Friday, December 28, 2012

Hello Malaysia!

Hello my lovely readers!

So sorry I left this blog for quite some time and not letting you guys know what's going on! hehe. Sorry if you have been waiting for my post! I was so busy last two weeks that I didn't get the chance to update you guys here! - For those who didn't follow me on Instagram or Twitter, you might not know that I was away for a week for a holiday with my sister. - I was in Hong Kong last week, for a little vacation. And just got home yesterday! (Before that, I was busy at the office and I have some advertorials to do and a lot of errands to do in my house as well since the maid has gone back to Indonesia..thus, I was really, really busy that no update here. Sorry!) 

Anyhow, I promise you I will definitely update my holiday story in here soon! Although there is not much to tell because Hong Kong is not really that interesting and many stuff to do other than Disneyland/Ocean Park and shopping! haha ;p the mean time, you can view some of the holiday pics I took there.. while I choose and edit the rest of the pics that I have to put them in here later, okay? :)

Old Hong Kong..

A life-size lego!

Sea of people!

It's Christmas that day!

Shopping in Kowloon area..

The Avenue of Stars

Ocean Park
(I didn't go to Disneyland, because I already went there a few times in my life, and just went there last April. So no Disneyland for me..)

Times Square in Hong Kong Island!

Yes....Love me please! hahaha ;p

Till my next update! Stay tune! ;)

P/s: It feels great to be back home...minus the body ache of course! hehe



  1. Hai Wani.. Gold handbag tu Kate Spade Serena eh?

  2. I'm wondering how many handbags did you bring & how big was your luggage to fit them all. Hehe.

  3. @baizura: tak sure la.. it was my sister's. But yup, it's from kate spade ;)

    @cantiknyapurple: Hahaha.. I brought 3 with me! Lipat2 masuk luggage je!! ;p


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