Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Peter Pan The Musical Gala Premiere

I am not a Peter Pan I only watch the cartoon once, (I don't really remember much about the story and the storyline..) but I am definitely a Disney's lover! I love all Disney's cartoon.. So last 2 weeks, when I get the chance to go see the Peter Pan The Musical Show - the Gala Premiere, I jumped up and down happily and excitedly! ;)

Last year I went to a Disney's Princess on Ice in Bukit Jalil (thanks to Naz for sponsoring me! hehe) and.. this year, I get to go to a Peter Pan The Musical in Sunway Lagoon pulak! Yeayyy! hehe ;)

I love everything Disney. I grow up with Disney songs and movies and books all around me.. So of course I'm excited! (You should see me while I'm in a Disneyland! hehe ;p)

Anyways, I'm gonna stop babble and I’ll just show you some of the photos I took during the show..

The Gala Premiere was on 26th of November 2010. It started at about 9.15 pm.. But I had to come early to get my tickets..

I didn't know that we're 'supposed' to wear Green Tights and Pixie Dust's outfit? But..well..everyone was wearing normal clothes. I guess.. everyone didn't know about this! But what the heck is Pixie Dust's outfit ehh? hehe ;p

It was held at Amphitheater in Sunway Lagoon.. It was quite far to walk from the Sunway Lagoon's entrance, so there was this 'shuttle bus' that night that brought us to that theatre! 

...and here we are!

Photo booth

Some Peter Pan merchandise

Arrived at the entrance..

There were people selling foods and beverages, everywhere inside the theater ..

Oh look! There's Big ben! ;)

The crowds that night. it was full house, I think..

...Okay. the show is about to start!

They were dancing happily.. 

....I wish I could join them! hehe

That's Wendy and her Father!

And that's Peter Pan came to her room!

Oh...they're flying!!

Captain Hook and his err...crews? 

The end!

The show ended around 10. 30 pm.. Hmm..To be honest, this musical show was a little less that what I had expected it to be, - not sure whether it was because I did not liked Peter Pan story, and can't remember much of the storyline or because it was Disney's cartoon so I put my expectations so high or... was it because it was held at an open air area and it wasn't that fun... or was it because I was so starving that night? haha. So yeah.. I don't know what caused me to be feeling quite bored in there. Heee.

So... I would rate this musical show a 5/10, really!

Jalan jalan dekat luar that theatre lagi best! hahaha (Bad picture quality though! ;p)

By the way... this show runs until January 2nd 2011! So there's still plenty of time to watch it with you loved ones! =)

P/s: My internet was healed by itself! Yeayyyy! hehe ;)



  1. hi.. you adik anis kan?? :) thanks for sharing the info.. i am bringing my son to watch it.. alamak, boring ker?? hahaha.. then i should get the cheapest tickets then.. so kalau boring boleh keluar jer.. hahaha.. :)

  2. thanks for sharing wany!


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