Sunday, December 23, 2012

Buying Your First Car

I got my first car when I was 19 years old. Dad bought for me a car that is value-for-money, as he said I was only a student, and just got my driving license at that time. So why need an expensive car, right...Plus, not trusting my driving skill yet at that time, dad said I need something that is considered "cheap" to maintain or repair if I ever drive recklessly - being a first timer that I was, kan. haha. So yeah..I got my first car from him, and like he has predicted, I never really know much about the car. (Hey, forgive me...I'm a girl! What do I know about engine?? heheh ;p) All I know is that he paid the car fully, and I only have to take charge of the fuel! Little did I know that just like my hair, body and face, my car do need some maintenance every now and then as well! hahahah ;p

I mean, when I first got my car, I didn't know that having a car could be SO expensive! Because my dad has been taking care of all the cars at home, so I don't know much about my car...until one day he left the responsibility to me, because he said I'm working now, so it's my time to pay everything for my car! No more sending him the repair costs, the service invoice, license renewal fees, the insurance, the road-tax receipts and so on.. Sob sobb...

Well I'm lucky that he has paid the car fully though. Otherwise, I'll be paying the car monthly as well! And that definitely sucks!! But even that didn't make my life any better because I just paid RM 450 for a service fee, last month. Imagine if I still have to pay monthly for the car! tskkk.. There’s a lot more to buying a car than just making the monthly payments! Fuel is definitely the obvious extra, but engine oil needs replacing at regular intervals too, as do oil filters, air filters and spark plugs as well, for optimum performance and safety. And then, you will also need to replace your tyres every two years or so. Moreover, you certainly can’t overlook the annual road tax, licence fee and possibly the biggest cost of all, the insurance, all of which are mandatory, by law.
So yes, having a car, definitely means having lotsa expenses to be taken care of! So that's why, when purchasing a car (especially for the first-time buyers), you definitely have to think about all the "hidden" expenses that you need to pay later on!

Anyways, I remembered dad told me, when you're purchasing a car, you don't just look at the price/"surface cost", you have to take into account on the fuel consumption, the maintenance cost, the spare parts, etc etc.. And once you start having your own car, you'll know that having a car could be really a burden if you don't budget or plan well! So having said that, I wanna share with my readers, that Proton now has this exclusive, once-in-a-lifetime offer for the first-time car buyers!

Well, if you’re young, and just started working..and thrilled by the thought of replacing your bus or train pass with your very own set of wheels, then Proton definitely have something special in store for you! To ensure that in the excitement of moving up in the world you don't buy the wrong car, or worse, one that you can't actually afford to buy, I suggest that you read on! ;)

Some of you might think that you're considering to buy a second-hand car models instead of buying the new one, right..? Because your budget is somewhat limited (as is the case with most first-time buyers). Sure, while there may be a good deal or two out there, but it is wise to note that there are many dodgy ones as well; and, if you don’t know what to look for (as many first-time buyers don’t), you could end up with a lemon that spends more time in the workshop than on the road! So bye-bye budget!!!

But worry not darlings! New doesn't necessarily mean expensive. Some cars in the market today start from as little as RM 38,361! Like the Saga FLX! Apart from the affordable price and the awesome benefits that you'll get when purchasing the Saga FLX 1.3 or Saga FLX SE 1.6 like; the RM 2,000 rebate, zero servicing charges for a year, and zero road tax for 2 years or zero licence renewal fee for 5 years, you'll also get to enjoy the up-to-date technology, the Lotus-engineered ride and handling, the roomy and comfortable interiors, the leather finishing, the driver-friendly features, and so on! Last time, these features that the new Saga FLX  have, were only available on the much more expensive car models. But now, those who are having a somewhat limited budget but still want a good car to ride, can now purchase one! - The Saga FLX of course!

I suggest that you read the reviews, and take a test for all the car of your choices. Make comparison of the price, the hidden cost that you need to take care of, the fuel consumption, etc etc. And once you've narrowed your choices down, it’s really important to take a test drive; no matter how perfect a car appears to be, you won't know for sure until you've taken it for a spin. So once you’re satisfied that all your questions have been answered, it’s time to evaluate. Are you getting a great deal for your money or not? :)

If you’re convinced that you are, then all that remains is a little paperwork and you’ll be the proud owner of your very own car; happy with your choice, the price you paid for it and the sound advice that set you on your way! ;)

I hope you'll make the right choice darlings! Talk soon! Take care ;)



  1. at least get a swift wani..

  2. Wani, i realized this post is exactly like the post in Elia's blog.

    did you copy her?? just so happen how she narrates her story is exactly like how you narrated your story, only in different languages. but basically the same. please clarify. this is very embarrassing.

  3. @anonymous: Embarrassing? LOL. It's called "advertorial", honey. Those bloggers who were selected to promote this campaign is given the same points to write.

    Btw, the article I wrote were published on the same date. So, why would I copy hers?



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