Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Just For Memories Sake..

Hey guys..

I know it has been about 2 months since my convocation day. But I just received all of my photos from Mr. Awang Buncit and my studio photos from the photo shop near my house...

Hence, now only I get to upload them here.  - Just for memories sake.. (just in case the CD went missing or in case my laptop dies on me again! So here's a back up for me! hehe)

Enjoy the photos..

Seriously, it was so hard to take all of these photos, when you have babies and toddlers in the studio! Penat gila!! hehee

With Dean List students

..with our lovely mommies

...and daddies

My fellow friends in campus 

the-usual-shot-for-graduation-day-photo. LOL ;p

Panas, penat, panassssss!!

My babes: Naz, Mira, Difla, Hana, Alia

I like my Kurung Moden from Jedan =) 
(But I hate my tudung! - we had to wear cream coloured scarf! Ughh)

I like this photo.. =)

My best friend. Love you girl! =)

One thing I learned from this is, it's really really tiring having a photo shoot!!! Penat senyum, penat posing! hehee ;p



  1. the one thing I've been eyeing on is your handbag..huhu..Is it from Mulberry?

  2. the one thing I've been eyeing on is your handbag..huhu..Is it from Mulberry?

  3. wow the photos such sooo lovely la...
    how much ey wanie???
    btw...why u xpakai TR scarf yg plain in cream???
    eh i penah pegi jugak tgk baju from Jedan a few weeks ago but i'm kindda disappointed coz workmanship dia xde la soo lawa..i igtkan die punye beads and jahitan sume 2 kemas la kan..
    tp i'm totally wrong...
    kindda not suite with my taste coz i think my tailor punye workmanship and her design of beadings wayyy lovely and cantik....
    sory wanie...no offense to you coz u wears Jedan punye outfit..no kind hearted feeling dear shazwani=)

  4. wow! you are right! the grad robe is so hideous !

  5. I'm so jealous! I feel so far away from the big day :(

    I loove the photo on the grass :D I'm definitely taking one of that when my day rolls in. And the shoes-off, body-in-air picture ;)

    And your shoes are gorgeous! Argh. I so want it!

  6. is that a real birkin?

  7. nice photos wani!

  8. Congratulations Wani... Like the jumping shot most.. btw met you at Sunway Pyramid (Dorothy Perkins) a month ago... but too shy to say hi to you... you look gorgeous dear

  9. OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG!!!!! That is the kurung I tried on for my "supposedly" baju raya! I really wanted that pieces! But it's only have one piece n one size..aite? n sadly, it didnt fitted me..and the price is expensive too..can't afford la dear.. huuuuuuuu.. I bought other piece instead.. a kaftan one. it was on sale! hahaha.. d:
    anyway, u look great dear!

  10. that is obviously aint mulberry nor birkin. its a kelly.


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