Thursday, November 15, 2012

The artistic side in me..

It was my friend's birthday the other day.. So instead of buying the usual boring/normal cards, I decided to be a little bit creative and spend some time making a hand made birthday card! Using all the stuff that I have in my stationaries section! - Recycle and Reuse. You too, should start putting these two mantras in your life! haha

Anyways... I don't know about you, but I've always feel that ANYTHING that is hand made (to perfection) or something that you put so much effort in it, would have a better impact on the person that you want to give/surprise, as compared to the ones that are already in the market/common/easily get/ready-made/etc... 

Because to me, EFFORT,  A LOT!!! Never underestimate the sheer value of effort in the things that you do, because every step and every strife, COUNTS! (If it's still doesn't work the way you want it to be or something, always know that Allah value/count your effort!) So men and women out there who are in any relationship/friendship/partnership/spaceship..whatevership... Put 100% of your effort in whatever things that you do! Ok? hehe (Okayyy...I'm a bit lari topic here. Hahah. Well, actually this is just a little reminder for those guys who think effort is meaningless. Pffft =____=' )

So anyhow... My card was nothing extravagant. Yes, it is a specially made card by me, and I've taken my time to make it look presentable, but it's just a simple card, really! Because I didn't put much time in doing this because I am juggling a lot of things these days. - Trust me, I can do A LOT better! (I have done this one card, which took me 4 months to complete it...and the result was awesome!!!!!) 

This time, I only took half a day to do it. So, a simple (but reaaaalllllyy tedious job) card will do! Plus, I have another surprise/gift besides this card..and that one required a lot of my time and planning to do! That was why I decided to spend just a bit of my time doing the card (because this was just a minor surprise), so I can spend more time planning the main thing for my friend! hehe (Will blog more of that later!! ^___^ )

So anyways...what did I use in my hand made card??

I've used some candles....

....a cardboard, a scissor, a pencil, some colored papers, some double-sided tapes, glue, sticky tapes. some fancy papers; glittered papers, foam papers and some markers

You know where did I get this white cardboard from? It's inside the packaging of every bed sheet sets or quilt cover sets that I bought! So instead of throwing them away, I took them and keep 'em!

..and this is the pretty foam papers that I bought last time in MPH store

I drew some letters...and cut them out!

I stick some silver paper on that white cardboard...and then I stick the glitter foam paper at the edge of the card, making it look like a frame... 

....and then I stick the glitter letters on a different silver paper, and cut the edges of those letters, to make a silver outline of those colorful letters.. and later, stick them on a dark grey paper. And then outlined the letters again, with a black marker pen!

This is the front page...which I stick with a "25" candle, to represent the old age.. LOL ;p

and the inside of the card (with a little message in it...which you don't really have to know what I wrote.. haha ;p)

The glitter words!

The back side!

I made the envelope as well..and it was the biggest envelope I've ever made! - because this card is quite thick, so I need a bigger space for the envelope, for the card to fit..haha

Anyways, to my dear friend, I hope you had a fun-tastic birthday that day! And I hope I made your day with my surpriseS.....and also, I hope you like my little card here! haha ;p

Ok, talk to you guys soon! Take care!


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  1. i am soo totally agree with you! i love handmade cards/things too! i used to make lots of handmade cards for my fam (now i'm too busy workinggg sigh) and you hv a really nice handwriting! all hail handmades!! :)


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