Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Tot Ziens! (it means Goodbye in Dutch!)

In case you're wondering where I'm heading to, yours truly is going to the Netherlands!
Weee! I'm excited! hehe.. =)
(btw, I think the country's name sounds like a fairy tale land lar.. It's like the Never Ever Land! haha. Holland sounds much better,ey?)\

Anyways.. My flight to Amsterdam will be at 1145 pm, today! But I'm not sure what time I'll arrive there.
So.. I dunno how long will I be away from the blogging world! haha. I hope the apartment has WiFi! heh.

Ok, I better go now! Still got some last minute packing to be done!


P/s: Ade sape2 nak pesan barang?? Silalah email saya! I heard LV here is the cheapest, compared to the other LVs in the world! hehee ;)



  1. You will be arrived there 6.00 something in local time.

    In Europe you can only get cheapers in LV only in Frankfurt and Paresss...

    Take care dear and Happy Holiday!

  2. Yeke LV sana cheapest? No lah, surely Paris la..home of LV. That, i'm sure of lah. Unless because in europe all prices are the same, and exchange rate sama, then u can claim LV is cheaper in Amsterdam

  3. get me something nice ok! ;p

    oh coppp.. kalau ada jual this JJ Cole diaper caddy inform me..sms ke email ke ape ke. i want it!


  4. geeee...
    selamat bercuti... !!!!

  5. wanie! wanie! check ur email b4 u go... i ada send u 1 email.. hehehe!

  6. safe journey wani!=D
    pulang dengan selamat moga- moga.

  7. Hi, Schazwany..tolong check price for LV Monogram Canvas Batignolles Vertical. I serius nak beli kalau the price in the range of rm2000++. How long you gonna be there?

  8. Bestnya pergi cuti..lama ke kat sana Wani?

  9. Dear,

    How do i kirim LV from you? I want the damier galleira pm



  10. fly safe & happy holiday to u!!! i nk pesan the windmill bole??? d real big one...hehehe ;)

  11. Day 1

    Im missing u bad but no worries coz ill be ok dear..Work is killing me today..so much to do and so little time to do it...hopefully i can get it all done before the week ends..How are u baby? Having a blast ? hope so....

    Was walking back home just now... when i noticed that the sky is beautiful today.... i wish i can kol u and share with u....but its ok.. anyhow ...there was 2 stars and a quarter moon when i was walking home... 1 star was big but the other was small...tersenyum i....mcm u and me...im big and ur small...hehehe...sorry merepek!!!

    Sayang..i have to get back to my work...still tons to do...enjoy urself dear...talk to u soon ...love u...


  12. hi dear wanie, actually wht am gonna tell is out topic...

    just thinking tht u shud add ths cool stuff into ur makeup case...
    check this out..pilih color lite one yea.


  13. The 2 stars were actually Venus and Jupiter. The bigger shinner one was Jupiter

  14. wanie,
    I pon nak JJ Cole Diaper Caddy kalo ada.....

    have fun in amsterdam...=D


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