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Style and Color

Hello girls!
Here's my Second Part of the fashion tips that I blabbered a few weeks ago.. ;p

So in this post, I'll explain to you girls on how I normally choose my clothes. I know it may sound ridiculous or silly to some of you, like...why on earth do I want to explain to people on howww to choose their clothes, right? I'm not their mother, I know! haha. But since I always get questions/emails like how do I normally choose my attire for the day...and how to look prim and proper everyday..or even asked me to teach them how to decide what to wear, or.. how to mix & match the colors... And also the step by step guide on things I do when I get dressed in the morning..yadda yadda yaddaaa...and the questions go on and on.  hehe.. - I get really weird questions sometimes; tapi tak jawab rasa kesian pulak, cuz I really wanna help them, since diorang tanya kan, so mesti la sebab tak tahu kann.... 
(Nasib baik tak ada yang tanya macam mana nak pakai baju, ey? hehe. Kidding ;p )

Anyway, sorry if I couldn't reply to some of you who have asked me before.. But at least I'm replying to y'all in this entry, ok? hehe.. I figured, since I always get these questions related to fashion, why not just make a post about it and share my thoughts, right?

So.....for those who are interested in my sense of style and my choice of fashion, today I'm here to share some tips that I myself would do every time I stand in front of my closet to choose my attire for the day. 

And again, like I said before, I'm no expert in fashion...and this entry is not a Perasan Entry, but it's just for me to share to those who are interested with what I wear, and how I choose my items.

But one thing for sure though..... I do know what looks good or bad with what. And what color matches, and looks great when combined! heheheh ;p

So here's how I'd choose my outfit every day..

Okay...first off, when I wake up in the morning, the first thing that would pop into my head is "What do I wear today?" or "What color do I feel like wearing?".  Sometimes I would do this (questioning myself) once I get up from my bed, and while walking to the bathroom...or sometimes even when I am taking my shower! haha. - well most of the time I'd choose the color that would reflect my mood on that day!

The color blue for example, is for "I've no idea laaa.." or "I've no mood to wear other colors" or "I think I only have blue colored tops in my closet??", or "I'm feeling blue/sad/moody today" or "I just can't think" or... whatever reasons that I feel on that day, lahh! haha. -- For some weird reasons, I always wear blue whenever I think I don't have anything to wear! Pffft..)

And the color red, orange and yellow, when I feel so cheery, lively and happy. Or pink/pastel colors when I feel like being sweet.. And the list goes on! hehe.. - I really feel that the color of my outfit that I choose for the day can really affect my mood either positively or negatively --- depends on my hormone level for that week as well! hahaa.

(I like the minty color by the way. That color really makes me happy somehow! ^__^ )

So anyways...after I've done with my shower, I would dive into my closet and decide the main item, which is the top that I'll be wearing. I don't know why, but I always feel like your top is your main item/base/foundation when it comes to fashion. The rest would just act like "supporting documents" - which will make it look perfect when combined! haha. (I can't think of a better way to describe it! LOL  ;p But you get what I mean right? ) Well this may not be true, I knowww! But this is just how I feel about it, hence, the reason why I have SO MANY tops alreadyyy, but not bottoms! Or shoes...or bags too! I have overflowing tops in my closet that my mom and dad has started to nag about it! heeee... (Okay mom, I will donate some! ;p )

So with that being said... Of course, first things first, I would choose what color of the top that I want to wear, and then I'd think of the style, and then only I would think about the other items to complement with the look that I want to achieve, - like.. the color combination that would go with the top that I just picked; either black or white or creme or whatever lahh, and then...the make up look, the bag, the scarf, the accessories, etc that would go with it as well......which then, would help make the whole outfit looks Chic or Casual or Elegant or Edgy or Grunge-y or whatever it is that I'm aiming to look like for the day! ;)

Okayyy... So here are the simplified steps for you: (HAHA ;p)

  1. Pick a color that you want for the day
  2. Think of the style that you want to achieve (Sweet/Feminine, Edgy, Casual, Elegant, Glamourous, Chic, Sophisticated, Simple, etc etc!) 
  3. Dive inside your closet, and choose your top.
  4. Then, play with the other colors for the rest of the items that you'll be wearing to match and complement the whole outfit and style that you want to achieve! - Here it means, your pants, your bag, your accessories, your hair/scarf, your make up, your shoes, etc! 
  5. Wear them.
  6. Stand in front of the mirror and check everything!
  7. Be confident.
  8. Be happy.
  9. Be awesome.
  10. And lastly, take a picture of yourself and upload on Instagram before going out! hahahaha ;p

Ok sorry, I'm being silly here. ;p But really, being "fashionable" it's not just about knowing your style, but also about being a good color coordinator! You should know what color looks good with what! The key thing to remember here is to have a good color coordination/complementary colors in your outfit. If you are not sure what color looks great with what, always refer back to the Color Wheel that we learned in school!  Color combinations can be built by using the Color Wheel to build a particular color relationship and color schemes! So this makes it more simple to know what color combo that you should pick if you really don't know how to match colors! - In case you forget, from the Color Wheel, there are five types of color group; Primary Colors, Secondary Colors, Tertiary Colors, Complementary Colors and Analogous Colors! So pick those colors that would work together, based on these category!

Choosing colors for fashion is just like painting your drawings in the art class we took in the primary school! So..unless you're a color blind, you should know what color matches with what! ;)
And fyi, the color black or white goes with anything! So if you're not sure, always pick these two guys and you'll be safe!

Outfits on a color wheel!

To be honest, it can be quite difficult to wear a Complimentary Color together if you don't really know how and what to pick. But if you know how to color-block your outfit with the right hue, then you can turn out to be terrific, smokin' hot eye-catching girl ever on earth, even if you just wear simple outfit! hehee. - But please know that too much color (more than four colors, that is) on you, would make you look like a page out of a coloring book though! ;p So pick wisely!!

For example, the color deep red and dark green. They are complete opposites, which makes them a Complementary Color, thus.. they make each other seem more intense when combined! And some colors have a strong contrast, which may have a dramatic effect on you as well! - It all depends on how you mix your color palette to get what you're aiming to look like! (Wow...I'm in an art class now, huh?! hahah ;p)

Okayyy...I think I'm done lecturing on the color scheme for this class. I shall dismiss the class already! haha ;p

Alright...enough on colors. I hope you get my point here!

*class dismiss* 



  1. good tips and nice sharing :)

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