Sunday, November 18, 2012

Snake Skin, I Love!

There's something about animal prints that says "elegant" or "sophisticated" or "chic", I would say! That's why I loveee them! I love cow prints, zebra prints, giraffe prints, tiger prints, cheetah prints, leopard prints and snake prints especially! They're so pretty! But it's kinda hard to find nice ones (with a nice price tag that is) for these animal printed tops in the market. I'm a big fan of animal prints, if you must know! I just think that they're kind of elegant and "glamourous" somehow. hehe. 

Animal prints have long been a popular style for many reasons; whether in fashion or even in interior designs. They are generally expensive and considered rather exotic; hence they are a symbol of wealth and status, in the old days. And throughout history, kings and other high status people have used animal print rugs and such, as a sign of status.

But these days, you can find a lot of the "fake" animal printed stuff already. So, buying or wearing an animal printed items nowadays is no longer means a symbol of wealth! It just means, it is a symbol of I have a prevailing taste! hahahah ;p

What I wore: a Zara snake printed top, Topshop black satin pants, Pasar Malam olive green scarf, Diva necklace, TSL ring, Chanel beige bag, Aldo nude heels.

Like a bawse! haha ;p

I almost wanted to 'design' my eyeshadows looking like a snake print too! But then I realized, I'm only going to work, so...the two-toned ones will do! haha 

I've always love the classy look. Hence, I always wear those kind of style. I know a lot of people (anonymous people, that is. LOL ;p) have been telling me that I dress not according to my age, and that I look mature/old with this kind of dressings. But then again..for me, style is subjective. There's no specific style for a specific age. At least... I think so? hehe. I mean who says that for a 60 year old woman, you haveee to wear those frumpy cardigans and a dull colored pants?? O___o

And who says, that a 10 year olds gotta wear kiddies looking outfit? Just look at Zara kids collection! They have a bunch of elegant pieces for kids! I know I would prefer to buy my kids some Zara outfits than Kiko stuff, when I have one, someday! hehe. So my point here is that, elegant doesn't mean "old", honey. It just means I got taste! LOL ;p Ok, I'm kidding here..but you get my point right? hehe.

And tell me, what do early twenties women like me, wear to work then, if it's not a blouse and a slack pants? ;)



  1. they jeles at u la syaz..LOL..
    U always look class and elegent..
    belive me ..the way we dress represent who we are!!:)

  2. i just love how u mix-matching your clothes..really adore! :)

  3. Whats wrong with kiko dear? I know this is yr personal point of view. But why must hurts others feeling if we can choose to be more polite ...right?

  4. anonymous: hey there..

    what do u mean polite?? i didn't bash anyone there. N I didn't mean to hurt anyone with that statement. sorry if u did. i guess you don't understand what i meant there. i never say anything bad about kiko? i just meant that different brand has different range of style that they carry, which normally would reflect the brand itself, honey.. Try comparing kiko's style with zara's style. They both carry different styles for kids. one is much kiddy, cutesy type...another one is more chic i'd say. N i would definitely prefer the chic type..n zara happens to carry chic styles, which i love bcuz it's very much my taste. that's all im saying. You don't need to be so sensitive about it because i know i wasn't rude to anyone.

    thanks. and have a great day ahead ;)

  5. Great outfit. Pretty combination with the accessories and colour scheme. Truly an inspiring for us at the ChifChaff ! :)

  6. You're so unvelievably pretty, especially your eyes! :)x


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