Tuesday, November 29, 2011

FV First Birthday Bash!

Okay...this is a little overdue (you know whyyy kan? heh). So am not gonna bebel much on this. Just some pictures to share, on this lovely event! ;)

So I went to the Fashion Valet first birthday bash event last two weeks with Azhar and my sister... It was such a lovely event with so many super gorgeous, stylo (and not to mention, KURUS) ladies! I feel so err...   fat  chubby when seeing those skinny models...and walked pass them.. hahaha ;p
Oh yeah..did I mention that this event was collaborated with Miss Universe Malaysia, too? So yeah, a lot of models there! ;)

So anyway... I didn't know what to wear at first.. I know, this would definitely gonna be a stylish event. And everyone must have dressed up for it! And ever since I ter-put on weight these days (haha. yes, TER ;p), my mood to dress up like last time has decreased a little. huhuu... So everytime there's a fashion event to attend, I'll be like..."Oh my god...what to wear...what to wear!" Hahaha... Girls! *rolling eyes* ;p

Since I was a bit caught up with things that week, so I got no time to think what fancy outfit to wear (yes, I have to think (and try a few) first...before wearing it. Because it'd be easier to search and dive in my closet, and terus pakai, rather than taking out one by one and see if it still fit me, or if it looks okay still.. hehee ;p)

So anyways...my first try was a really simple grey top, but I styled it up with my scarf, making it look like a turban. Like so....

(Sorry, bad picture quality! Taken with my iPhone)

But after trying a few tops that I had in mind earlier, I decided not to wear this kind of style as it wasn't that comfortable, and I do not want to wear something that's not comfy... plus, I was running out of time, at that moment. So no time to think of any fashionable style anymore, or I'll be fashionably late to the event! haha. ;p

So....I decided to just wear my usual normal top, and scarf... and play along with my accessories! Like this...like what you've seen before...

Okay...anyway, upon arriving...the sweet Vivy greeted me and asked me to signed the guest list, then gave me the goodie bag... Then her sister ushered me to my seat..

We got the second row seats! Yeay! ^_^ 
The Miss Universe Malaysia girls were sitting in front of us, and I could smell their hair too! LOL

So...before the event started, we had some food, chit chat a little with the faces I know...like Nona, Zuen, Michelle...and umm...who else? Hmm..forgot! hehee.. And then, take some photos like usual! ;)

Enjoy the photos!

See! Told ya so many pretty and stylish women!

Such a cute setting with balloons and err...I dunno what they call that! That little colorful strings...heheh ;p

This girl is soooooo pretty! I dunno her name though. I didn't follow Miss Universe Malaysia.. =____=

The sponsors for this event...

The sisters..

The event has started! There's the cool dudes, Ben and Phat Fabes in the house! Wooot woot! ^_^ (they are so funny...I love them!!)

Dean, giving a welcome speech..

A little video montage..

Fashion show..

My favourite among all that is this one!

Oh..and this too! Love the color! ^_^

And this cardy! Probably because I owned it too! Hahaha. ;p 

I purchased it in Singapore, last two years. And my sister told me how much this one is on FV...and I was shocked to hear it because mine was overpriced! Like sangat sangat overpriced! Huh! I bought mine at RM 600+ and FV is selling it at RM 200 je! Yeesssh. Saya emo. huh... Hmm...If I knew about thisss, I would have wait 2 years for this cardy and just purchase it at FV! Aiyayayaiiii =_='
Okay...from now on, let's buy from FV jer, okehhh? hehe

All the models...

...and err...not the models. haha ;p

So what's new on FV website?

It was us! We're on sale! hahaha ;p

Anyway...later on, there were a dress up game that night.. 

They have to dress up like what they saw on the models just now...

...and had to flaunt what they wear and walk like a model! haha.. This guy was the funniest! He catwalked like a true girl! LOL ;p

Thanks Vivy, for inviting us! ;)
It was indeed a nice and well planned event! 

Fadza and Vivy. The Fashion Valet founders. ;)
Congratulations to both of you! You guys rock!



  1. hi wanie... roses tu brooch rite? mind to share kat mana u beli? hehe...

  2. Viv"s cute n pretty like always tp dia looked safe sgt la i want to ser her in more colour n outrageous look.be a lil playful...

  3. hye wanie, ur face looks familiar lah... are we studied at the same university??? (^__^).. i've followed ur blog...really nice...keep it up gurl..

  4. hi wanied, love ur looks n ur style. its so gorjes, its inpired me to dressup like this at dnner or any events, hope u dont mind if i wear look a like ur style for dinner, i really adore it. :D


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