Saturday, December 15, 2012

The Make-Up Party

I love going to events. Especially those events that have to do with my hobbies or things that interests me...or any kind of entertaining, fun, awesome event! ;) 
So fellas, whenever you wanna have an event, please invite me because I love free food! hahah ;p

Anyways...last few months, me and my sister were invited to a make up event, specially for beauty bloggers. hehe.. The event was held at Villa Samadhi, a very beautiful hotel in KL! I think it's such a great place for a little honeymoon gateway with your hubby! Cuz the ambiance is very nice, quiet and romantic! hehe.. It's a very small place, though.. I think they only have about 10 (big) rooms there, I guess? Not too sure. You can google about it! hehe. But the place was really, really nice..would love to stay there someday! Or maybe do a little slumber party with my girls..? heh.

So are the pics I took while I was there! Enjoy! :)

Pretty room, no?

I love the huge bed..... and there's lotsa goodie bag over there too! Another reason to love the bed! haha

Everyone was happily playing with the make up they gave!

One of the best brand for eye shadows that I've tried so far!

I loved This Works products! Been using their aromatherapy sleep spray for years now ;)

...and I also didn't miss the chance to try out their make-up and stuff there

The awesomest lip scrub by Sara Happ! 

Pretty blushers! I love this kind of coral color..

Lippies by Korres and Sleek!

These are Sleek eye shadows.. They're so soft..and the colors are wonderful too! Very pigmented!

Girls....making themselves look prettier! ;)

...and bloggers, doing what they do best! - Taking photos!

and Tammy enjoying her champagne...

....and yours truly, excited looking at my heavy goodie bag! hahaa
Lotsa make up and skin care to try in there!!

By the way, while I was there in the hotel room, I went to check out their bathroom... and I was so excited to see because they're soo big! It was bigger than the bathroom suite in Pan Pacific hotel that I stayed last time, and just slightly smaller than the stateroom's bathroom that I went in Hotel Istana last year. So yes, their bathroom is just superb. I loveeee big bathrooms! 

This is not a full picture of the bathroom! My camera can't fit everything in here! haha

.....I think you can put another four or five toilet bowls in here! haha ;p

Girls........ Pfft


Their awesome bathtub that looks like a mini swimming pool!! Oh, I want one! hihi

The room is overlooking a very big swimming pool, by the way.....which I think is so cool because you can just jump straight into the pool from your room! haha

Thank you Alexis, for inviting us! It was nice meeting you guys! And I love my goodie bag, lotsa cool stuff! Thanks! ;)

By the way...inside my goodie bag I received this awesome fake eye lash from Paperself! 
They're soooo unique! I got mine that looks like a zebra pattern if you look closely! Or maybe it's a seahorse? Oh, I don't know! haha. 

Me wearing a zebra cut-out eye lash! haha - It was too dramatic I suppose...? Don't know where should I wear this to! haha xD

Anyone wants to invite me to your next event? Perhaps I can wear this eye lash then!! hehee. soon! Take care girls! ;)



  1. It looks like zebras ^_^

  2. Nice hotel, beautiful products for beautiful girl like you. Bestnya join event camni! hehe

  3. mcm seronok je party ni

  4. Rasanya ni event untuk Luxola sebab mostly produk tu available kat website dorang. Sekarang tengah ada 75% off tau. Btw,I really love your eyes. Cantik!


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