Sunday, December 2, 2012

Had Japanese again!

A couple of weeks ago, I was invited to dine at a nice Japanese restaurant in Eastin Hotel, at a place called Eyuzu. I was craving for Japanese for that was the perfect day for me to get my source of Japanese food! Yeay! 

I went there with my buddy, Shida, who loves Japanese as much as I do! ^__^ Picked her up from her office in Jalan Ampang, and then from KL we went straight to Eastin, PJ.. We talked a lot during the one hour traffic jam session. Catching things up with my girl is just so nice.. Although... I would always be the one that would talk more! hahaa ;p

At Eastin, PJ

I love this girl...but I hate taking a picture next to her, because I would simply look 3 times fatter than I already am! LOL ;p

So anyways, the ambiance of the restaurant is nice..  The restaurant is situated at Level Two by the way..
Very clean and very japanese...that even the napkin/table cloth is wrapped into a kimono style. So cute! hehe

Eyuzu restaurant is known for incorporating only the freshest food sources available in its dishes. They offer a wide array of Japanese cuisine, from teppanyaki to sukiyaki, tempura, ramen, sushi and more − served either buffet or à la carte style! - They have à la carte daily for lunch and dinner, and buffet on the weekend (dinner only). The price for the weekend dinner buffet is RM 86++ per adult and RM 46++ for kids

While waiting for my food...let's Instagram! hehe

Shida is on Instagram too! 

So as usual, the sashimi would be our starters! Gosh....I love loveeee sashimi! Especially the fat ones! hehe. I could eat sashimi all day, and nothing else but sashimi! hehe. My fave one would always be the salmon! Mmmm....

This is their Sashimi & Maki Sushi 
Price for sashimi start from RM95++ (depending on size/pieces), and for Maki Sushi is RM40++ 

There are some assorted raw fish of fresh salmon, tuna, sea bass and surf clam in here. Goshh...they are so juicy, that writing about it here just made my saliva drooling! haha. For those who haven't try any sashimi before, you reaaaalllly have to try them! Don't worry about the smell or anything like that...because if it is fresh, you won't taste any "fishy" kind of smell or whatever it is that you think it would taste like! hehe... Sashimi is just soooo juicy! I love it!!! ^___^

I wish they serve us more fat sashimi that night! hehe

This is the Maki Sushi, which is a Soft Shell Crab Sushi

Mmmm.... Gotta love the red one and the orange one!

Next on the menu, would be this! 
The Cawan Mushi. 

This is a steamed egg custard that is filled with some yummy mushroom, chicken slices and some veggies...I love to eat this, and to scoop to the bottom to know what else can I find inside the cup! hehe..  Anyway, this Cawan Mushi is very soft, creamy and yummy! The price for one cup is RM 13++ 

Next on the menu is this one... 

The Shake Kabuto Jiru...which means, the Salmon Head Miso Soup!

I've always loved Miso Soup...and God knows how much I love salmon. So of course, I love the taste of this Salmon Head Miso Soup too!! There's something comforting about sipping this Miso Soup, I would say! And I love to nibble on the soft seaweed too! Yums!

Next is Shida's fave menu!

 The Tempura!

I gotta say that Tempura would be my must item to order each time I dine at a Japanese. I just love the taste of the deep fried, lightly battered prawn and the veggies, and then dipping them into that black sauce + grated white radish. Mmm! It is nice to eat Tempura when eaten hot immediately after frying.. Oh God..sedapnyaaa...hehe..

Price starts from: 
RM46++ per serving for Ebi Tempure (Prawns),  
RM30++ per serving for Kisu Tempura (Silver Whiting), and 
RM20++ per serving for Yasai Tempura (Assorted Vegetables)

Half way eating....I'm already full! haha

..and here comes the Unagi!

The Unagi Kabayaki and Saba Shioyaki
(Grilled Eel with Sweet Soya Sauce and Grilled Mackerel with Salt Seasoning) 

I've always love unagi too. They taste so wonderfully soft and sweet! So, of course I would love this as well! Tasted sooooo good! I would prefer to eat my unagi with a little bit of rice... Mmmm... 

If you ever dine here, make sure you would try their unagi! It's soooo delicious!! The price starts from RM55++ for Unagi Kabayaki per serving, and  RM30++ for Saba Shioyaki per serving. I can't say much about the Saba Shioyaki (the Grilled Mackerel with Salt Seasoning) though, because I was too full to eat that, by that I gave it away to Shida..hehe

Next on the menu is the Teppanyaki!

I've always love seeing how the chefs prepare the food..

From left:
White Tuna RM 55++,
Mix Mushroom in Garlic-Butter Sauce RM 40++, and 
Teppanyaki Grilled Beef Roll with Enoki Mushroom RM 48++ 

My favourite one among these three would be the Teppanyaki Grilled Beef Roll with Enoki Mushroom! The grilled beef roll wrapped around that enoki mushroom was just so juicy! I love the sauce too! Yummy. 

This is our second last meal of that night that was being cook by the chef! 
By this time, my tummy feels like exploding already! haha.. Too much food, but still can't resist to taste the scrumptious food that was served specially for us!

Looking at how it is made... - The toppings is made first..and then he prepared the pancake base. The pancake has assortments of veggie added with slices of chicken and topped with seafood!



This is called the Okonomiyaki.
It is a Japanese Pan Cake with Chicken and Seafood

The price is from RM20++ per portion per serving.  This is my first time trying something like this! The Japanese pancake/pizza.. And I love it! But too bad, I was already too damn full, that I couldn't take any more than one bite of it! It's really really nice...but I think, if I take more than one bite, my tummy would really really explode that night! haha.. Plus, I was saving the little space I have in my tummy for the dessert! hehe... 

Oh, how I wish I can take the pancake home with me and eat it later! 

Lastly, it's dessert time!!! Another dessert that I love! The green tea ice cream! Whenever my family dine at a Japanese restaurant, I always ask for more than one scoop of this ice cream! hehe. And lucky me.. that night, one of the girls can't take anything anymore because she was too full...So she gave me hers, and I had two scoops of my green tea ice cream! Yeayy! 

Daazato, the green tea ice-cream topped with red bean paste

However I gotta say that I am quite bummed at how it tasted like. I mean..don't get me wrong, it tasted just fine. Still good...but being a green tea ice cream lover, I would expect it to taste more green tea, like how I usually like my green tea ice cream would be, instead of this vanilla kind of taste.. with only subtly green tea flavor in it . - Well it's nice if you like vanilla ice cream with a hint of green tea flavor in it though.. But I would love it if they put more green tea in it! hihi. 

It is still fine though, because I do love vanilla ice cream too! haha. So that explains the two scoops I had! LOL ;p

Overall, it was such a nice dining experience! Would love to dine here again!!!  Thank you Eastin for the lovely experience!!!

To my readers, here's some info for the Eyuzu Japanese Cusine:

The restaurant is at Level 2, Eastin Hotel, Petaling Jaya
For reservation call: 03-7628 7368
Daily Operation Hours:

  • Lunch : 12.00 noon – 2.30pm 
  • Dinner : 6.30pm – 10.30pm 
  • Saturdays & Sundays : Shumatsu Buffet Dinner from 6.30pm -10.00pm

Okay, gotta stop writing now.. Gotta prepare my outfit for work tomorrow! May you have a lovely week ahead guys! Take care!! ^__^



  1. hye wani yang gojes. i just wanna told you that i adore you. your style. i just love it.

  2. thank you darling! *hugs* :)

  3. most welcome xoxo

  4. Thats not original okinamiyaki. If you really want authentic japanese food there are only 2 places: at desa perdana && sakae. My japanese friends who had to work in malaysia only prefer those places because they are the closest to authentic japanese food. I love jap too i lived there for 5 years and i am very sure that jap food at hotels is such a rip off. Highly not recommended. What a waste of money n pls do not deceive your readers

  5. kak ur cloth long sleeve ni slalu bli kt mane ke..penah survey dat butik takot x muat..hehe..anyway kite pn cubby cm awk gak..hehe

  6. @mamamia: I bought in Dorothy Perkins! ;)

  7. Hi wani, just wanna let u know that u look gooood in this color.

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