Friday, December 17, 2010

Perempuan Emo :p

Do you have a song that always get you become mushy and all? Like you're in the mood for some love..and feeling a little bit sad and getting all emo or whatever you may call it! haha..
Oh.. I do, I do! I have tons of them! Sometimes I even search for some movies/songs that can make me cry! Just 'cause I'm in the mood to cry..and put myself in the person's shoes.. haha. What can I say, I'm a big weeper! (or more like a dramatic girl! haha ;p)

Well..a good book, or good songs, good movies would always, always make me cry! And I mean..really, realllllyyyy cry! (sampai hidung tersumbat! LOL ;p)

Heee. I have a really soft heart when I watch some movies that has to do with family/friendships and, especially when it comes to the word L! hehe ;p

Anyway..this is one of the song that can make me all sad and blue everytime I listen to it...

By D'Masiv - Rindu Setengah Mati.


So what's your sad songs/movies? Share with me, share with me! I wanna download it! I'm in the mood to be all mushy now! haha.. (Weirdddd, I know!) ;p



  1. wani; try this
    dadali- disaat aku mencintaimu. oh i'm in the mood of emo tooooo! :/

  2. sad song eh wani?
    i ada list yg panjang.. here some of it
    afgan - sadis
    afgan- akan ku temu
    2AM- cant let you go even if i die
    2AM- you wouldn't answer my calls

  3. mine would be "tercipta untukku" by ungu. my bf dedicate tht song to me..
    all the words in the lyrics adalah perasaan dia untuk i.. emotional everytime i hear it

  4. wani,, i love ur post... i pon selalu get emotional while dengar lagu n watching movie.. selalunye hindustan..hehe. i've post my emo song at my blog...:)

  5. Mine? U can refer to this entry: Nak tambah: Menanti Sebuah Jawaban by Padi.

  6. Show Must Go On , OST Moulin Rouge

  7. i always end up crying every time i watch desperate housewives..even when i watched the same episode for two or three times..its like theres a big pipe in my eyes which will flow anytime..silly me..sometimes i just cry for no reason..maybe its my way of dealing with pressure..

  8. my first time komen kat sini..

    saya suka satu lagu korea ni..
    tajuknya on the way to break up....

    lagu tu tak sedih sangat tapi jalan cerita sebelum lagu tu dibuat sedih....

    i love reading ur blog!!!!!

  9. Kema Azeman18/12/10 3:15 AM

    i always sing "Wanna be where you are" by M2M. i always sing this song when im mellow. dont really knw y though. cheers :)

  10. haaha...funny you...i'm even worst...i cried whenever i watch amazing race - final winner...i felt touched, bla...blaa... sentimental x bertempat. they won not me, but somehow when u step on the finish line be it with ur siblings,spouse,bff etc u share ur moment with them to be on that final sentimental song which still play in my heart - Youre My Everything - Santa Esmeralda. I hafal giler this song when i was 8... - Silent Reader

  11. this is my sad song wani:

    but i rarely listen to sad songs when im down.. dgr motivational songs byk laa.. nnt buat entry about ur motivational songs lak k.. then kite share2 lagi :)

  12. me too!! i get mushy quite easily...dalam movie pun boleh nangis!

    songs- sang mantan by nidji, the winner takes it all by abba, kerna ku sayang kamu by dygta.

  13. thanks everyone for the comments/suggestions!!! =)

  14. so sad la lagu ni wani..tapi i suke dgr..heheh btw,here some lagu sdey yg i layan:baik2 sayang-wali band,dari jauh-nabil,bila cinta-gio..

  15. wani,try listen to this song. D'masiv - Sudahi Perih Ini

  16. r u in the mood to watch a drama?? then i suggest u should watch this japanese drama title " one litre of tears"....drama ni mmg sgt2 sedey...rsnye sy mmg nanges 1 liter kut ms tgk citer ni...da la masa tu sy trus tgk dr 1st episode smpi final episode...xcukup 1 kotak tisu...citer ni mmg sgt sedey...psl family pastu ade la selit2 love story ckit...absolutely you must watch this drama...highly recommended...

  17. Wani,
    suka layan K drama x? try tgk 'Bad Love'...sgt lah sob...sob...

  18. 1. D'Masiv - Cinta Ini Membunuhku (which people say they plagiarized from My Chemical Romance - i don't love you - so u got two versions of emo songs)

    2. The Cranberries - When You're Gone

    3. Endless Story - Yuna Ito (REIRA) (this VC is in cartoon but the song is ossum ;) this is my sing along song in car

    4. Jojo - All i want is everything
    (not really a sad song, but there's nothing like pure love confession when people croons aye?)

    5. Nobody Can Win - Garbage (time to mellow down on this)

    many more la.. but i'd like to dedicate this song to you (a cover version of bruno mars - just the way you are.. by boyce avenue ;)



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