Saturday, November 24, 2012

Sick Girl..

Alhamdullillah, praise to God.. I'm all well now (umm...just a lil' bit of coughing, but that's alright) - If you didn't follow me on Twitter or Instagram or Facebook, the reason I was being away for a week is because I had a terrible fever since Monday. I've been down for the whole one week. I didn't know what I did wrong... I mean, this is the first time I had a fever all of a sudden! Normally I'd get some signs like...a few days before, like maybe coughing or having sore throat first...or flu..or whatever.. But this time, there's no signs of it coming at all! I had it right after I got back from Pavilion (happily buying some Christmas set while drinking my Toffee Nut Latte. heh), and then on my way back home, while driving...I felt weird, and my temperature went straight up! I checked my temperature the minute I got home, it was about 39 or 40°C! I was sooo hot, that I couldn't believe my temperature stick cuz I thought it was damaged! haha.. So anyways, that night I slept with 3 clothes on and one very thick jacket (so 4 tops on me), and I wore a wool pajama pants (for winter), socks and slept with 2 blankets on me.. with no fan nor air-cond that night... - And I was still shivering! tskkk... Gosh I hate fever. 

So I was in bed all the time since then.. Only on Wednesday night where I got out with my sister, to watch the special screening of the Twilight Part 2 that my sister got from Nuffnang. I thought I was recovering and doing okay that night..because my body didn't seem to be warm that day... so I decided to go out for one night since I've been in bed for the whole 3 days already, hence I thought I needed a break..? (I only went away from my bed for eating at the kitchen, or toilet and solat break). So 90% of my day was spent on the bed...with no laptop or iPad whatsoever entertainment for me.. - Do you know how stressful it is to be sick and stay in bed doing nothing but sleep?! It's torturing me. That's why when the sister asked me out..I said yes.

I thought I was okay. But my body lied to me that night. The next day I was back to having a fever again! Until Friday.. Went to the clinic twice this week. The doctor suspected dengue...but thank God it wasn't dengue! I just had some viral infections or something like that.. Couldn't really remember what the doctor said. But one thing I know for sure is that I had a swelling tonsil. And hurts so bad! T___T

So anyways... by the time it was Friday, the medicine that my doctor gave me (antibiotics, paracetamols, etc) has already finished..  But my fever, cough, flu, etc didn't seem to go away..and I couldn't stand it anymore..cuz it just sucks being sick, although my mom used to tell me that being sick is God's way of forgiving our sins...and that I just have to sabar a bit..

But one week in bed is really torturing me.. I needed to do something. So on Friday morning, after taking my medicine, I went out to the pharmacy near my house..

...and I took whatever medicine I see on the rack that I thought would heal me..

I bought a few there, but I only took two medicines (Although the pharmacist did say I could mix some of the meds here) - so I took the Mucosolvan and the Panadol Soluble... The rest, I kept it in my medicine box for future use..

And man...I gotta say, I LOVED THIS MEDICINE!!!!!!
I stopped coughing when I take this! And it has only been about two capsules now! It's working! I could sleep peacefully since Friday night!! So happy!

Breacol or the doctor's cough syrup didn't work for me. But this one does! And I love it!!! I had terrible, teribleeeeeee cough the other day.. (I cough until I puke...and I cough so hard until my muscle around my tummy hurt so bad that it feels like I just did a 100 sit ups) So that's why I'm in love with this medicine..because it gives me minor coughs now... And it's bearable. - It's more like a sexy cough! haha ;p

Anyways... here's to a new, fresh week ahead!! I'm all better! No more fever, no more weakness. Only sexy cough. LOL ;p So let's hope for a bright, happy week for all of us, insha Allah! ;)

Take care girls! Salam.



  1. Hi Wani,

    A lot of people seem to be getting infections and falling sick recently. No one knows what virus or bacteria is causing the infection. Could be our environment, food we eat outside, lack of rest in fast pace world nowadays.

    Glad to hear that you are recovering. Do rest more.

    Take care.


  2. Salam there,

    I bought that mucosolvan last 2weeks for my boyfriend because he had heavy cough & bit of flu. First I thought to give him the normal ubat batuk from UIA clinic (I'm IIUM student). But he is terribly can't stand any type of cough syrups he will vomit after smell them, plus he don't like take medicine too, especially in capsule. But he recovered after took 3capsules only. So this medicine will get into my must-have list after this.

    Please take a good care of yourself Wani.


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