, Runny Nose, Tak Sedap Badan,

anddd I'll be going to School very verry soon!!!

Ahh..what a great combination!!! =(

I hate to be sick,


  1. Clarinase or Clarityne for your allergy. And buy Strepsils yg dalam kotak (RM 8 sumthing) that one works better than the packet ones.

    For fever,it's Panadol je la.

  2. u pegi ambil antibiotik since u dah nak start skola kan..

  3. oh no no.. get well soon then dear! :)

  4. hai wani..utk semua penyakit tersebut..ill suggest you to take a cod liver oil once per day..yang 500mg sebiji tu..and i sure u susah nak dapat penyakit2 tu balik klau u amalkan..insyaAllah..

  5. most probably its an allergic rhinitis.and thats due to allergens (eg:domestic courses like dust, pets.etc).management would be anti-histamine drugs (eg:clarinase/clarityne/Aerius).try Aerius if clarinase tak jalan:)
    my advice is for you to visit a GP to see wether its necessary to start any antibiotic.
    get well soon!:)

  6. wani baru kemas bilik kan....maybe ada habuk2..

    jumpa doc ye...lagi least ada antibiotik and oral aid...better dari biar dia lagi melarat ;)

  7. get well soon~

  8. u shoud go to guardian and get panadol C or panadol CF dear... its work on me.. u should try

  9. selalunya ubat untuk selsema adalh tido. so try take some rest and sleep k.

  10. haih!
    Get well soon.
    Go and pamper urself :p

  11. hai wani..comment i ni luar tajuk sket la..hehe..semalam (18/12) u ader kat jusco cheras selatan tak??nampak mcm u la..tapi tak sure.takut plak nak tegur.. :)

  12. klu baca all ur problems it seems like sinus (bhs mudahnya resdung...hehehe) coz i pon slalu ade problem ni..nak2 plak aftr raya,mkn x i dunno what actually cause u all of these.

    hmm...4 red eyes i wud suggest eyemo moist or eyeglow(lbh krg la bnyinya)ada few types,klu x slh ade 4 irritation.try this.

    the yg sneezing 2 try g farmasi n ask for actifed(i'm not sure about d spelling, but it sounds like that)it's 4 flew n resdung anyway. u can check wif the pharmacist.i'm not sure klu watson n guardian ade jual ubt ni coz i beli kt farmasi biase. first DEMC yg bg ubt nih then my mum cri kt frmasi biase...

    pas2 klu rasa xsdap bdn slalunya i telan je panadol actifast. insyaallah the next day u will feel better plus i tampal cool fever gak...

    sore throat pnya problem usually i mkn dequadin. i can choose lozengesn ape lg ntah...if i'm not mistaken ade 2 flavours which r mint n lemon. i prefer lemon...

    hopefully i can help solve ur problems wif this tips..

    get well soon!!

  13. dah reply ur email dah!! cepat2 check.. hehehe.. :P

  14. sounds more like allergic rhinitis (or sometimes known as hayfever)..take anti-histamine such as clarityne/telfast etc - tanya farmasi, less likely to be something infectious - so no need for antibiotic. The fever is a response from the release of antihistamine as well, so panadol will suffice. for the sore throat, just take something comforting like strepsils..or if there is a brand name Lemsip will soothe the throat coz it contains panadol in it. Add some honey to it..lega tekak tuh. Hope you get well soon


  15. Wani..try makan Tussil..Baik utk sore throat..I pon slalu kene sore throat yang tahap dewa punyer sampai rase nak cabut jer anak tekak but after my husband belikan tussil from pharmacy cepat giler baik..Tussil strong skit from strepsils..I hope it will work on you too..get well soon..


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