Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Mission Accomplished!

Yeayy!! I'm done revamping my room!! (Well, almost.) =)

Really happy. I can now breathe! haha.
I managed to assort and separate my stuffs into groups, according to kinds- there's this bag section, shoes, make up, skin care section, hair & body care, nail,hand & foot care, frangrances zone, scarfs, accessories, clothes, school books, mags, novels territory, and etc etc! hehee =P

All this, in my super tiny room! (Thank God they invented Ikea products!) Everything seems in order and organized and under controlled now! haha. Well before this I always get this, when someone walk into my room, "Ya Allahh!!!! Ya Rabbi Ya karimmm... Ape kena nih??! Ape dah jadi dgn bilik ni??!"


I know. Terukknyaa Wani..hehe ;p

Takpe, now dah insaf. heh..

P/s: Semangat sangat kemas bilik, sampai aku demam sebab bersin teruk sgt2 sebab banyak habukk! Ughhh! Benci nyaaa! =(


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  1. patut pon macam tak nampak hengko satu hari smalam.. ingt dah blk uia ;p


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