Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Shazwani Hamid's Blog Turns Three!

Hello guys! So my blog turns three this year. was last March to be exact! But only now I announce it out loud and do a little party for it! - And it's already end of October! (And almost reaching to celebrate the Fourth Year, actually!) hahah! ;p So anyway, to those who are here at my party, well....thank you so much for coming! I'm really excited seeing all of you here! (yessss.....I'm updating my blog here, as in NOW at the Smokehouse cafe! hehee ;p) Anyway, where was I? Hmmm....... *thinking*
Oh! I was thanking you guys..hehe.. Well, yeah, thanks for your support, I.....

Ooouuhhhh...wait. I think I hear the MC is calling out my name now! I gotta go!! I'll update later ya! I got a party to host! Bye!!!!



  1. Happy BELATED birthday to this lovely blog :))

  2. Dear Wani,
    Thanks a lot for inviting me to your tea party. It was a warm and an intimate session although all of us took some time to break the ice (tapi bila start kena posing amik gambo sume jadi mcm dah kenal lama :-D) It was a memorable experience for me and I am glad meeting you up close and personal. Owh btw, Happy Birthday bloggie!

    Yours truly,
    Yatie aka. Phatgurl

  3. hi wani!

    thanks for the invite & for organizing a very nice tea party.
    and sorry for not bringing anything to the party for you (i feel bad) :(

    anyway, i write something about the party yesterday in my blog -->

    there are some pictures from my camera & hp too :)



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