Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Meeting an Old Friend

I've always like it, to see and to meet all my primary or secondary friends.. To catch up things, to listen to each others' updates, and to see how much we've grown throughout the years.. It's really nice to see one another after contacting everyone only through Facebook for several years..

Anyway, I met my high school classmate the other day.. Her name is Aisyah. We talked a lot over dinner. She said, I have not changed a bit after a few years. (I dunno whether that's a good thing or not! I hope it is! hehee)

She wanted to see me so badly because she said she missed me so much and missed hearing me talk and talk or rather bebel and mengomel about stuff. LOL. So, anyway, yeah..I met her.. Sebab I pun rindu dekat dia jugak. And we spent hours and hours in KLCC, sampai kena halau! Hahaha. (I dunno, there's something about me..that always ended up kena 'halau' each time I jumpa kawan2 lah! LOL) I really do talk a lot! Heeeee. Nanti kita jumpa lagi kay Aisyah? =)
Oh God...I miss you, Ira and the others la. Hmm.. Semua dah besar kan? (Oh sh*t. I'm old!!! Sobs.. T_T)

Anyways, here's our pictures during the day..

Time to go home now..

...with the brother



  1. oh eh kak aisyah!lama x jumpa kak aisyah

  2. Love to read your blog...
    hope my blog will attract readers like yours too..keep blogging,girl=)))

  3. cantik nya ur make up wani! akak sukaa! n ur dressing pown canteksss okeh! btw, what bag is that?? looks nnice!

  4. aisyah? macam knal.. dak mass comm uia kan?
    she's my classmate! ;)

  5. to anon: it's a bally bag. i knew, because i saw one at KLCC last time.


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