Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Avene Beauty Workshop

I have been invited by OnlyBeauty (a beauty website that focuses on sampling activities and reviews from consumers), to attend a beauty seminar from Avene, Watsons on last two weeks, which was on Saturday the 22nd October. It was held at Fullhouse, KL.

To be honest, that was my very first time to ever try Avene products other than their Thermal Spring Water Spray. (Yes, that is the only thing from their brand that I ever tried before! Heeee) So it's really nice to be in the seminar and listen to all the histories, the products, about our skin etc.. and also to get involved and hands-on with the products!

The activities for the day..

The participants were taught about how Avene products could help relieve, soothe, repair and protect people with sensitive skin..and the workshop also taught us how to achieve a radiant complexion from Avene experts. Mr. Damien Tavernier, the Avene Asia Pacific Trainer of Pierre Fabre Dermo-Cosmetique.

So this is Avene's Trainer Mr. Damien Tavernier

He gave us a bit of presentation and share his knowledge about the different types of sensitive skin, and how to repair/soothe and protect it...

Some of the slides...

All Avene products are dedicated to sensitive skin. However for those suffering intolerant to allergic skin  levels will have to use extremely gentle products (e.g cleanser, skin recovery cream) to protect their skin. What sets Avene apart from other sensitive skincare products is the use of Avene's Thermal Spring Water, a source of calm for sensitive skin thanks to its properties:
  • soothing
  • anti irritant
  • anti inflammatory

Me, half listening to it. haha ;p

So this is my space...

They gave us some Avene products, a hair clip, a bib, a mirror, some facial cottons and tissue, etc.

Yeayyy...I get to try theseeee! *excited*

Do you like my flower? Santarina can make one for you! hehehe ;)

So this was the first product that I tried! And I loved it to bits! It's a very gentle cleanser...which soothes and calms the skin! 

I tried it on the hand first...while Mr. Damien was still giving his explanation/presentation... (I was a bit anxious and can't wait for the hands-on part. So I tried it first..haha ;p)

This was on Cindy's hand (one of the participants), of the before and after using this Extremely Gentle Cleanser. - My skin felt really soft after using this! You just have to wipe off with tissue or cotton, or spray it with their Thermal Spring Water and pat dry! And you get softer skin!! hehe

Then...after I tried that cleanser, I opened up those samples I got on the table and tried them on too...while he was still talking.. haha. - I am one impatient lady. LOL ;p

.....and camwhoring with Esther some more...haha

Next, I tried this on and sprayed this Thermal Spring Water to freshen up a bit! hehe

By the way, a little info here.... Avene Thermal Spring Water is a popular skincare mist among beauty junkies. You can use it for your daily care, either to stay cool, for razor burns, after cleansing, after shaving, diaper rash, to calm down facial redness, itching, sunburn, sensitivity, post surgery use and etc. In this workshop, I also learned a new use for this Avene Thermal Spring Water! - You could use it as a hydration/soothing mask as well! Brilliant idea! ;)

Cheryl, the Avene Senior Manager guides us on how to use skincare the right way..

Next...the fun part begin! They distributed the cleansing bowl with water and facial sponges..
Yeayy...finally, we get to try all the products from cleanser, toner, moisturizer, etc to mask! ^_^

Everyone was excited to try everything..

.....I got mine. Now let's begin!

Wear the bib! ^_^

This is one of the cleanser..

Everyone else was trying the different products on the table..

And the last part, was the mask...

A paper face mask was given, and Cheryl said, we just need to spray generously on it, and soak the mask with the Thermal Spring Water, to create a hydration/soothing mask! And then after it is all wet, you just need to put it on your face and relax for a good 20 minutes... Easy, no?? ;)

If it's not wet enough, just spray the mask some more..

They also asked us to wet the facial cotton and put it over the eye area...but I refused to do so because I have applied quite a bit of mascara as you can tell..hehe.. Just so I don't want to get a raccoon eye after that event, cuz I got a date afterwards! teehee ;p

Tammy is relaxing...

...and everyone else too!

We all had fun!

After the beauty workshop finished, we had a makan session

Started with the very yummy Mushroom Soup, then the main course; choice of Grilled Seafood or Grilled Chicken (I chose the seafood), and then  as for dessert, they served us a Chocolate Brownie and Ice Cream. Yumssss! Everything was delicious! Seriously.. The Mushroom Soup and the Grilled Seafood especially! It was not enough for me...I want more! haha ;p

Lastly, the bloggers took group photo with Damien :)

...and a get a little doorgift as well! ^_^
(It was a goodie bag worth RM 63, with a few trial sized products with a full sized Thermal Spring Water spray along with a RM 20 voucher - Yeay!)

Well overall it was a fun and educational workshop for people who wants to learn more about Avene products and Sensitive Skin. The personalized pampering session was fun too, allowing us to test most of Avene products..and also, learn more about it. Anyway, many thanks to OnlyBeauty, which is a beauty website that focuses on sampling activities and reviews from bloggers and consumers, who jointly organized this workshop for OnlyBeauty members to enjoy! 

Register now at their website to find out more interesting and fun activities to do and to get sample skincare and beauty products in Malaysia! ;)



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  3. I've heard good things about this avene product. Going on my wish list now!


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