Thursday, December 25, 2008

Cinnamon, Cranberry, Pine, and Peppermint. Hey, its Christmas!!

Hello everyone!

Last year's Christmas @ Mid Valley

First of all, I would like to wish all of my friends a Happy Merry Christmas! hehee ;)

Sorry for not updating anything.. Been kinda busy since my class already started this week. *sigh* =(

And a lot of things happened a few days ago. So I was super busy. (Busy scheduling my classes, busy thinking and thinking and thinking about a lot of things, busy going to class, busy chit chating with friends, busy sleeping, busy depressing, busy eating lotsa chocs, busy this, busy that...haha.. and guess what? I got into an accident the other day! A stupid lorry hit my car! And trust me, it wasn't my fault at all! Dammmmn u lorry! Yeesh.)

Hmm.. nevermind..

Got every single thing sorted out already. I'm more relaxed now. (I think so. Well..probabbly cuz my ovulation week has already ended? Or was it because of the amount of the chocolates that I consumed? hahah =P )


Last Christmas we went to Mid Valley to have our lunchie and a little get together. heh. Well of course, I don't celebrate Christmas lar. hehe. But I wouldn't want to miss the opportunity to get great sales and discounts! heee. Plus, it's a holiday! So I want to get out and have a little fun with friends. heh. Oh, and I loved the Christmas environment, btw! It just makes me feel so excited! haha. ;P
So this year, Bangsar area it was. heh. Yesterday, we went to the Bangsar Villages. Have some lunch, and talk about stuffs. N i did a little shopping too! (as a Christmas gifts for myself.hehee).

We had our lunch at Marco's btw. Super yummy, I tell u! heh. I am glad that I've friends who love love love to eat!! (So we can order a lot and share!!) hehee ;p

Spaghetti Aglio Olio. This is super duper yummy!!! But Dome's still better of course! hehe

Marco's Thin Crust Pizza

Penne Matriciana. Umm...quite okay..but CPK's better!

Cheers! hehe

Aummmmm! Sedap nyee!

Later, we went to Starbucks to get our coffee. And discussed the undiscussable things. haha =P

Santa's little helper! hehe


It's time for gifts!! hehee.. I gave each of them a purse from Esprit and some bath sets from H & M, some chocolates and some lippies! ;)

Souvenirs from Amsterdam =)

And.. gifts for myself!! =)

I bought the Orizaba shoes! It looks exactly like the Christian Louboutin ones! (except for the red soles lah. hehe)

..and Froppers. This is actually a Garlanda. I couldn't find the picture of my real shoes. heh. But it's bright yellow and a peep toe too! And mine's actually a sling back. and is 5 inches heel. And much more nicer! haha =P

Okay, that's all for today's post!

Have a nice weekend and happy holidays everyone!!



  1. sronok nye zaman kanak2.hiks.betapa rindu zaman belaja dulu. boleh enjoy sesuka hati, huhu!bile dh keje baru tau betapa pening tak ckp masa & duit :(

  2. Froppers itu sgt cantekk. i tried it on (while u were sleeping) n love it! selesaa... does it come in other colors as well? kalau yer nak suruh ko belikann...

  3. lucky frens u got!hehe...nice gifts btw.. :)

  4. they are lucky to have u as their frens! can i be yours too?? hehehe.. u're such a nice person la! ;)

    eh, what do they give u in return as ur christmas gifts? hehe..
    hugs maybe? haha

    haih.. how i wish u're my best friend! LOL

  5. woww... giler best dapat hadiah macam itu!! purse esprit pulak tuuu!!

    omg wani! i nak kwn dgn u leh x?? sure kwn dgn u ni dpt mcm2!! hahahaha ;p

  6. hye wani, i'm ur silent reader. no more I guess. btw, i like the way u & sis wear ur tie racks. cud u pls do an entry on how u wear them. thanks ya!



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