Sunday, December 12, 2010

Feeling Grateful.

Been doing a little thinking.. And I just have some thoughts about something...

Alhamdulillah.. I'm really really grateful of what I have in my life. I have the best people all around me, in this life. My parents, my family, and my friends. I am truly grateful and feel so blessed, everyone all around me has been so nice towards me...  Thank you God. Thank you for showered me with lots of love and channeled your love towards me,  from all these great people. I feel so blessed!
I am indeed, a lucky girl. Alhamdullilah. =)

Well..I have to say that I'm so grateful to be born in this family and to have met such awesome friends and beautiful personalities that has really really colored up my life.

I look back on my childhood, and thank God. For everything you gave me, but mostly for your love... God, thank you for all the small miracles that comprised the bigger miracle in my life.. Thank you for giving me everything that I wanted. For giving me all the things that I needed to feel... You have really been truly kind to me.. So thank you so much! ^_^

And thank you for giving me all the opportunities to create ripples of love and for giving me the heart to receive love from others, especially from all the important people in my life...
And yes, my parents are the best parents ever! I'm so lucky to be born in this family. They provide me, everything that a child needs. Tangible and intangible things.  I am truly grateful...

I have such great parents. My mom especially... 

"Heaven lies under the feet of your mother"

My mother is a really great parent. Well..when I think back the things that she did for me, for the past twenty years.. Even in a million years, I know, I can never repay 100% like what she did to me, to us. She is indeed the best mom one could ever had. Seriously. I always sit down and think back.. Reminiscing everything that she has done for me, for us, for my dad, for the family..
Just wowww. She is one superb woman, I tell you!

I am lucky and so grateful to be born in this family and to be brought up by my parents.. They has taught me a lot of things during my younger days (I'm still young by the way! ;p) Well..even until I've became a young lady, they are still teaching me things - and I know, they will never stop teaching and preaching us, for as long as we are called as; their children. Hmm..yeah.. That's normal. They're parents. And parents will always be parents. hehe)

So thank you mom and dad.. Thank you for all the lessons =)

I am truly grateful for having such a wonderful family....



That's me when I was barely one year old. heh

I was having fever at that time..

I still remember... since I was a lil' kid or a baby.. my mother would make sure all of her kids would have enough food, enough clothes, enough toys and whatnot.. (Well..every mother would and should! Righttt?)
She said, she used to have trouble getting to feed us. Kami baby yang cerewet and sangat susah makan! tskk. Sorry ma!

On Hari Raya..

At the back of our house back in Loughborough.. 

So she said, during those days..she tried so hard to feed us and to give the best food for us.. Tried new recipes... tried inventing stories so that we would listen to her stories while she fed us..hehe.

Oh.. I still remember a few stories like the "Kapal Terbang that Crashed in The Cave" story, the "Lazy Guy that Died in The Woods" and some other stories.. She invented all of these stories spontaneously, just to get our that we'd eat her healthy yummy food that she made specially for us!
I guess, when you're a really have to be so creative in inventing or perhaps lying to your children...just to get their attention..hehe ;p

I was eating some jelly or something..

Went strawberry picking with mommy for the very first time in my life! heheh 

My very first camping with the family..

And then, when we were like toddlers..

She would make some flashcards.. all written by herself. She'd buy markers, magic colors, and cardbox, some colored papers, and then she'd buy books/posters that has a lot of pictures and cut them and paste it in the flashcards, and she would draw some nice pictures, some numbers, and then colored them...and taught us numbers, words, spelling, things, Islamic knowledge, and et cetera...

Dancing class!

Driving class! ;p

Make up lesson! hehe

And then she bought all the Ladybird books, read to us every single day.. And she would record all the PlaySchool shows on the video recorder, for us to watch and learn...and so on and so forth.. There's a lot of things she did for us! I really can't list it all out here..There won't be any space for this! hehe.. Too many things!

But... thank you mom!

This was right before we went to school.. Mom prepared meals for us in those lunchbox! (God..I hate my fringe! And my terkejut face! haha ;p)

This picture above taken when I was about 5 years old. On my school's Sports Day

My sister got a good grade ^_^

And then..when I'm getting a little bigger..and started schooling.. For every single day without fail, since I was standard one until form five, she would sit right next to us.. to inspect and check us out, doing our homework or  revising.. And if I don't understand.. I would refer to her and ask her.. 
(Psssttt... All my good grades throughout my school days, were all because of my mom! (and my effort too! hehe). So thank you mom!)

I think, every mom should do this to her kids.. Baru la anak semangat nak belajar.. kan? Sebab ada orang teman you belajar..hehe ^_^

Fyi she did this, since my eldest sister was in standard one (that was in 1990) until my youngest brother was in form 5 (2008)! Can you imagine how many years is that??! How many years, for every night, she sit next to her children, just to see them doing their homework/revision? That's almost 20 years she did that for her kids! - Despite working full time during day time! I bet not many of us can do this!

Working is really tiring.. I'm sure most of the working people would SO agree on this. But I guess, my mother did not know the meaning of tired when it comes to her kids.. - To sit, and to voluntarily be the tutor at night, when you could be lying and resting on the couch watching teevee or do whatever things you wanna do after a long day at work?? Hmm..

Wow. That's just wowww. She is one superb lady, isn't she?!

Anyway.. my mom would always teach me (and even my friends!) when there are some subjects I don't quite understand.. She was like a teacher.

Every night while me doing some homework or just revising notes.. She would take out my books, be it English, or Mathematics (She love Maths, by the way), or Science or whatever it is.. And starts studying it..for me, for us! Just so that if we couldn't understand..she would be able to explain it to us! (Sometimes she even studied them while she was at work/office - when she doesn't have any work to do at that time or something..) Just the thought of this makes me cry... She is such an awesome mother... I've never heard any one of my friends have a mother that would do this to her children! Yelah, most of the mothers..well..most of us actually.. Bila dah balik kerja, kan penat.. Mana ada masa nak layan anak-anak untuk belajar..and some more, to even study for us! Oh, and stayed for hours pulak tu.. Sampai kitorang habis belajar dia akan duduk dengan kitorang! Lepas tu nanti.. all of our homework that she gave, we'd have to return it to her.. for her to check and mark them..


She really does deserve an award for being such an awesome mother! Kan??! hehe =)

(And don't make me start on the food part pulak! Oh God..she's like the best chef everrr.. Masak apa jer, semua sedap! - Most of my neighbours and friends of hers or even mine agreed on this!! Dah la masak hari-hari..Sedap pulak tu.. Hmm...Is there any things that you can't do, mother?? hehe)

I am sooo amazed.

"All that I am, my mother made me."

When I have kids of my own, I really wish to be like my mom one day. I never really want a busy life. And not spending time with the kids often.. That's not the way to raise your kids, I think.. So I really hope I will have all the energy and strength to become the mother like my mom..Insyallah! =)

Thank you mom. Thank you for everything that you have done for me, for us, for the family. I love you.



  1. Lawak gila gambar yang korang pegang lunchbox tu. Dari baju sampai luncbox semua sepesen. Hehe.

  2. this entry makes my eyes teary.seriously moms are superwoman kan?dgn kejanya, dgn nak layan suami, dgn masak..mcm2 lagi

    i m the 1st daughter in family after 3 elder brothers so u blh bayangkan how happy my mum is dah dapat anak pompuan kan hehe
    siap baju tu semua nak lawa2 kadang2 she bought it in spore.owh seriously i cant repay her like what u hv said, million yrs pun xkan terbalas jasa mak.

    i love my mummy too.

    kim salam kat ur mum ok :)

  3. comel sgt..i've always keen to see more of your childhood pictures.. rambut wany sgt lebat n hitam.. nice..sampai skrg kan.. pandai u jaga...

    eh muka along u mmg dari dulu sampai skrg sama.. n she looks like ayra.. eh ke ayra yg nampak mcm dia.. hehe especially dekat kening..

    mak mak kita mmg bagus kan.. i pun harap nak jd mcm tu jugak..sit next to the kids watching they doing their homework.. insyaAllah..

  4. baru i perasan.. Haikal got your mom eyes... heheheh... ape kaitan haikal dengan ini citer yer... :p

  5. almost cried reading this entry. bless to ur mommy :)

  6. aunty kasmah mmg da best!!!!!!! love her too!! (tumpang sekaki tau macik..hihi)

  7. ayu safinas13/12/10 2:41 AM

    it's true! mak masak apa2 pun mesti sedap kan. i miss my mom's cooking! kudos to your mom! <3

  8. Wani,firstly i nak cakap, your mom awet muda lah. secondy, u memang sgt bertuah dilahirkan in your family. semoga dapat famili mertua yg baik jugak...hehe...

  9. comel nye u waniii..

    n i suka sgt rambut u. lebat n hitam n very healthy.. tgk dlm FB pon tau u pandai jaga..

    n yes, ur mom adalah sgt awet muda n comel! beruntung u!

  10. suka baca entry Wani pasal ibu dan abah Wani,mmg kagum dgn cara mereka didik anak2...dlm byk2 entry lg berminat entry pasal derang berbanding anak2nya..hahaha..gurau jer..boleh la sedikit sebyk jadik kan cth dan inspirasi dlm nk didik dan besarkan anak2 ni...


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