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Driving Experience of the New Toyota Corolla Altis!

I was invited to attend the Toyota Corolla Altis event on the Saturday, 29th October, last time. Actually, I was a bit blur on what kind of event/activity I'll be experiencing. Little did I know, the event was more like the Amazing Race than the usual event that I have been invited to before! And mannnnnn, it was awesome!!!!

I have never join any race like this before in my entire life, (and when I watch the telly, and seeing people entering this kind of contest, it gets me excited!) I've always wanted to join, and now that I've joined, it was so fun, I tell you! Running against time, racing against the other team, and cracking your head up thinking about the clues, answers and what not! What an experience!

So anyway, here is my story on the experience of driving the Toyota Corolla Altis! Read on! ^_^

It was held at the Toyota showroom in Section 19 in PJ.

At 10 am, they started giving the briefing about the car and the contest, etc...

That's my team. The Black team!

So they gave me this bag, inside there's a pen, a Toyota Corolla Altis brochure, a black Corolla Altis t-shirt, and umm...what else... can't remember if there's anything else..

Here's what I wore on that day.. A little white and turqoise. Do you like my little roses?? Order from me now! heheheh ^_^

So I changed to the black t-shirt they gave me...

.....and take a picture with my team!

I'm with Zaid and Sai Mat Kong

And this is the Red team! It's ShaolinTiger and the Kampung Boy, City Girl

Before the race started, they gave us an envelope with a Touch 'n Go card, some money, etc...

And then...the First Task begin!

He explained on what we should do...

The Black Team's car was the silver Corolla Altis, and the white one is for the Red Team..

We need to put as many boxes as we can in the trunk.. Each box has a number on it, ranking from number 1 to 5. Which the number 5, being on the biggest boxes and has the highest points. 

So when he said, "1, 2, 3 Go!" we immediately ran to the car and grab the big boxes first...and arranged them accordingly within the given time period - 3 minutes, if I'm not mistaken.

And we managed to finish uploading the boxes less than 2 minutes! 

My task was to search for the boxes and give it to Zaid, by the way. I grabbed the biggest boxes first, then the little ones were the last one to pick.. And Zaid and Saimat then arranged them accordingly..

.....and making sure that they can still close it without breaking the boxes, as damaged boxes will be rejected!

So...after we have finished the first task, we hopped on to our car, the silver Corolla Altis, and listened to the CD given in the car for the next tasks...

Oh hey, what a coincidence! Our plate number was BLK which stands for Black Team! hehehe ;)

So...let's begin our journey!!

These are all provided by them for each tasks... 

...and this too! It's a sandwich for breakfast! Thank youuu Toyota and err...Simply Sandwiches! It's really yummy! 

While the boys sat in front and thinking about the places for the tasks...I sat comfortably at the back of this Corolla Altis, munching on my yummy sandwich! ;)

So anyway, we hit the Play button and here's what the lady in the CD player said;
"Hello there bloggers! Hope you enjoyed your breakfast, and congratulations with the completion of your first task. Bet you didn’t know just how much one can pack in the trunk of a Corolla Altis, ha? Let's proceed with Task 2. The next stop is located at Wisma Manulife. If you're not sure where that is, you can use the DVD Navigation System and search for Wisma Manulife, from the points of interest list. But remember for safety reasons, the car must be stopped before you can use the navigation system. Once there, you'll need to find a place inside, where one can cycle for hours and yet go nowhere, and attend classes that have nothing to do with reading or writing. To complete this task, take a photo of a fellow team mate at the location once you are there. Remember, points will be awarded for successful completion of the tasks. Please be back at the Section 19 Showroom by 3.20 pm. Have a safe journey ahead!"

We're heading there!

This is the answer! It's Fitness First!!! ^_^

Okay..task two completed! Next task....

"We’re now on to our Third Task. We hope you enjoying your drive in the Corolla Altis. To find the next location, here’s a clue. If David Beckham's wife had a restaurant she could probably name it this. It’s a place famous for their steaks, but they also serve up seafood and salads. Here's a hint: It's also located at Damansara Heights. So you need not go far from where you are. Just like your previous task, take a photo of your fellow team mate at the location when you get there.

It's Victoria Station, of course!

"On to the Fourth Task, bloggers. We’re at the halfway mark. You're probably getting a little hungry now. No worries, the next stop will help satiate that hunger. Our next location is a park in a village of Damansara Utama. You may order what you wish, but you must come as close to your RM 50 budget as possible without breaking it. You must keep the receipt. Enjoy your meal, but remember the clock is ticking!"
Can you guess where is it?

Of course it's the Village Park Restaurant in Uptown!! They have the awesomest Nasi Lemak everrrr!

Zaid ordering meals for us..and in the mean time, we kept on tweeting and tweeting, asking our followers to help us ReTweet our tweets to get more points! hehe

Anyways....we did not hear the intructions carefully..and bought the cheapest food available there. We lost points to the Red team because of that.. It's supposed to be: "You may order what you wish, but you must come as close to your RM 50 budget as possible without breaking it." Pfft. If I've heard it carefully, I would have ordered the yummy ayam goreng instead of ikan! hehe ;p

So..the next task is....
"Hey bloggers, we bet you're feeling satisfied after your lunch, and you could just take a nap in the comfortable cabin of the Corolla Altis. But your journey is not over as we’re moving on to Task 5. Listen up! The next task will be a refreshing one. It's located in a mall alongside the Sprint highway that has a name that reflects our tropical weather. In that mall, you need to find a spot that offers great smoothies to perk you up. Here’s another clue. The name of the next stop is derived from the word bubble. Once u find the place, buy something from them for each of your teammates. Remember to keep the receipt."
Of course it's the Tropicana Mall! I've only been here I didn't know much about the stalls here in Tropicana Mall.. We almost wanted to buy the bubble tea from Each-A-Cup cafe as that is the only cafe there that sells bubble tea! Luckily, just before we ordered, Saimat who were waiting in the car called me up and said that it was this stall.....

It's BobaliciousSmoothies!

Yeah.. like she said, "derived from the word 'bubble'!" Haha..silly us! ;p

So these are the yummy smoothies!

"We’re on to our final destination. Bloggers, isn’t that a delicious treat? You can make use of the Corolla Altis’s nifty cup holder to store your purchases for now. We’re now entering the final stretch of our journey. Your next location is what most people called the city of digital lights. If you’re not sure where that is, let the DVD navigation system guide you. Get your pen and paper ready. The coordinates to key in are: N 0303.933 E 10129.011 
When you're there, search for an attraction that relates to the intials of the in car entertainment system, which is I C E. Take a photo of your fellow team mate at the entrance of the attraction, and head back to the showroom at Section 19, where this all began. Remember to complete your bonus question located in the envelope. All the best n drive safely!"

We're here! It's the i-City!

This is the entrance!

Heading back to our car and back to the showroom!

The bonus question! The answer is Dual VVT-i!

Arrived back at the Toyota Showroom.. Saimat showing all the pictures for answers!

And about 15 minutes after that, the Red Team arrived!

Announcing the winner....

The Black Team won!!! Thanks to your ReTweets!!!! Thank youuuu! ^_^

Group photo..

After that, I had a test drive with the I didn't try it earlier...

Bloggers at work..hehehe ;p

It's awesome!!

Overall, it was a realllly fun experience and driving this Corolla Altis is just so amazing! I love the dark interior, and the DVD-Audio Video Navigation system and also the Reverse Camera too! It made parking so easy!!!! And especially useful for a girl like me who doesn't really know how to estimate! hehe

Thanks Toyota for this awesome experience!!! Love it! ;)



  1. Yup, it was indeed an awesome experience! hehe =)

  2. nasib baik menang kan... rasa worth it sungguh segala penat lelah tu semua


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