Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Rizman Ruzaini's Raya Collection..

This is another pictorial entry..

About a month ago I got invited to view Rizman Ruzaini's fashion show for their Raya collection.. So finally, here's a post on that fashion show! Heeeeee ;p (I knowww! Dah basi! haha..But...what the heck, eyy.. There's no dateline to publish my stories, right? heheh)

Anyways, the event started at about 4 pm. I went there with my BFF, Naz. Well..that day I had a hard time choosing my outfits since I've gained weight..so I got nothing (fabulous) to wear and don't really know what to wear actually! Ughh..

Well, I've been to a few fashion shows before..but I've never really attended this kinda event. You know like, those Malaysian designers fashion show.. So..I don't really know what to wear actually.. I mean..what do people actually wear to a fashion show ehhh? Hehe. Baju kurung modern? Casual? Or whatttt?? Tak kan pakai biasa biasa je, right...and tak kan jugak pakai over the top sangat kann?

Hmm...seriously, I don't know what to wear! So..in the end, that day, I opted for this outfit! It's my first time wearing it.. and I think I looked weird.. I mean like, I look too blackie. Too much black! >_<

It was a silver/green corset which I got from corsets-uk.com, and team it up with my Warehouse black shirt and a black slacks, black shawl and a black LV Suhali bag. Oh, and my favourite Zu silver pumps!

Omg. Everything is black. I think I looked matured when wearing black, eh? (Ughhh. I'm never gonna wear black for a few weeks for now! >_<)

Anyways, the event was held at Restoran Istana Bambu..which is located at MRR2. And it started at about 4 pm actually.. but we were fashionably late as we couldn't find the location of the restaurant! Puas pusing sana sini, siap guna google map..but still, I couldn't find the place! Rupa nya, memang tepi jalan MRR2 tu jerr.. Pfft.

We arrived at 5 pm.. And thank god the event has just started when we arrived.. So we didn't really miss anything..

So we signed our names in the guestbook, and went in.. And I saw a lot of media people and celebrities..

So these are some of the Kaftans that were modeled by the girls, strutting down the stage and showing off RR's line of Raya collection..

Oh heyy..I saw Datuk Siti! She was sitting in the same row as mine.. And I just had to take her photos from far, because she was looking SO pretty! (I get excited seeing pretty people! Hee)

...and Scha al Yahya was there too! And yes, she is really really pretty! Seriously!

...and being the kepochi me, I just had to tweet what I saw! haha ;p

Rizman Ruzaini with Datuk Siti and all the models

A little speech from this famous designer

The girl whom always be there for me! Every where I go, mesti dia ada! hehe. Love you Naz!!

With Awal Ashaari. He really do smell soo nicee!! (Saya suka lelaki wangi. haha)

With Nurul.. (I love her shoes!)

With a model whom I don't know what her name is! hehe (Omg.. She's so tall!!)

With the awesome designer, Rizman

Naz, with Fazura the true beauty!

Wani with err...apa nama dia eh? Saya lupa! Ya ampun!

With Datuk Siti.. (Sorry for the bad quality of this picture)

I am not a fan of Siti Nurhaliza, but...seeing her that day..terus buat saya ter suka dia, because she really really IS beautiful! Kulit dia sangat cantik! Seriously! Make up dia pun cantik! Saya sukaaaaa!

Abang Melodi, interviewing cik Fazura

Cantik kan diaaaaa? Dah la baik and gedik yang comel.. Seriously, she's really sweet. She complimented Naz for her make up and me, for my bag. hehe. So comel of her! (Oh, she even reply my tweet the other day! How sweet! hehe)

Met my high school friend, Shaza.. She was working on that day.. (Hye awakk! *waving at youuu*)

Lepas dah makan..it's time to go homeee!

When I was in the car, on my way to The Weld (to get some things done), me and my friend practiced our 'Camera Pose'. HAHAHA. That's what most girls love to do! ;p 

This would be our usual smile..

Then I said..I do not want to see some teeth.. Senyum sikit jer.. haha

And this is the pose yang tak payah senyum langsung..

I think from now on, I wanna stop smiling for the camera lah! haha. Simply because I wanna age gracefully, and not having wrinkles too soon! Since I do camwhore a lot, kann? heh ;p 

Alright..dah sampai...

Upon arriving..I saw this huge painting! And I just had to take a photo of it! hahaha.. Wth. =P

And later we went to Starbucks downstairs..

I kinda like this picture (though it's blur)

Yeayy..I got my usual coffee dosage!

That's it! So that's how I spent my day! Hahaha.. Bosan nyaaa =P

P/s: Credits to naz for taking all the pictures! Laff ya girlfriend! Mmuah mmmmuah!



  1. naz ngan fazura sama2 gorjes..wani always! :)

  2. model yg tinggi tu..bukan fazlun ke..ke bukan..

  3. Cantik kaftan dia. Suka color dusty pink tu.

    Love Fazura too! Dia ada style and soo cantik!

    P/S: Wani kalau pose berdiri camtu mesti bengkok kaki sebelah ek? Heee :p Pandai bergaya la Wani ni.

  4. wahh cantiknya dato' siti!!

    eh fazura sgt nice kan? comel sgt.. u know what? fazura pun shoeholic macam u tau, that's why dia boleh puji ur shoes.. minat serupa.. hehe

    i love both you n naz's make up that day.. especially on the eyeliner..

    n i think u look nicer when not smiling.. comel je..cool eh?

  5. omg!dato siti mmg cantik. u pun cantik jg =)

  6. ---->With a model whom I don't know what her name is! hehe (Omg.. She'so tall!!)..her name is Fazdlun Abas and she's pregnant her 2nd child.;)

  7. wowww msti best gi fashion show.
    me big fan of ct tapi xpenah pun jumpa dia.boleh tak??she must beautiful.

    and me suka fazura too.cara die tu looks sweet.

    oh saya suka juga laki bau wangi..hehe..

    **bnyak betul suka :D

  8. suka semua gambar nie..
    artis memang cantik-cantik kan..
    tu asset diorang.. tihihii~

    btw suka dengan ur outfit that day.. looks nice on you..~ ^___^

  9. naz kalau dress up sgt comell..
    wani cam biasa la meletopss..

    i love fazura...sgt comel gedik and natural beauty..tak perlu botox hape...mmg comel..

    baju2 RR mmg lawa2 yg kaftan ni..tapi haku tak cukup tinggi nak pull off kaftan..

    kulit siti oh so glowing..

    model yg tinggi tu nama fazlun..dulu dia ex national volleyball player...

    yg baju biru tu pelakon/pengacara nama sheera..sharifah shahirah..

  10. seriously, naz nye make up sangat santeekk! step-by-step with naz;pleassse~ =)

  11. hoh pretty pretty girls!! fazura mmg gorgy like always :)

  12. hahahhahaha...x sangke ade org puji aku dowh..thnx people..hihihi..

  13. wani dah macam artis dah akak nengok ko dekkk.. cantik n meletopsss!

  14. kancilbiru: thank u dear!

    strawberi: yup2..baru i ingat nama dia..hehe =)

    reena: i pon suka that pink kaftan! cantikkk kan!

    efa fairuz: hehehe.. thank u dear! hmm yeah, maybe next time tak payah senyum la kannn =)

    ilyannur: aww thanks!

    cik tudung merah: yup2 thats the one! thats her!

    isma: ok la..best bestt..dpt jumpa ramai org lawa2..hahaha ;p
    n yes, fazura mmg sgt sweet org nya

    atiqah adnan: geee really? thank u dear! baru ingat nak jual baju tu..hehe

    kak shay: hehe..thanks kak!

    nurul+hafiz: kan kannnn! ha nnt i amik video dia..suro dia buat tutorial plak..hehe ;p

    afra yuri: yuppy yupp!

    naz: x sangka?? hahahaha..klaka la kau punya statement sygkuu..hehe..yup, mmg kau cantik pon..aku suka mekap kauuu! =)

    anonymous: heeeeeee.. malu nye sayaa kak! ;p

  15. Dato Siti n Fazura sgt cantik!

    nway bagusss u have pics wearing the corset. nak curik gamba coz i wanna sell mine since i don't know when i'm gonna wear it ;p

  16. cantik nyer fazura...i likeee...
    ur fren naz sangat cun yer...more mature...

  17. Ur friend Naz is so preety.dh mcm artis2 jgk.. u pun comel.. :)

  18. what???fazura is cute and gedixx????
    wait till u be her cuzin..then u will know how MEAN and B*TCH she is!

  19. i like fazura!

    wah all models pakai head dress ala siti :D

    so did u get any of the kaftans?
    wats d price like?
    sure mahal kan with siti as model..


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