Friday, December 14, 2012

Acne sucks!

Okay....some of you might think that this post is rather silly (as there are a lot of other important things in life that we really should worry about), but I really don't care, because acne does suck MAJORLY! It's ugly, it's painful, it's unnecessary, it's yellow, it's gross and it's super annoying because no one really needs some huge bumpy thingy on their face for some extra accessories! T___T

To those who are lucky enough not to have pimple ever in their life, might not understand the feelings that we, the pimple sufferer would feel each time we see some bumpy little thing in the morning when we wake up. Sighh... Having pimple really, really does affect my life and my mood! :( I know they're just pimples. And it doesn't seem like a really big matter to some people...and they would rather fix their car problems than being worried about some petty little things in life. But well... for me, every one's "matter" is different. Being a beauty freak that I am, to me..acne IS a big problem! Because why? Acne affects my life! I am not 100% myself when I get acne on my face. It made me so conscious about everything. It made me shy and embarrassed. It made me feel uncomfortable. It made my self esteem so low. And it made me sad too.

A study published in the British Journal of Dermatology found that acne patients experience social, psychological, and emotional ramifications at the same level of those with chronic health problems, such as epilepsy, diabetes, and arthritis! Yikes! O____o

The study also showed that an overwhelming number of teens deal with skin problems and of that group, a majority had feelings ranging from mild depression to severe which in some cases, even lead to suicide! - Depression and anxiety are more common in those with acne than the general population. (Well.. I am grateful that my case is not so severe like some people who even thought of suicide because of acne! But of course, in a society that places great emphasis on appearance, acne often made us feel uncomfortable or embarrassed...right? =/ )

Well...I don't know about you, but having acne makes me feel insecure when talking to people sometimes, you know! I know that acne does not mean it is the end of the world, but I gotta say that acne really affects my social life. I feel embarrassed to go and talk to people. I feel like people are looking at my pimples (and judge me) when talking to me, and not actually looking at ME. -- I'm imagining thoughts on me like "Euww...What a nasty person this girl is! What is thatttttttt thing doing on her face? That yellow-green thing looks SO disgusting! Did she even take her bath or wash her face every morning? Why does she have thattttt and I don't? What is it that thing anyway??" - Or something like that... (that was bimbo talking by the way. hahah. -- I know people might not even think that way and no one really notice it, and it's just me who feels that way, and so perasan...but, I just can't help not to feel SO conscious about it because I used to have a crystal clear skin! And skin is not as perfect as last time! T__T )

Anyways, my point is...acne really makes me feel unpretty and disgusting human being. And what's worse is that, acne could even make me feel depressed sometimes (severe case!). I don't know whether I get acne because of depression, or having acne made me feel depressed?? - But I think, it is a bit of both! Cuz I definitely feel sad when I get acne (more than 2, that is). And most of the time, when I am stressing out, acne started showing up on my face!! Because even though I did change my skin care regime sometimes, I know that that is not the main cause for my break outs. - my face is not really that sensitive to products, but my face is sensitive to my hormone and stress level, I think! Haihh... T___T

And right now...I kinda feeling really stress lately. There's something really bothering me...and I can't help not to feel sad, a result, acne started showing up on my face as a sign of asking me to calm down....which actually made it even more depressing for me! :(
Ohh...why can't I just feel sad..and not have to have these "side effects" of being sad?? Ishhh. Leave me alone, acne!! You're making me even more stress now! Yeeeesh. >__<

I read somewhere that under stress, the growth of nerve fibres near sebaceous glands is stimulated, which in turn contributes to the increased production of sebum — the fatty substance that combines with cell debris and dead skin cells, to form those familiar pustules! Eeeeeek. And in a study done by Statistics Norway, it was found that there is a linear relationship between mood and acne! It was discovered that the more severe the acne was, the worse the depression symptoms were as well!

I know I only have a moderate acne, and there are people who suffer more worse than me! But mine are like the huge ones, you know! And this is making me really conscious, although I know that this is just temporary..and I'll get my clean face soon, but...I still can't help not to worry about it! :(
Hmm...I guess, this would be a really good time for me to go for a holiday, and leave my worry behind...and just be happy about life!

Of course, I don't like having acne and  I hope they will be gone soon. But as weird as this sounds, I am still glad somehow that I had the experience of having acne, because it has helped me to be more sympathetic to other people who have other various problems in life. (though I really wish I just had that experience for a day or two instead of weeks! :p )

Anyways, before I end my sad entry here, let me share with you what someone so dearly to me used to tell me... Whenever we get problems in life, remember that all of the experiences, make up who we are in life. He said, there are no problems...only solutions and how we deal with it. So even though some things are hard to deal with, he asked me to please try to find the good in the bad. And he said, someday we will all be free from the problem, and in my case, acne free (or whatever it is that you're facing in life) - It's just a matter of time. And we will all have the memories of our experiences and those memories will influence how we look at life. :) Hopefully we will be more understanding of other people's differences and be a better person for having gone through what we did.

If you can think of a "good point" of acne, please share it with everyone so we all can handle it positively! hehe.. Now...I gotta see my doctor soon. And wear the right skincare treatment at this crucial time! Take care girls! :)



L.O.V.E.P-QaH said...

Acne sucks! I hate them too..
Just posted this issue on my blog recently. Surprisingly, they're related with our health..huhuu

Anonymous said...

Hi Wani,

This could have been caused by use of various types of skincare and make-up. Try to go natural for the time being and try this cleanser called "cetaphil". Can get it from pharmacy. It's good for acne, eczema, etc.


Anonymous said...

Wani, I got a terrible acne attack when I turned 25 due to wrong usage of cosmetics, and it subside 2 years later(STRESS gila ok...I ingat i boleh pakai ape yang i nak since kulit I xpernah buat hal) so I get how you feel(mesti u check muka pagi petang siang malam kan kot2 acne tu dah kurang??hehe)

I don't know how serious your acne is but if you are concerned, try visiting any good dermatologists and get some advice..and they would usually say all the cosmetics in the world/all the acne remedy on the internet can be only a hoax(my dermatologist particularly condemn petua letak tomao kat muka tu..huhu..).
All the best wani!

Anonymous said...

Clarisonic brush works wonders!

Anonymous said...

I used to suffer from acne too... Then I discovered this website and tried the recommendation and practiced all the tips given. Alhamdulillah... No more pimples and acne. Cetaphil works wonder!

Mungkin wani patut stick dgn one product Dan jangan terlalu kerap bertukar skincare. I know u love buying skincare jadi apa kata this time concentrate utk sembuh Dan rehatkan dulu ur skin. Kdg2 brg mahal pun kulit lg teruk skrg saya pakai cetaphil. Toner mustika ratu utk oily skin and Olay total effects. Muka elok semula

mIZz *.* aYNa said...

Dear Wani,

Don't let small things like acne stop you from being happy, there are lots of people out there who see the beauty in you instead of your imperfection, let your personality shine through instead of your insecurity, insha allah, the acne will fade away & you'll be more comfortable in your own skin... =)

Anonymous said...

hi wani..i'm having the same prob right now.suddenly my acne come back after yearsss without them.bad bad bad acne.i can relate to u,esp the low self esteem part bcoz of acne.i just met a dermatologist today.i pray that her acne regime will work for me. T_T

Anonymous said...

can share which doctor you go to? i feel like nothing works for me sighh

Anonymous said...

Hi wani, don't stress so much. Used to have very bad acne skin..because i did facial then stress kerja. Acne pop up like theres no tomorrow, till i had to take medicine. After that my skin is ok..then now i notice, if im stress fikir problem and work, pimple will start to pop up. My advice is.. Stop wearing make up ( yes, bare face..until your acne hilang), drink plenty of water, go 100% vege, get enough sleep, try not stressing urself so much, and take vitamin C. InsyAllah you will see the difference. :)

schazwany hameed said...

Oh God... You guys are so awesome!!! Thank you for sharing!!!! I will combine my methods and yours find out the truth on how to fight acne! hehe.. Thanks so much girls!! As of today, my pimple is getting smaller now...but they left me ugly scars which I've yet to treat them! tskk..

But thank you though for the info! Love you guys!! *hugs* :)

m a r i s s a said...

who love acne anyway? hahaha

but that comic strip is so funny! seriously!!! hahaha

*oh by the way, i'm taking bbplus collagen every night and i'm now pimple free, check out my blog for the entry*

m a r i s s a said...

who love acne anyway? hahaha

but that comic strip is so funny! seriously!!! hahaha

*oh by the way, i'm taking bbplus collagen every night and i'm now pimple free, check out my blog for the entry*

talk-obama said...

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Pink Stilettos said...

When I see people with lots of pimples on their faces (like the whole face), aku rasa kasihan sgt because I can feel that they felt rendah diri or something. Sometimes they tried covering they faces with their hands bila tgh berckp. Maka bersyukurlah kalau kita ada jerawat takat 2-3 ketul jer. huhu

Chemical Peels Manhattan said...

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