Sunday, December 9, 2012

Holiday Mood!

Oh, it's December already.. Almost reaching to a year end! So much has happened for me this year.. Good and bad stuff. The bad part is.. you know what la kan. heheh.. (Well I figured, it's not so bad after all..cuz everything happens for a reason. And I know now, and I'm loving the reason! heh ;p)
But, one of the good things that happened to me is.. I get to travel quite a lot this year, as compared to the last few years! (This year I think around 10 cities so far!) Alhamdullilah...rezeki ^__^

And right I'm browsing the internet, thinking where to go, and what to do for my next holiday before the year ends, I can't help but to feel sooooo lazy to go to work tomorrow as I'm already in my holiday mood! haha. - It's December already! December means holiday lar! hahaha.. ;p

Looking back at some of my traveling photo albums, made the feelings even more stronger now! Oh, I need a gooooooooood holiday, man! Like all the typical hot country citizen, I think of all the seasons in the world, Autumn/Winter would be the best time to go for a holiday in a 4 season country! hehehe ;p
Although spring would be great as well...

But what do you think? Which one of the four seasons that you like the most?! Do you like autumn like I do too? ;)

Summer in Paris

Spring in Amsterdam

Autumn in my heart.. ;p
(can't remember where was this! Spain maybe? Not sure though!)

Winter in Switzerland..

Snowy in Zurich!

Sunbathing in Australia! ;p

Rainy day in Turkey!

Sunny day in Saudi Arabia!

Tut-tut ride in Jakarta

Waiting for the bus in Perth

Taxi ride in Hong Kong

Waiting for the Tourist Bus in Milan

Train ride in Hong Kong

Bus ride in Italy..

Train ride in Zurich

Waiting for tram

Mid night shopping in Switzerland

Disneyland experience in Hong Kong

Beach holiday in Maldives!

Going shopping in Singapore

Strolling around in Beijing street

Snorkeling experience along Kurumba island!

Sightseeing in Istanbul

Shoe hunting in Mendrisio

Shopping in Italy

Shopping in Holland

Shopping in France

Breakfast in Qatar

Lunch in Turkey

Dinner in Indonesia

Tea time in Lucern City!

Dessert in Hong Kong!

These photos are the random photos I took from year 2007 till 2012! I didn't have any of my holiday pics from 2001 to 2006 though! They're all gone I guess..? - Since I wasn't a blogger yet at that time (it was high school year), so I didn't really thought about keeping the photos inside my laptop that time, and so I left the photos/camera to my parent's responsibility! LOL.

So anyways..what would be your favourite holiday spot? Do share! ;) Well...mine would be, a place where there is a great sightseeing spot, a beautiful scenery, great places to see and activities to do, great shopping places, great food!, great awesome people, cool weather...and lastly great transportation system! hehe

Oh, I need a goooooooooooooooooooooooooood holiday, please! hehehe ;p



  1. U look a bit chubby in these pics. Nice branded stuffs u wearing, will look prettier if ur body is slim.

  2. lucky girl! If I'm gonna choose, i would love to go to New Zealand...would love to go sightseeing the famous LOTR's sets

  3. As your silent reader, for a very long time, i've this fascination about your travels. How I hope one day I get to travel as much as u do. And I wonder how u pack. I travel light! So my photos (if any) won't be as fascinating as yours. Haha :P
    Anyways, you've been to quite a number of places. Why not try going to South Africa? Its my dream place. Been to Europe and places, so was wondering if I can take a stroll in another direction of the planet. So maybe, u can go, to Capetown maybe? Its gorgeous, I heard. and I can read the reviews from u. hehehe. Just a suggestion.

  4. let's LONDON for boxing's day! yeayyy... :)

  5. tak g korea ke?

  6. loveeeeee all your outfits!!

  7. i took pic at the same spot - Val d europe RER station :)

  8. you're pretty.

  9. hi wani...
    iam your silent reader...but this is my first time nak comment...since me also like to travel here and there lately..hahaha...
    my next year journey is Spain,Italy and London...tak sabarrrr bila tengok pic u!!

  10. Bestnya jadi Wanie.Every girl have different story.xoxo!


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