Friday, November 30, 2012

Creepy Baby Shower Cakes!

I love any showers and parties.. Bridal showers, baby showers, engagement showers, etc etc! They're fun, right?! A sweet and fun afternoon with the ladies eating cakes, hanging out with good friends and family with lotsa laughters, opening presents, yummy finger foods, fun games etc etc!

My first baby shower that I attended was Farhana's (she already delivered a beautiful baby boy! ^__^). I love everything about her baby shower. It was so fun, cute and sweet!! The excitement at the thought of a new baby is just so exciting, right?! hehe.

Anyways...these days, there are some sick and totally inappropriate people that made super strange cakes and made their Baby Showers seem creepy instead of sweet!! O____o



I mean really, who would dare eating this cake???! I know the person who had this idea just wanna take the "traditional cake" of the baby shower's cake up to a next level, and show their creativity.. And they intended to make a joke out of it. But really...this has gone too far now for a fancy little cake!!!

Let's see some more what else do these sick people had bake! Eeek.

Just the idea of putting this cake into the oven freaks me out!

Placenta cake?? Yuck.

You can view how they cut the Sleeping Baby cake here! 

Now, who wants to cut into a peacefully sleeping baby??

This looks like a baby has been buried alive!

The lady in labour looks scary! haha

This one is not as creepy as the others (maybe because it's small?), I would just remove the baby before I take a big bite of it! hehe

So life-like...

Okay...this is funny! >__<


I know they're just cakes...But really, who would dare cutting a baby's head and butt?! I know I don't!  Can't these people just stick to a normal round or rectangular shaped cakes?? O__o

P/s: Dear my loved ones...please don't surprise me with a Cicak-looking cakes. I will kill you guys! haha



  1. wahh those were scaary!! i will never eat those! (unless they cut it into tiny pieces without any body parts in it! lolx)

  2. sooooooo scaryyyy. i will never eat baby, and no one will right ? lol

  3. Sick ppl!!

  4. that was scary~ @.@~

    Regards, (A Growing Teenager Diary) ..


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