Friday, November 4, 2011

Girls, do you like flowers like I do? :)

Ever since I wear the flower corsage on my shoulder, a lot of people has been asking me where I bought it! Oh's a hand made piece actually, and now... I'm selling it! Yes, it is 100% hand-made! Cantik, kan? So girly! heheh.. ^_^

If you're a girly girl like me (or maybe not), and like pretty flowers as much as I do, collect these girly rose buds and cluster it to your shoulder and make it as a fashion statement! Or just clip it on your hair, for a super girly look! ;)

This is a flower corsage which is made from a sateen silk material. It can be used for a hair clip or a brooch. The size varies with each one of them, because every piece is hand-made. (approximately each rose bud's diameter is about 10 to 12 cm). The price for each flower corsage is RM 45, excluding postage.

Interested, please place your order according to your color preference:

Click to enlarge!

From left to right:
  1. Burgundy Red, Ruby Red, Violet Red
  2. Coral Red, Magenta Pink, Crimson Red
  3. Blossom Pink, Peach Salmon, Coral Orange
  4. Platinum Grey, Ivory White, Gold Mustard
  5. Taupe Brown, Olive Green, Dark Green
  6. Aqua Blue, Emerald Green, Forest Green
  7. Teal Blue, Cerulean Blue, Royal Purple

Sorry, the lighting is a bit off here, I wonder why some of the color appeared so dark here, like the purple color, the brown, etc.. My camera is old already I guess...tskk =( 

Well... fret not, all of the colors are really really nice actually! I mean of course, your attire plays a big role to match them up as well! But really, if you're not sure, try to google the name of the color I stated above. And click 'Image'. You'll see a sample of the colors that Mister Google showed you! So there you got it! hehe..

Oh ya, another thing that I want to add before I log off, these are all hand-made pieces, so it is made based on orders. So do expect a bit umm...delays. Teehee. But I will surely inform you once it's ready! Just give me some time to wrap it nicely for you, ya! ^_~
So email me now to pre-order it at

Thanks for viewing, and have a blooming day! ^_^

P/s: This girly rose buds would look so pretty and nicer on a plain top/scarf than on the printed/corak2 ones. It'll stand out even more, I think.  Just my 2 cents, it's totally up to you! ;)



  1. Wahhh kak shaz buat sendiri ea?? cantikla...

    pernah jugak cuba buat, tapi

  2. wow! cantik. boleh tempah for my flower girls.

    boleh tempah lagi tak next year? sbb baru nak cari kain utk dress for the flower girls.

  3. whoaa, oh-seeemmm ! interested. cek duit dulu :P

  4. gila cantik, mcm mn buat ni tlg ajar...

  5. wany i nk beli the whole color


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