Friday, December 7, 2012

Steal that Look!

Hi girls!

I've been wearing a lot of mint this year. Even my Raya attire was mint green as well! haha. It's my fave pastel color for now... (I even thought of painting my room mint, these days!) So anyways.. since I wear the color a lot, I thought I wanted to share with you guys how to wear the Aqua Mint, my way, my style! ;)


Like I mentioned in my recent post below, whenever I pick up a color for my top, I would think of what other color that would match it, right? So in this case, the color Aqua Mint matches with lotsa colors! For example, the color mint green would match with dark brown, dark green, navy blue, yellow, soft pink, white, silver, etc etc! There are so many possibilities of the colors that could match with this all you need to do is to play around with the shades and hues, to get the perfect combination that you're looking for! ;)

In this case, I have chosen the white color to match my top, since I thought I wanted to look clean, simple and chic.

Alice and Olivia Gwen Aqua Mint Tweed Jacket

Mango White Pants

H&M White Tank Top

D&Y Mint Green scarf

Shourouk Mint Green Chandelier Earrings

Sandra Dini Turquoise Ring

Westfield Turquoise clutch with Metallic Knot

Giuseppe Zanotti Aqua Mint Peep Toe Heels

If you notice, there's a pair of matching/same colour for each colour that I chose to "interconnected" with each other! - Aqua Mint, Mint Green and White! ;)

That's all for today's post! Stay tune for more updates ya! Have a great weekend darlings! Take care!!



  1. I always adore your style :)

  2. wohh..its really connected :D love white+green. its matching on u :Da

  3. pretty. your taste is exquisite. love it!


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