Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Cheap and Easy Foot Spa!

I've been meaning to do this post...but as usual, I've been in and out and, went here and there... I've got lotsa photos until I forgot when, which, what to blog first!  LOL. I seriously need an organizer! heee. Anyone wants to donate? Prefarably a pink one! haha... Oh well, nevermind, I'll get a new one for next year as this year is coming to an end! (Omg time flies so fasssssssst! tsk)

So anyway...just a few days ago, my friend asked me via BBM about How To Get Smooth Leg...and  last week, a reader of mine asked me via email, on which product is the best for a Foot Scrub and Lotion for Cracked Heels. And then a month ago, I remembered reading a message in my FB inbox, from a girl who wants to have clear smooth hair-free legs!

Hehe...I find her message is very cute and funny. I totally understand her feelings! - I mean like nak lawa depan suami! hehe.. Sorry babe, I did not reply your message earlier.. But here I am, writing a looong post just for Kaki for your reference or info or whatever! hehe

Well...ever since I was in highschool and uni, my friends would always refer to me and ask me about beauty stuff as if I'm an expert in this field. LOL.. I wonder whyyyy people always ask me with such questions. huhuhu..

But really, honestly...I am not a professional or an expert at all.. nor am I in a position that I can say or suggest such and such products are great or not...or whatever. I myself pun..still ada banyak benda tak tahu... But anyways, I'm very happy to answer your questions... (I feel honoured to be asked and referred to, about all these! - It means...they must have trusted me, rrrrrriiighhht? teeheee. Ok. Poyo. Perasan. I should stop before someone slaps me. hahaha ;p)

So anyway, don't believe 100% of what I say here okayy.. Not saying that I'm lying or anything, but I mean, not all things which is okay for me, would be okay for you too, right? Cuz well...this is just based on my experience and my opinion. - Just my 2 cents to share with you girls what products I used..and hopefully it'll work on you too! ;)

So here goes...

These are the ingredients, for my Foot Spa!

Actually, last year I  already did a post on this DIY Foot Spa/Care thingy.. but this time it's a wee bit different than that one..

What you'll need:
  • A small bucket of fresh flowers. I used roses and a little bit of lilies and err...I dunno the name of that little purple and white flowers in there! haha ;p 
  • Bath salt
  • Some organic herbal foot soak, OR some teabags will do. If you don't have those organic herbal thingy, then you could just use that teabags. Preferably Green tea or Peppermint flavor or Chamomile, etc  - for soothing and calming..and to make your feet smell nice!
  • Foot Scrub or Body Scrub
  • Scruber/Pumice Stone
  • Bath Oil or Foot Wash or Body Wash
  • Foot Balm or Body Balm/Vaseline
  • Body Oil or Foot Cream
  • Pedicure stuff
  • Foot spray
  • A pair of socks

So these are the Cleansing "ingredients" for your happy feet...

And these are the Treatment stuff..

Oh! I almost forgot to mention... Another thing that you'll need is, a bucket of warm water to soak your tootsies, of course! ^_^

 Okay...first off,

Pour in some bath salt into the warm water..after you have cleansed your feet with those body bath..

...and put your feet in there! And relax for 5 minutes!

Next...change the water (I know, I did not. The lazey me was just too lazy to do it! heheh ;p), and put in some of the herbal thingy into your bucket..

...and because I am so stingy and I don't want to use that Organic Herbal Foot Soak thingy that much (it's quite expensive. A girl, gotta save up, okayy! haha) I add in some teabags as well.. (It should be either one. But I just hentam letak semua! LOL ;p)

So...relax for a bit. About 10 to 15 minutes. Let your feet swimming happily in there! haha

Next, I applied this! The most fantastic body scrub everrrr! It's all made of natural ingredients! Like..Candle Nut, Ginger, Turmeric, Green Coconut Extract, Coriander Seed and Saffron. I lovedddd the smell! It smells like something that are made from all the spices from behind my house, and mix it all in with that batu tumbuk in my kitchen! haha. - It smells so natural..I like! The texture of this body scrub too, is different from the conventional, modern body scrub ones. It's not something like "salty" or..some may say "sugary" or anything like that, like those little microbeads or something. Nope. This is like the creamy type, with bits and chunks of err..ginger I think? Not so sure..huhu... But it's like a paste or something.. So creamy, like you just made it. And best of all, it's still fresh each time I open this jar! (just..make sure the hand is it won't mix with water and...probably not gonna rosak or something..) 
So anyway, this body scrub when applied to the skin, left the body feeling so fresh..with that ginger smell. (It's a bit warm by the way.. - that is to actually quicken the dirt removal process and helps skin to gain its natural moisture) But after using this, my skin always felt so soft and moist! And it's good to lift dirt and impurities on skin too, according to my therapist when I was in their spa centre! hehe.  I bought this from Jakarta from my last trip, at a place called Taman Sari Royal Heritage Spa by Martha Tilaar - a very famous place for a spa! Oh I love this place to bits! And also this body scrub or any of their products! Dah la murah sangat..for a scrub that bigggg! (1 kg) It's less than RM 100 je! (Forgot how much though)

So....enough talking and explaning so loooong. haha ;p Next...I applied the scrub that I just mentioned above....

....and scrub it with my glove to smooth out the skin even more! hehe

Then, I put some flowers in the bucket for my kaki to mandi bunga! haha

..cover everything until you can't see the water....

Yeay its full! All covered already....time to soak in the feet!

What a nice feeling! With the warm water and the smell of those roses! Ahhhh....awesome!

Next...after a good 20 minutes, enjoying my foot flower bath, I pat dry the feet.. So after the cleansing/spa thingy has finished... Let's move on to the treatment part! First, you'll need your pedicure tools!

Like so! Nail buffer, nail file, cuticle remover, cuticle stick, nail clipper, toe separators, nail polishes (if you like),  cuticle clipper, etc!

Oh ya! I almost forgot to mention about this earlier! You should do this earlier actually...before you soak your feet... (But it's no harm to do this as for the last part, actually... hehe) Anyway, it's the hair removal stuff!

You need to have theseeeee! It's a girl's second bestfriend! You need to have this to avoid looking like a man! haha.. It's either the wax stuff (not in the picture, forgot to include) or the cream bleach like this brand Andrea, or the easy peasy hair removal cream from Veet! These are the options you could use if you're not up to something like laser or anything like that.. They're cheap and available in any pharmacies.. But, bare in mind ladies, it does not last long! Hair seems to grow faster as compared to waxing or depilatories or electrolysis or things like that! - Duh...of course laaa kan? hehe. Sekali sekala guna the cream or shaving, ok la kan...but not all the time! Cuz you'll grow hair like a man in seconds! haha

...and lastly, of course, the feet and leg "treatment" stuff!

So...let us begin! :)

...starting with all the basic pedicure stuff, to clean the toenails and shape it, etc... You can view here (at the bottom part), to know more about it. I've blog a bit on that part before..

 And then I applied the skin balm (like the Vaseline) onto my heels, to repair those cracked ones...and next I use the L'Occitane Almond Oil onto the legs, to improve the firmness and elasticity of the skin. 

Well actually, you don't need to apply so much products on the skin. Enough with those two, actually. But this gedix girl..loved this OPI Feet lotion so much (the texture and the smell is just so great), so she still wants to apply some...hehe

...and then, sealed the moisture with your socks! 
And off to bed! I guarantee you, the next morning, your feet would be sooooo soft, you can't stop touching it!! hehe  ^_^

That's it from me! I hope you girls learn something...hehe. Now who wants a Pedicure Spa treatment from me?? I charge RM 100 per session! hahaha ;p

P/s: Sorry for the bad lighting. My room was a mixture of yellow and white lights. And I guess my camera got confused a bit... and thus, produced such uneven color. LOLs ;p



  1. wah! xpernah saya buat macam ni..awesome!!

  2. wani,terharunya!!!tq sooo much since u dah bgtau everyhing in details,i think im gonna play foot spa with my hubby.ngeeeee.
    u r soo awesome,one of a kind person.i wish u have a great and wonderful life :)

  3. hi..i pon silent reader jugak.rasanya ni first time komen.i love this..and i rasa nak try jugak la.buat ni sminggu sekali ke?

  4. For Pedicure Treatment we have special massage for you foot. it really can reduce stress.

  5. but wani if im not mistaken,
    u pnah told us dulu u dah pergi bwt hair removal utk ur leg kan?

  6. Banyaknya barangggggggg2 yg diperlukan! LOL.

  7. alahai wani...i wish i get plenty time to do that...nampak best sangat ;)

  8. ninaaz: tu la..buat la..sekali

    cik moleq: ;) ure welcome..hehe

    fifitiez: up to darl. kalau rajin, hari2 buat pon ok! hehehe ;p

    qaseh: sgt best kalau dpt org urutkan..

    anonymous: err..yeahh...?? mmg la i did blog about it pun... but this entry, im explaning about foot/leg care.

    reena: ;p

    ida zaini: pegi buat kat salon je! senang..tak payah all the hassle..hahaha ;p

  9. i'm really love it to bits!!!gonna do it after this...hehe..thanks for sharing info with your readers wani... :)

  10. bestnyaaa rendam ngan air suam..most of the barang beli kat mana yeh?

  11. wani....u patut bukak spa..facial sndiri pandai..foot spa, pedicure, manicure..sume bleh...benti keje..bukak spa..yeaah

  12. hi Wani, nice entry. since it is quite expensive to do pedicure manicure here hehe, nak buat sendiri lah nanti.
    salam dari Dublin.

  13. I wanted to thank you for this special read. Your site is greatly appreciated.

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