Thursday, March 8, 2012

Brunch in the Garden! :)

This post contains a lot of pictures. You have been warned ;p

A couple of weeks ago, I received a private message from Sheila, saying...

Hehe. Cute.

.......I love helping people buying stuff and help them pick 'em up according to my eyes. So.....yeah, of course I said yes to it.

So on that Sunday morning, I woke up feeling excited.. because it has been awhile since I last shopped. And I already had some things in my mind to buy..

So....I woke up, and get dressed.. And asked Sheila to pick me up a little bit late, as I overslept - I did not get to sleep well that I couldn't sleep =/

So anyway, around 12-ish she arrived and picked me up. And I asked her excitedly,
"So where are we going? And what are you gonna buy?!"
"We're going to Alamanda. They have this new shop, my friend told me. It's an art shop. Very cool stuff.. They sell like handmade stuff or something like I wanna see what do they have there!"
"Oh my God...Really?! (I super loveeeee artsy stuff by the way) Bestnyaaa... Okay okayyy! Let's!"


And about 20 minutes later, we arrived Alamanda....

The moment we stepped into the mall, I saw...the Baskin Robbins counter, and I wanted to go there to buy myself some ice cream, but just before I ordered some, Sheila stopped me and said we're going to have lunch first and the place that we're going, have so many yummy desserts and better than B.R. =__='

At that time, I still didn't have any clue why and what is happening, and why won't she allow me to have my ice cream? LOL. For a moment there, I was feeling kinda weird, like why this girl didn't allow me to eat my ice cream???! Whyyyyy oh whyy? I want maaa ice creammmm! haha. JK.  ;p

So then I thought to myself, maybe the shop we're going to didn't allow outside food or something. So okay, fineee. I'm cool with that. hehe. And maybe Sheila was right, maybe they have awesome desserts. So okay, let's just try and imma follow her..  :)

Anyway..then I asked her some more,
"So which cafe we're going to have our lunch? What do you wanna eat?"
"Oh, it's this new place... It's somewhere near the bowling area."  
"Oh, okay.. Alright. We're going to eat first, then to the shop that you talked about..?? What's the name of the shop, by the way?"
"Yup..yup..we are. We eat first, then we go to that shop. It's called...something-something arts. Uhh....I forgot what it is called la. Later, I'll ask my friend"
Not having any clue whatsoever, I just followed her footsteps, where she wanna eat... And she brought me to a place called Garden Lifestyle Store and Cafe. Before we reached the entrance of the cafe, excitedly I said,
"Oh great! So it's this cafe, ha?! I've never tried here before! Great! I've always wanted to try, but dunno why still haven't try. haha"
"Great! Come, let's go inside!" 
"Table for two please.."
"Okay, which area you wanna sit? These area..or that one..?", asked the waitress while pointing at some areas..
"Ouh..that looks cozy and nice... Can we sit there? There's a swing or something over there!", I said..
Just when I sank my butt on the swing and started to play a bit with it, the waitress came to us with the menus in her hand..

As I was busy trying to get the best position to sit on the swing, Sheila then said to the waitress,
"Hey, can we sit over there?", while pointing at an area..  - I didn't realized which area she was pointing out to, as I was busy playing with the swing. haha. But that time I thought she wanted to move to another area cuz she didn't like the spot that I chose. =___='
"Oh, no. Sorry, you can't sit there. That's a reserved area. "
"Yeah I know..but my friend is sitting over there.."
"Oh okay... Suree..Alright then" 
At that moment, I still do not have any idea or clue at all.. I really thought Sheila saw her friend or something and wanted to join them or maybe just say hi or something and sit near them or whateverr... So okay... I followed her to the reserved area...

And little that I know, I would be seeing...........


Saying.... "SURPRISEDDDDDD!!!!!"

.....and I saw thesee too!  O______o

*terkejut beruk*


Yes. That was my reaction when I saw all that. I just couldn't believe it! I didn't expect anything and have no idea at all!


Not a single clue!!! hehehe

And that time I was like.... "Sheilaaaaaaa!!!! You tricked me!!!". haha 

The whole time I was like... "OMG OMG OMG OMGGGGGGG!!! Can't believe this is happening! A surprise for me??! By MY BLOG READERS???!!!!!!!!!! Realllllyyyy???!!! For me??!! - Fyi, it's very hard to surprise me. I can always tell if my friends/family wanna do a surprise for me.. Cuz somehow I can always sense things, and it'll not be that surprise anymore for me..then I have to pretend and act as if I'm really surprised. LOL ;p

So of course, I would never ever thought/imagined/expect or whatever, that my readers would do thisssssssss for me on that day! What more when it's a February! If it's like...January ke, then maybe... I'm gonna be a bit perasan laaaa kan. LOL. But still, I have never expect this kind of thing! Even if I were to perasan, it'll be perasan for a surprise thingy by my close friends/family la kannn... Not by my readers whom I met only once! Plus, this was in February. And I have no special dates in my life on February! So's like DOUBLE SURPRISE for me! hehe.. I  was very very surprised and shocked that I almost cry! haha. I think, this is the first one people actually really successfully did surprise me! I'm one happy girl. Thank youuuuuuuu!!!! ^___^ 

I mean...the fact that you girls put so much effort to do all this...just really reallyyyyy so sweet and beautiful! I wanted to cry that time. I mean actually, I almost cry...but I controlled myself not to drop a tear and they'll see the ugly side of me. LOL ;p are the rest of the photos...

Still surprised and shocked. LOL

Yep. Told ya. I was too happy and surprised. 
Just look at how wide I was smiling, and you can see my gums too. That's a gummy smile right there.. haha. I'm smiling wayyyy too wide now. LOL ;p

"So Sheila...all those artsy shop whatever thing, is just a lie laaa eh?? There's no art shop la eh??"

"Nope! Tee-heee"


Tipah tertipu.

Awww.....they even have this for me on my table. Awww...So cute and sweet! 

Aishah, is putting on the crown for the Queen! ;p 

*shy + blushing*

(If I knew that I would be the 'Queen of the Day', I would have been dressed up, and put more make up and wear nice things for this. Or at Queeny Eyelashes or something! hahahah ;p

Not that wrinkly shirt! Pffft. - I was late, thus I didn't iron my clothes! tsk) 


"Thanks girls...I'm very surprised! This is just soooo sweet! You guys are really really sweet!!!"

Heh. Queen Wany. hehehe... 

I was just being gedix and playing around with words when I did the invitation thingy to the little Tea Party that I had the other day.. And now they're making me embarrassed for calling me a "Queen", still! Heeeee. I'm not a queen laaaaa girls. I'm...uh... I'm just a plain Wani. heh ;p

But oh well...never mind. Being a fake queen for a day also can lahh! The Queen of Hearts that is! hehe ;p after I arrived and kiss/hug everyone..and the Queen wears her crown already, the girls gave a little speech... Such sweet speech, and then it's makan time!! ;)

They ordered a lot of food! Yums!

Luckily I always bring my camera around in my handbag! So this blogger can take the pretty looking cake on the table! ^__^

These are the girls from the Tea Party that I invited last time... 
I'm really touched that you guys did this for me... It's just...tooooooo sweet. =')
(And to Kak Nurul, who came all the way from Melaka just for this....Oh my God! I'm reallyyyy really touched! Thanks kak! I really appreciate this!!!! Rasa nak peluk cium jeeee! hehe)


Makan time!

Such a pretty, cozy ambiance they chose!

Our girlie affair..

...and then, after we almost finished eating, Aishah and Nurul handed me this pretty frame with lotsa our photos in there! - Pics from the Tea Party... (which they made it that morning! hehe..)
With some messages on it too!  And they even left some space for today's pics to be attached in there as well! Oh, so cute! And sooooooo sweet!

I'm melting some moreeee! 
First, this whole surprise party. Then saw the girls wearing all pink with hand corsage on them.. Then, the banners and balloons...then the crown...then the food and the pretty cake.. And now it's the gift! Such lovely effort, girls!!!

Awwww...what more could a girl ask for! This is just too sweet, right?! Gotta love the girls!!!!

Thank you sayangssssss!


Ok..time for the cake cutting session!

Isn't it such a pretty cake??!
With my signature on it! -Shoeswany! (Shoes + Wani, geddit? hehee ;p)

They even sang a birthday song for me, although it's not my birthday month! hehe..
Anyways, even though there's no candles there, but I just blowed the cake, just to buat syarat lepas orang dah nyanyi. hehee


Okayy...this cake is toooo hard. heh.

This girl always have a hard time cutting a cake in front of people.

"Haiiii yahhhhh!"

Never mind la. Cannot potong, then just pose with it la...

Cabut the heels! We wanna eat this beautiful cake...

...and I let this sweet, motherly woman named Aishah to help cutting it, before I destroy the cake! haha

Thank you mama! hehe

So this is the inside of the cake! Chocolate cake! Realllllllllyyyyyy yummy!

Group photo!

I loveee balloons!

Time to kemas everything!

Zuen. Met her four times now ;)
Didn't know she's a mother of two! Still looking so hot! Ingatkan anak dara lagi..heheheh ;p

Thank you ladies!!!! To Lina, Afra, Shikin, Yati, Raisya, Zuen, Nurul, Ayna, Sheila and Aishah, thank you so very much for planning all of this! 



The happy queen! haha

We gotta hang out more after this!!!! I reallyyyyy had fun with you girls! ^___^

Thank you darlings!!! You girls really just made my day! I was down for a few days, and you girls just turned up with those pinky girly outfits at the veryyyyy right time! hehe. Love it love it love it!!! Love everything about the party! The crown, the balloons, the banner, the picture frame, food, the cake...and the girls!!! Everything is just soooo perfect! Thank you darling!!!! Really really appreciate this! =)

Okay before I go...let's see...the preparations that they did to make it happen for me.... :)

Aren't they such a sweetheart?

Love you girls!

Shazwani Hamid.


  1. Hey Wani.
    It such a lovely suprise birthday party..WOWWW! I like it.. best kan ada org sayang..hehehe.. rsnya xde kot org nk buat kat saya camtu.. mimpila..anyway HAppy belated birthday..

  2. So sweet sangat. Akak pulak feel like nak nangis. Bestnyerrrrrr ....

  3. Happy belated birthday si cantikkk...
    wink wink

  4. so luckyyyyy!

    kalo u dtg kuching pun i nak belanja u makan hehe

    ure adorable dats y ppl loves u :)

  5. bestnya surprised birthday party and an unexpected one pulak tu!

    by the way, i was at alamanda too that day. i saw you and your friend hehe tapi jauh sangat pulak nak tegur.

  6. i saw u that day in alamanda, holding a lot of balloons!!!
    ingat nak tegur mintak satu belon, tapi malu. hehee...
    btw, u tak siap betul2 n tak gosok baju pon still maintain cun gilaaaa. haih. stress aku. hahaha

    anyway, happy belated birthday wany!


  7. you're so lucky!

  8. you're an adorable girl. what's not to love about u?! that's y u deserve all this babe! happy belated bday gurl!



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