Thursday, December 16, 2010

Delicious Girls :p

This is a pictorial entry. =)

It has been a few months since the last time I went out with my girls. Kinda miss them. Reminiscing the memories back when we were in hostel/university life. It's such a great journey/life.. I definitely miss it.

Anyway, last time I went out with these girls, to get together and have dinner and catch up some updates from one another..

Well I'm not gonna say much, since a picture tells a story. So let's just look at these pictures of ours, having a great time in OU..

Had our dinner at Delicious

"Hmm..what to eat?"

Everyone was listening to my update about some errr... things. Hahaha *wink* ;p

Kusyuknya mereka.. 

Dan saya pun, kusyuknya bercerita. Haha ;p

This is Diana Hakim, my primary school friend. Me met again in IIUM and that's Amira Marzuki, the girl in green scarf, she was my classmate. Well, both of them actually..

Their sup ekor is really nicee!

When we girls meet, hmm.. what else do we do??! Camwhoring of course! haha ;p (Trust me, the total photos for that night were more than 100! - And we only went out for a couple of hours! haha)

Delicious Girls. LOL ;p

Next, we went to Chocolate Lounge to have our dessert..

This is Ainaa, Alia, and Difla


Ni namanya takde kerja ;p

Mmm...This is freaking niceee!

Guess which one is my hand? heh ;p

Waffles. Yum yumm!

"Arghhh...why this thing is so hard to cut?!"

"Jap yer  nakkk.."

When Mak Temah meets Mak Kiah ;p

Haha. I do really talk so emotionally! LOL ;p

Group photo!

Naz, Alia, Diana, Mira, Ainaa, Girl and Difla

Time to say goodbye..


P/s: Let's have our makan session again, girls! =)



  1. ainaa rusdan? my senior back in high school. what a small world. :) heheh

  2. u r so pretty my dear :) love ur style!

  3. cincin terbaiiikkkk!!! ahaha. cantik kot.

  4. i hate you! i hate you! i hate! because you are soooooooo pretty! xoxo bestnya wani, u really, really can be an idol!

  5. waaah!nmpk mcm sedap je kena try ni

  6. all the pictures look lovely :)

  7. u ni cantik laaa. Pandai betul u kena kan baju2 u..despite wearing tudung.. slama ni i tgk org lain yg nak copy u ke apa..mesti tak jadi..n nampak buruk.. but u...u really know how to mix n match! bravo! thumbs up for u!

  8. wani,sorry to ask,cemana u bt entri n ada link utk ke entry yg sama eh? jimat space blog kita bt mcm tu kalau ada entry yg sgt pnjg.. dr dlu i wonder..

    tyvm if u can answer my q. :)

  9. i really really love your outfit. you looked cute in it. i always wanted to dress up like that, but couldn't find anything similar to yours. :(


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