Monday, December 27, 2010

Before and After!

Hello there!!

Yes, I'm back, I'm back!! hehe. Phewww.. What a tiring vacation I've experienced ever! Super duper exhausted!! I don't know whether it's because of my heels, or because I didn't get that much of sleep during the past 6 days, or because my bags are too heavy to carry or was it because I walked or rather shopped a lot... or because I went to a body treatment right before a few hours to fly back to KL (the masseuse kneaded and massaged my body too hard that it hurts), or whattt...


But whatever it was.. This was the most tiring vacation everrrr! Yesterday, I arrived home at 12 am, Monday. And slept around 2 am until 5 pm!!! (well, ada la..terjaga and bangun in between), and then I slept again at 6.30 pm until 10.45 pm! And continue my sleep at 3 am till 7 am! Gosh.. I practically slept all day!!!
But seriously, I felt so weak! My body was aching everywhere.. I can't even lift up my hands, my legs..etc.. On top of that, I feel like having fever now... Oh no! =(

Anyways.. Like I told you before, this trip was a shopping trip for me.. - not really sightseeing or whatever. We just came here to shop, while my dad played his golf.

And..hurm... I'd like to think that I don't shop that much like I did in Perth. hehe. Boy..that was crazy! I do not want to faint anymore! So I didn't bring any extra luggage like I used to, whenever I travel.. (to avoid from shopping too much! And to avoid from fainting! LOL)
Well.. I only bring one bag! How weird is that? Despite the fact that we're traveling with Business Class - they allow us to bring 3 bags each person, with 23 kg each bag! So that makes 69 kg for each person!
And being me, who always bring a lot of stuff wherever I go, it's really really surprising that I only bring one bag! Yes, one bag without any hand carry! And came back with one bag still!! Oh proud of myself! hahaha (Well..a paper bag isn't really a bag, right? hehe ;p)

I managed to buy  a lot of  some things, and still can fit into this awesome bag! It's so spacious! Me likey! =D
So this was the 'Before' picture of my suitcase. And yup, I did not bring any hand-carry while on board. (Very unlike me!)

I brought with me 3 handbags, 3 heels, 1 make up case, 10 outfits, and some other small little things you don't need to know... 

Quite organized ey? Even my make up case looks neat and tidy as well (at least to my eyes)...

But when I came back...... everything changes! haha


A paper bag with food and small little things inside it, and an overflowing of clothes & stuffs from that same luggage! I compressed everything to fit in there! haha. 
(My hand carry were the paper bag and my make up case only. And that's it! - That's very unusual of me! Normally I'd bring one small luggage for my hand carry)

And here's what happened to the make up case...

So messy! Campak-campak barang jer, when you're late to pack your stuff! Heee

I'm quite amazed on how it can fit all the stuff in there! I brought with me 3 shoes, 3 perfumes, 4 bags (including the make up case), and etc etc when I came to Indonesia..and I brought back home with additional of 4 pairs of shoes, 10 bottles of perfumes (Yes, you read it right. It's 10! Souvenirs for friends and mostly for myself. hehehee ;p), 2 bags, and err...a few clothes. Haha. ;p 
I knowww..I'm one crazy woman who loves shoes and fragrances! But oh well..what can I say.. when nothing seemed to interest you to purchase things (or should I say, when nothing really fit you), it's better to buy those things that doesn't need a size! hehe.. 

I shopped a lot while in Jakarta, not in Bandung! How weird! People usually came to Bandung to shop..but me.. Hurmmm.... I just find Bandung is not really for me. I mean, they do have a lot of pretty stuff in there, no doubt. But it's more like casual stuff (at least to my eyes). You know like t-shirts, simple blouses, etc. Not really my kind of style.. So, I only buy things for friends as gifts and souvenirs while I was there.. 

But Jakarta...well..they have a lot of cool boutiques and stores over there! BETTER than KL, I tell you! Me likey so much! hehe. 

Anyway, I want to start unpacking my stuff now! Oh..this is the thing I hate the most about traveling! Packing and unpacking! Sobs! See ya later!




  1. wani~~ upload ur picture as well.
    really like ur post about travel and vacation.hehehe

  2. oh..plz blog abt ALL ur pfume!!!

  3. hye wani.

    before-and-after scenario tu soooo true. especially for moms with a 1 yr old baby like me. huhu.

    neway, blog about jakarta soon k.

  4. cool! blog more on ur vacation pleaseeee! love all ur entries!


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