Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Soothingly Sothys

I can't remember the last time I went for a facial. It has been quite a while I think... (I haven't been really taking care of myself like I used to... I used to go for a facial treatment at least once a month. But now...I think, adalah dalam 4-5 bulan sekali! LOL. Not good, not good!! It's no surprise why these days my skin is becoming more oilier and more pimples coming out every now and then. Sigh)

But the other day, when someone asked me out on a date.. heh. I got so excited that I decided to polish myself from top to toe! ;p And one of it was going for a facial treatment! I had lots of tiny pimples and blackheads, whiteheads, pinkheads, redheads, whatever color-heads on my skin that needs to be vanished immediately... and some potentially really huge-looking pimples were starting to show up on my skin too.. So, I gotta make sure those pimples won't pop out on the day I went out for the date! Hence I booked for an appointment at Sothys Institute , since my sister and my friend told me that their service and products are superb.. So I ought to try it and have my beauty treatment to clear out those unwanted dots and spots right away!

I chose the one that's located in Bangsar as this is the nearest to my house as compared with their other salons

First, like any other beauty salon, I gotta fill up my details and skincare regime, history of facial/skin treatment, etc.. Before they can analyze my skin and suggest their products for me..

As I sat in the lush reception area with its luxurious pink sofas, filling up my details... my La Femme Faubourg, named Abigail Ho, the beautician for that day came to me to analyze and examine my skin type to determine what she'd be working with. After she has decided which treatment/package shall I sign up for, and is suitable for me.. then, we were ready to begin the treatment!

Oh.. But first.. I had to go to the ladies...

..as nature calls! ;p
(And camwhored! LOL. Things woman do in the toilet! hahaha ;p)

Took a picture of  myself: "The Before". Hmm... See that shineeee? Ugh.

Then I went to the room.. She asked me to change and put all my stuff in the locker provided..

The facial rooms are a little smaller than the other beauty salons that I’m used to visit before.

That's where they stored all the stuffs/products..

I was given a 'tube top' and a shower cap to cover my hair..

..and a pair of slippers too!

After I've changed, the lady asked me to sit and soak my tired feet into some warm, bubble foot massage, before I was tucked into bed for the facial. Well.. this was something new for me! I mean, those other salons that I've been to before, do not have this kinda thing.. And it's so comforting and relaxing to soak my feet in there! hehe. I likee! ^_^ 

And next..the treatment began...

The treatment starts with removing off my make up, cleansing off the skin. And then exfoliation, extractions, steaming, masks, shoulder massage, etc etc.. Can't remember much.. But you know, the usual..

After a good 2 hours, it was done!

I felt really really clean!  (and pale! LOL ;p)

Instantly, my skin felt completely refreshed, revived and reenergised. I actually felt like it had room to breath now! (But the next day, I was back in putting on some make up on my face! LOL ;p)

So I was back at the front area.. Abigail gave me a cuppa tea. and some cookies. It was so nice! (I feel like asking for more! haha) And then, while I was sipping my herbal tea.. she explained to me what did she put on and why and stuff..And explained my skin condition, etc.. Then, (as usual, like any other beauty salons...haha),  she suggested to me all their products..

What and which to use.. How and when to use..

Since my facial stuff at home was about to finish.. I did purchase some..

But I did not buy all their range. I only bought all the essentials. And she gave me a free pouch with 3 samples - a trial kit and some little samples for me to try..

I've been using this Sothys products for quite some time.. And I do notice a difference on my skin.. (Last time it was worse! tskk). And I gotta say, I like the Clarifying Correcting Serum, Purifying Serum and Pore Refiner System especially. These three are the best! But so sad, after less than 5 times I used the Clarifying Correcting Serum, I accidentally spilled it in my bag! Clumsy me! Ishh.. And yes, it was left to about 10% more to use! Oh God.. It was so sad! Because this was the best correcting serum for pimple everrrrrrr.. And now it's finished in a blink of an eye! tskk T_T

Hmm..maybe later I'll buy one again for myself.. *wipe tears*

Anyways.. If you like to experience a relaxing and a luxurious facial treatment, you should try and visit Sothys one day! It's worth every penny spent! =)



  1. 2 years ago, masa kat Penang, i selalu buat facial kat Sothys. Once a month. Sebab senang, paling dekat. Kat bawah rumah je. HAha. Tapi memang ada perubahan kat muka since buat facial kat sana. Sekarang dah tak buat dah. Hmm..

  2. dear, share with me how much do ya spend for the facial treatment...i've tried new york skin solution before,but not recommended...huge different compared to what they visualised on TV...

  3. hi lovely...

    how much the treatment cost? and the product also? the treatment look tempting.. never think to go there before.


  4. Salam -

    Wani - treatment + product = how much?

  5. Wow,dgr pon da mcm best..btw,roughly brape rm eh?huhu,mcm nk try..

  6. how much does is it cost dear?

  7. Wahh Sothys @Bangsar nice jer. Kat Kota Kemuning kecik, toilet burukkk & treatment room pon tade pape yg interesting.

  8. sothys is the best! i've tried macam2 facial but in the end, i still stick to sothys!

  9. wani, how much the facial cost you?

  10. mcm best jer. mesti mahal ;(

  11. i think the one that's the best is either at OU or bangsar. i think for normal facial is around rm200.

  12. Wah besnye facial, i pon plan nak pegi facial..nak try gak la pegi sothys..

  13. sothys quite expensive but so worth it..:)

  14. hi... correcting serum how much??
    how much u have bought?

  15. hi how much u have bought the correcting serum?

  16. hi...how much u have bought the correcting serum??


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