Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Cheap or Chic?

Since I got myself the full body mirror for myself a couple of months ago, I never fail to update the "What I Wear Today" for my Instagram followers every morning, before going to work.. - It's good to know that people appreciate your choice of fashion and attire.. So it's nice to share it with those who are interested to see or know what I wear on that day! ^__^ 

So anyway.. today, I'm gonna let you know a bit about choosing attires for your everyday look! I get a request on this - like how do I decide what to wear every morning, and how do I choose my attires and made them look decent when combined, like you said so (thank you very much!) ;)

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Well, I am not a style expert nor do I have a qualification to write this fashion tips post. But I find it exciting, knowing that people like and appreciate what I wear and my choice of clothing/style, even though I don't wear couture! hehe (Which made me think, that mayyyyyyyybe, I have a sensible choice of outfits and got a good taste in fashion for a hijabi, no?? Oh, maybe! hahah. - Plus, there have been a few cases at the mall where people whom I don’t know of,  whether locals or even foreigners, stopped me to ask where I got my clothes, my belt, my bag, my scarves, etc! (Whether in my own city or even in the cities/countries I visited! How awesome is that! hehee ;p ) Haaaaa.. so that must have meant something, right... Rightttt??!! Yup, rrrrrrightt Wani. hahahah ;p Okayyyy I'm being so perasan and so poyo. You can slap me noww. hahah ;p ) - Well okay.. Before anyone puke on their laptops/monitors, let me just clearly let you know that I am not usually thissss perasan! haha.. - That's just me joking laaa, k? heh ;p 

Well I'm just here to share my insights with you girls on some fashion or styling tips through my eyes actually, like some of you have requested! I know that making the very best of yourself is something any woman can do! So today, I'm here to share with you what I know about fashion and styling, for everyday wear, that is! And again, I repeat, this is from my own perspective! Not yours, kay?! hehee ;P

(NOTE: This is my very own opinion on fashion and style. I am aware that fashion is subjective, but I am still allowed to give my opinions on it, no? So if we are not in the same high heels, then it's fine, darling! You don't have to follow or believe it. This is just my own perspective and opinion on fashion & style for a hijabi like me, since some of you have asked! ^__^)

For me, fashion is how we express our personalities, and a way to identify ourself, and telling the world that "this is who I am" - A girl who likes all things simple and pretty that is! So if you haven't notice it already, my personal style is rather.....simple and chic, I would say. I honestly don't like the extravagant look for an everyday wear. I repeat, everyday wear, ok? I mean, 'extravagant' as in those layers and layers and layersss of scarves,  heavy excess-sories all over you (statement necklaces, rings, bangles, earrings, hair accessories, brooches, and what not - all wearing at the same time! ), fancy fashionable top and bottom, both wearing at the same time as well...and so on, making you look like a walking Topshop! - Like literally their shop! hehe  - Just to make sure whoever sees you, understand or rather know that you ARE a "fashionista". =____=' 

Okay I get it, you just love fashion. And you want everything that is SO in right now, to be on you so people would say that you're very up to date and so cool. But honey, not everything always has to be "extravagant" when it comes to styling. The key here is to keep it simple, practical and sophisticated. And most importantly, don't make yourself looking "too loud" at the office or even at school! You're not on the runway for God's sake... or the RCFA or BFA or even MIFA or whateverrr! You're just a normal human being with schedules to get to and errands to do. So keep it nice and chic! The key here is to look stylish..but simple and practical. - Being simple/plain, is much safer than being overdressed! So if you're not sure with your look, always go back to wearing the basics. - It's okay to be overdressed or dress excessively (in a nice way, of course), if you have a function/event or something you know, that needs you to look extra extra something.. 

But for an everyday look? Umm....naaahh. That just won't do, honey! At least, I think so! ;p

For me, less is more. Being a "fashionista" or someone who likes fashion and style, doesn't mean you have to wear everyyyy thing extravagant from top to toe! Meaning, if you're gonna wear something that is going to stand out in your outfit, say for example a really nice big brooch or a statement necklace or something like that, then keep everything else simple! Let's just make your accessories do the talking, and the rest should just keep it low! Or if you wanna make a statement hijab or headgear/head-wear, by wearing layers and layers of it, then keep everything else relaxed. - Not by wearing another layers and layers of clothes too, or stacks of jewelries, etc apart from your colourful layered hijab! You'll end up looking like the layered cake! tskk T__T 

And also, another tip that I would like to highlight is that, don't just buy or wear whatever that is on fashion right now just because everybody else is wearing them. You don't have to follow whatever is on trend even if you know you won't look great in them! 

I gotta admit, that wearing a hijab could be challenging and a bit tricky when it comes to fashion and styling, especially if you wanna look modish and up-to-date! If one or two step is wrong, you could end up looking like a fashion disaster! Which I'm sure you don't want that to happen! So...my advice is, when you look at yourself in the mirror, you should try as many and different styles as you could....that you think would suit you best! - In terms of your personality, your body type and shape, the place you're going to and also how the outfit would look on you at different angles! haha. Yesss it's that detail! heee. And don't be afraid to try something new and to try a different style! Trying it yourself in front of the mirror, alone in your room with a stash of clothes all over your bed or room, is the best part! hihi ;p
And also...remember to always ask your closest sister or friend whether the outfit would look good on you if you're not sure. A true friend would never lie to you! 

Anyway, I've never worn that orange scarf and bag at all! It has been 3 years, I think..they're in my closet.  I thought the color is toooooo orange! And I was afraid to wear it...until the day I piled up most of my clothes on my bed for me to try, the other day... And I tried one by one, that would suit the look! And I found that orange color to be the most perfect one among the other 4 colors I chose that night! - I never knew I would be wearing that scarf, cuz I was almost thissssssss close to sell it off! hehe.. 

So you see....you never know what you'll discover in your closet. You just have to keep on trying and know how to mix and match! - It's like trial and error! Oh, I loveee playing dress up in the room!! It's so fun! hihi..

Anyways, the way I look at styling an outfit, is like baking a cake. I categorized it into two parts. Where the cake itself is the main part. - Here, it means your attires. And the icing on the cake is your accessories.. which means; your scarf/hijab or hair accessories, your shoes, your handbag, your jewelries,  your sunglasses  your watch, and even your make up! Everything else that is not a top or a bottom, would be called as ACCESSORIES, which in other words, it is something that would complement your outfit, making it more attractive! They are the ones that you should pick up wisely in the morning before putting them on because they are the ones that is going to make your whole look of the day, complete! And sometimes even, they are the ones that is going to shape how you would look like! hehe. So everything must be "inter-connected" and correlated somehow, whether in terms of color, or type, or even material! (You don't wear a fancy chiffon top with a cheap cotton scarf! It's just won't do any justice to that top! Or wearing a sophisticated full suit with a canvas bag! Erkk. =/ )

So anyway... another point I would reaaaaalllly like to highlight is that, you don't necessarily have to pay for an overpriced top, just to make yourself believed that you would look good in that outfit no matter what! Trust me, I know what I'm talking about! I've experienced a few times before..haha ;p

For me, looking good is not about money at all. It is about style! And how you pull off a certain outfit! You can pay 10k for a dress, but if you can't pull it off, it will never look nice on you, still! Just like YSL said, "Fashion fades...but style is eternal!" - Yes it is so true! Style never goes out of fashion! So whether you have RM 100 to spend at Padini Store, or RM 10,000 to spend at a Chanel boutique, always remember this...that looking good is NOT about the amount of money you've spent, it is about the style that you carry! No matter how much you've spent from top to toe, but if you don't have the style and persona...you're just wasting your money for trying so hard to look one! hihi ;p (at least...that's what one of my designer friend told me!)

So anyways... this was what I wore a couple of days ago. Yes, the style is rather too simple or "normal" I would say. (I was just going to work! hehe). But even my sister was surprised when I told her that they're from AEON! She never thought I'd wear Jusco's brand, I guess! hihi. Both pants and that orange polka-dot shirt are from one of Jusco's brand! They're sooo cheap! Around 40-50 bucks each! hihi. But they're quite nice, don't you think..for that kind of price tag?! ;)

Wearing an orange polka-dot top and cobalt blue pants from Jusco, an orange MNG belt, a pasar malam scarf, a blue ring from TSL, and a matching cobalt blue designer bag to complement my pants! ;)

Oh, I have a lot to share some more...but I think I already talked too much now. And it's getting late..and I'm quite tired! tsk... So I won't bore you with my crap opinions anymore! haha..  So these are the things that I have learned and picked up along the way! I have a lot more to talk about, but let's just continue in another post ok? I hope I make sense to you whatever that I just blabbered today! hahah. 

Ok, talk soon!  See ya! ;)



  1. A very informative post. You are very stylish, yet so humble , which is why I absolutely love your blog.

  2. oh my...! shazwani, i always adore your style. everything you wore seems to suit you very well. god, how i envy & adore you at the same time. but i think i adore you more. hihi

  3. you're so damn funny lah wani. reading this entry make me smile n laugh all the way. btw, that's not perasan or poyo but it's a fact okayyy. u're full of confidence with your own style.

  4. Soalan cepumas!

    I'm not the type of girl who wears makeup, I only wear them when I perform (I'm a theater-club person).

    And since you wear makeup everyday, you must be an expert on this! How to remove makeup completely so that you can perform wudhu' for your prayer? It usually takes me a LOT of time to remove just those sparkly lip gloss and it's quite tedious. Sometimes celak pun susah hilang. Any tips?

  5. owh! i sangat suke post ni.. as u said less is more...<3 for me u r fashionista coz u really who u are!! i agreed about the layer n layerss n layerssss pening kot byk sgt layers atas badan. good post dear!!

  6. @Hajar: Dear hajar, I usually wear washable/not waterproof make up... The one that can just basuh dgn air! But sometimes I do carry a facial wipes in my handbag too, just in case! You can try Biore facial wipes...it's cheap and effective! Or you can bring a travel size of make up remover.. Try buy the one that is water based.. I find this type of make up removers are easy to use and effective! The one that I currently use is from Sephora. tulisan warna hijau - triple action something2 nama dia... try la! ;)

  7. To others, thanks for the sweet comments! Mmmmuaxx!


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