Monday, November 14, 2011

Of Bertukang, Berjahit and..a little Menyusun kind of Activities! hehe

I had a bit of hectic week, last week and especially this week, as I'm trying to get everything done as soon as possible. (Sorry if some you did't get my reply yet. I will email you some time later today! - I'm on a little 'break' during the weekends! hehe... So will reply later kay, inshaallah!)

So is what I did last week!

And lastly, I did a little menyusun work! hehe. For now, I'm only done with two parts.. My jewelry armoire, and my beauty space! ^_^

Remember last few months, I did a post on my beauty area....? Well, now that I have these little white compartments.. my beauty counter now looks a bit different! (Still messy, though! haha - Cuz I got a lot of stuff! I don't know how to make it look more neat/organized than that! haha!) Anyways... now that I have these white compartments,, it'd be easier for me to categorize my items and know which is which...and what, where, etc! hehe

Hmm..... Well, I would love to own a dressing table (you know the one with big, lovely mirror and a spacious space to put all your beauty stuff..and not to forget a matching stool too, to complement the table. But sadly, I don't have one. At least not yet! hehe ;p

But oh well, I had this room when I was just turning 15 year old.. And what did I know about make up that time? I didn't know that a  girl  lady needs a lot of space just for her beauty stuff! And I didn't know I would be needing a lot of serums, a lot of brushes, and a lot of colors these days! If I knew just how much space I needed,  just for my beauty stuff nowadays, I'd definitely ask for a tiny bed 10 years ago, so I have a lot of space in the room..NOW! hahaha ;p

So anyway... I told Adeline, the interior designer of the house that time, that I don't need a dressing table because I would just store ALL (which that time, only include: a toner, a moisturizer and a baby powder! ;p) my beauty stuff  in the cupboard that she designed which has some stacks and little compartments.. So thattttt 15 year old nerdy girl asked for a spacious STUDYING TABLE instead! And I didn't even study there! I studied downstairs! Not in my room... Pffffft.

So you know la..the table/cabinet that she designed that time was meant to put computer or stacks of books, some stationaries area, etc etc - well you know la, all studying related kind of things! And she placed the studying area at the window side of the room, since my mom didn't want me to study facing the wall..


So now that I'm a bit ermmm.... well... grown up.. (Oh, I hate the sound! ;p), I kinda realized...that I do NEED a beauty space! And I don't mean storing them in the cupboard! That's not what I call "space".. That's a "store"! ;p

So yeah, after I graduated last year, bit by bit I changed the way my room looks like... So now I have a little space for all of my things that I love so much... No more trashing my stuff not according to type! hehe ;p - Now I have belt area, some make-up bag space, a little perfume drawer, a love dovey kind of things, letters, handbag compartments, and so on! Everything I categorized them and store them in their own little space... (haven't finish organizing every single little thing, though. I'm quite a detail I like keeping things based on the type, size/color, etc... and organized them accordingly..)

Anyways... despite arranging them according to type or what not, I still feel that the items in my room are not that organized.. Because they are all not in the same area... I mean like, some of them, had to share "the area" with some of my baju! heh.. ;p Like my perfume is situated some where near my clothes! (I think perfume should be stored somewhere near your dressing table...? ) Oh...It'd be so cool if I have my own little closet where I store all my accessories on one side, and then beauty area is in the other part of the room, and then this and that stuff is in this one particular area...etc! So organized and soooo cool!!! Right??! nyeeeee. That is what every girl's dream of having kannn?

So anyways... (LOL. Cerita I tiba-tiba meleret panjang pulakkk. haha ;p), since I don't have a dressing table, I changed my studying table into a beauty counter, and placed all the pretty things that I need on it! ^_^

Like so...

Okay...maybe you girls can't see what's on it... So let's break it down one by one, since I always get a request to show what's on my dressing table.. So here it is! ;)

At the left side of the table/compartment, I put the Stila cans that I bought last time..and store all my brushes, some mascaras, eyeliners, etc, and all things that's in a tube/pencil..

Then, at the back of it, there's all my color palettes, blushers, powders, and lippies product..

Next.... Beside my make up tools/brushes area, I put my skincare stuff in this one little compartment.. So everything is in here.. My toner, serum, moisturizer, day/night creams, eye creams, pimple gels...etc!

Then, at the side of the skincare area, I put this little make up thingy... Here is where I store all my BB creams, tinted moisturizers, make-up bases, foundations, concealers, skin highlighters/illuminators, bronzer, and a little eye palettes as well..

And next to it, I put aside some deodorants, facial sprays, baby powder, etc

Then, on this part, I put all my Q tips, facial cottons, facial tissues, facial wipes, cotton buds, nail polish removers, make-up sponges, etc..

....and on top of it, I put a board where I stick all the things I like! And I also put some Godiva chocs, and some marshmallows and candies at the corner of the board, just in case I feel like eating sweet things..hehe

And at the bottom part of the rack, I put an extra vanity make-up mirror for easier application of my make up (it magnifies 5X than the true image, which makes so easy to apply the eye make up! ^_^), and then I also put that little drawers which I got from Robinsson, and place all my facial & eye mask sheets, some nail polishes, hand creams, those miniature skincare samples that I got from beauty counters, and all the little things I need...

And in front of it, I put some miscellaneous items like contact lenses, hair clips, hair bands, pins, nail stuff, and a little trash can - Yes, that cute Stila can, is my little dust bin! hehe.. (I only throw tissues and cottons inside it! ;p)

Then I have this area... which I put mostly hair and body products..

These are the pretty bottles of perfumes that I have...which make such a cute and girly table display! ^_^

...and these are all my pink products! Most of it are hair products, from Toni & Guy, Kao Liese, Clairol, The Body Shop, Schwarzkopf, etc! And also, I have here..some body products from Fcuk, Victoria Secret, Lancome, Ralph Lauren, CK, Anna Sui..etc which most of them I got it for free, all from those perfume sets! ^_^

Then over here, are the body products.. (and a bit of hair products too..). Here I have body oil, body lotions, body sprays, skin balm, body milk, body butter, massage oil, etc! Most of my body products are from Vaseline, L'Occitane and The Body Shop. I trust these brands very much! ^_^

Then over here, is where I store all my hair and nail tools. Yes, I have different kinds of hair brushes. I have the flat ones, the wooden type, the bristles type, etc! But...there is only ONE hair brush that I bought among these brushes that I got! haha. It is the black and red Betty Boop pretty hair brush! - Got it at Universal Studio. So cuteee! The rest...are all presents..which most of it is from The Body Shop..and others are from Vidal Sassoon, 101 Hair Care, Acca Kappa, etc... 
(To be honest, I couldn't really differentiate between a cheap and a fancy/overpriced hair brush! They're all look/feel the same to me! haha. But thank you for giving me as gifts! ;p)

Oh ya...I almost forgot... The pink big box at the back there, is where I store all my falsies! I love collecting fake eye lashes for special events or whatever... So I keep them in there! 

Then, at the corner side of the table, is where I put all my head pieces and flower corsages...

Okayy...let's move on to another things that I assembled (with the help from my brother and Azhar - thank you very much guys! ^_^)  last weekend, which is a little area of the things that I need! Like........

A little space for my electrical items - facial sauna/steamer, hair dryer, and electric kettle, thermos, etc. 

Here is a little serious area. heh. 
It is where I stored all my essential items! Won't tell you what's in the box though..hehe.. 

But in the drawer, is where I put my medicines and supplements.. and a bit of tea bags..

Then over here is where I put my bling blings! ^_^

And here is where I stored all my pretty bangles ;)

And lastly...

This is my bedside table. I have books/novels... and some stuff to help me sleep.. Like a pillow spray/mist and an aromatherapy thingy..and also an earplug..

That's it! That is all that I did during the weekend! A lot of menyusun kind of activity, eh? hahaha... ;p
Ahh..what can I say, I just loveeee organizing my stuff! Like how I said in my previous post! Every now and then (when I have super extra time, that is), I would definitely tidy up my room... But only problem is, I always don't have time, and I have a lot of stuff as well - which actually, is quite a bit of a love-and-hate relationship kind of thing. haha. I mean I do love having a lot of stuff...but I also hate to kemas so many things and to think where to put this and that when's there's not much space left! >_<

Organizing things and keeping things nice and neat is fun, but well....when you have a lot of stuff, you gotta need extra, extra energy to clean the mess you made, (which looked like the room has just been hit by a tornado or something! haha..)  So doing it alone sure does require a lot of time and energy - I refused to ask my maid to clean my room for me. I like to do it alone. If my maid knocks my door, and wanted to help me out...I would definitely halau her out and ask her not to help me at all... hahaha ;p Reason being cuz....well.. I'm a big girl now, kan..? So I can do stuff on my own. Plus,  I don't really like people go through my stuff (not in a 'poyo' kind of way, but in a 'malu' kind of way! haha. Cuz I know I got such ridiculous things...and I don't like people to touch my stuff then straight away think that I'm crazy! hahahaha ;p
So unless you share the same interest as mine, then I would allow you to see, touch and go through all my stuff... and maybe take some, if you like! Really! hehe ;)

Oh well, actually I still haven't finish cleaning/tidying up my room! Now I'm doing my closet area! I just bought some rods to hang my clothes.. Hopefully it'll turn out nice! Bye! ;)



  1. banyaknya barang mekap...series banyak!!!!!

  2. besttt giler..!! tersusun rapi.. pergghhh!!

  3. banyak nya set kecantikan awak.. dh boleh buka kedai ni.. but i love n like it

  4. oh my goodness.. banyaknya your collection.. u pakai semua tu ke?

    anyway, i love your bedside table for books/novels. :)

  5. Why don't you check out Daiso for cheap organizing compartments? They're only RM5 each.

    Definitely can help you organize and declutter better :)

  6. nice collection!!!!!!


    thx for sharing wani!

  7. u n ur things, pengsan mak tau. super banyak...but love it

  8. wani,

    nak tanya..kat mana u beli tmpt letak bangle tu? Thanks


  9. Hi there

    Thats a lot of products

    I remember u blogged abt your acne before, so was wondering is that prob gone?

    reason being im having an acne break (im 25), and it leaves marks and right now m really sad abt it.

    so was wondering if u could share on the products that really helped u to curb acne.. u know the cleanser, the pimple gel and perhaps something to lighthen the mark?

    i thought of buying pure vit e for the marks tapi i takut oil will clog pores.. im really blur abt all these things.. thanks a lot if u could help with tips itd be great

  10. Asslkum Wani,

    I like this blog post of yours! Rajinnye dpt kemas, susun, this and that and more. wow..hehe. I'm trying to loook at the polaroid photos of yours, mana you dapat beli the cupboard drawers for your jewellery armoire. And did you stack them up on top of each other?
    Oh, and by the way a request,, actually i'm trying to figure out,kinda looks like u room space not so big kan but you manage to "fit" your many things. (erm my room is a mess) Boleh tk you do your room tour, you know mcm 360 deg angle video :)


  11. OH MY GOD. I seriously have to show my husband this. He complains about how much stuff i have, but seriously, it is only 1/20 of what you have!!! yaaaaaay!! im so glad i found this blog. tq


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