Monday, November 9, 2009

21 Questions

Hello there.

My name is Shazwani Hamid. I am the author of this blog. This is my personal blog. This is my space to talk when my lips are sealed. Lately I received some new readers! (Hellloww my new readers..waving at youuu!) Thank you for following this blog and thank you for reading it. And to those who have been reading my blog all along this while, I thanked you too! mwah mwahh

Now..I noticed that after been blogging for about a year, I never really introduced myself to my readers..hehe..
So today, I will answer some random 21 questions that I picked from my readers via comments or emails or Facebook or what not which I never really get the chance to reply before this.. (Sorry!) goes

1. What is your real name?

It's N. Shazwani A. Hamid. I leave you to wonder what are the N and A letters stand for..heh. So anyways.. I shortened it to Shazwani Hamid because I got this name since I was in primary school. That time, there were so many girls named Shazwani. (Oh daddie and mommie..why do you named me the common name ones? hehee). So anyway they made it easy to identify which Shazwanis by calling all Shazwanis with their surname or daddy's name I suppose. Because other wise, people will always ask whenever one mentions the name Shazwani or Wani, "Which Wani?", "Cop..Shazwani mana ni?"

2. So your name is not actually spelled Schazwany Hameed lah?

Nope nope nope. I'm not the cousin of Nicole Scherzinger! hahah. Well I got this idea to spell it this way when there was this one time where I got so bored and had nothing to do.. so I went to E-dictionary and type Shazwani Hamid, and asked the thing to pronounce it.. But it sounded "Sheh-we-nai Ha-maid". So I tried to type words that could make the dictionary pronounce it as Shazwani Hamid and it turned out to be Schaz-wany Ha-meed! haha =P

3. So why do you named your blog Schazwany Hameed, and not Shazwani Hamid then?

Oh..good question.. hehe. Well, back then before I started to blog..there was this one guy who always googled about me. So when I was in the middle to set up my blog..I thought about instead of putting my real name, I spelled it like that cuz I do not want him to know anything about me! Anyway, this guy would always try to korek if there's anything about me on the net. Friendster, Facebook, Myspace or whatsoever that he could find, to find out moree about me..more like stalking I guess..haha. And at that time, he wanted to know whether I had a blog or not, by typing every possible words that might appear on the Google result. He typed my sisters name (since they have blogs too), my brother's name, my nephew's name etc etc..just hoping that I mentioned it somewhere in my blog it would appear on the Google site and hoping that he found me! I found out about this from someone, by the way. Andd.. well..well..well.. it didn't work that way because I spelled it as Schazwany Hameed and he couldn't trace me! hehe. So I win! haha. But after about 8 months of blogging..then only he found out! And that's only because people linked me.. So I plan kinda worked, huh..hehe. (Oh and I don't intend to change the name now bcuz I don't really care anymore if he stalk me or whatever.. but..maybe later in the future I guess! We'll see!)

4. So how do I call you now? Wani, is it? can call me Shazwani or Wani or Shaz..which ever you like. Or maybe The Girl who Has The Most Fabulous Shoes also can! hahaha =P
Just don't call me Shazwina la. That's my friend's name!

5. What are you like in the real world?

Err..what do you mean? What am I like? Hmm...this question is verry subjective.. But well..try to answer it ok.. Hmm..let see.. I am 155 cm (super short, I know!), I weigh about ** kg. haha. I won't tell you my weight bcuz I am hugeee! I have super black straight hair. I have never dyed my hair and never will. I have very pretty fingers and nails (ha. ha). I am tanned. I have very ugly teeth and cheeks. Umm...what else? Oh..and my shoe size is 6. And for the past 20 years of living in this world, I only have one sneakers or trainers or whatever you guys call it and more than a hundred of stilettos and heels. heh. Yup, I am a true high heel girl =)


What am I like in the real world, ey? Hmmmm... *still thinking*
Oh..I am so bad at this question! Maybe you meant like my attitude and stuff is it? Well..can't really say much.. I mean tak kan nak cakap pasal diri sendiri pulak kan? Mesti la puji diri je memanjang! LOL.

Okay..these descriptions about me are based from my fellow friends/family descriptions.

  • I am very manja with the ones I love. Maybe bcuz I'm the last girl in the family kot. So I tend to be manja with the people surrounded me. But not mengada. (there's a fine line between manja and mengada, ok)
  • I can be so nice to people that sometimes it made me look stupid. (bcuz they took advantage of it)
  • I am not a mean person. (only if I have to be! haha)
  • I am gedik. Not with people. But with myself. Gedik in the sense that I like girly stuff. I like pretty stuff.
  • I am a loser and I suck in making friends with the boys.
  • I panic all the time. Yes, all the time.
  • I am so not a bimbo.
  • I may look girly, but I am SO like a boy. haha. I sleep at weird hours like boys do. Or sometimes I didn't sleep at all. I drive like a boy. I don't wake up at 6 am in the morning like other girls do. My car and room is a mess. I always get warning letters. And summons from the IIUM's police. I don't like to follow rules. I like to turn on the music sampai nak pecah speaker tu. Sometimes I forgot to take my bath while I'm at home. Ish Ishh. And I like to laugh out loud. Oh..but I don't swear like boys do. And my sweat don't smell like boy's too. Eeuww. =P
  • Friends always call me bangang and sengal without me intend to make anything lawak pon.
  • I'm not a joker but girlfriends always call me a clown.
  • I like to laugh. (Like a lot.)
  • I don't like to associate myself with bimbos who think they're hot and bitches who think they're cool.
  • I like to sing even though I have very ugly voice. But singing makes me happy. I feel alive whenever I sing (But I always annoy people with my songs! haha. Sorry!!)
  • I'm nice. (Okayy, this one came out from my mouth. haha) =P
  • I'm a weeper. I cry all the time. Good book. Good movies. Good song. Everything!!
  • Oh..and I whine a lot too! haha
  • I am not a sombong person like people always thought I am. That's just the way my face is. Once you get to know me, you'll know how comel I can be (Okayyy..this one came out from myself too!) Ishh..enough Wani..enough!
  • Saya seorang yang sangat sangat penakot. Penakot dengan cicak. Penakot dengan lipas. Penakot dengan pervert.
  • Oh..and I can be a hot tempered woman too, sometimes (only when you trigger something that makes me mad!) Heyy..I'm only human!

6. How old are you actually?

Oh. I am very young.

7. What do you like the most about yourself?

I like the fact that I'm a girl's girl. Girls always come and ask me about some girly stuff. Be it in the blogging world or the real world or the sms world =)
Even though I know I am not that hebat for people to come and see me!

8. Do you think you are a confident person?

Haha. Ask my friends..and they'll answer you: HELL NO!!!
Yupp..I am SO not a confident person. I hate it when people look and stare at me. Seriously. I really hate it. Bcuz I feel so low and rasa macam tak sesuai untuk di stare. Ish ishh..
My dear, I know I got a fabulous shoe on..but please don't stare..I feel so ashamed and uncomfortable when you do that!

9. So what do you do when you don't feel comfortable?

I'll have this look on my face:

" pehal? Mau apaa? Mau cari gado ka?"

Fyi, I always have this look on me.. so that means I am uncomfortable all the time!! haha

10. Are you on a diet?

Hehe. That's a question I'll never be able to answer yes. I eat all the time. I like to eat. When I'm happy I'll eat. When I feel sad, I'll definitely gonna find chocolate to stuff my face! I like to eat burgers, mountain rice (is there such term? Nasi menggunung! hahah) , fries and lotsa fries, chocolate, cili padi banyak banyak, masak lemak ikan patin (perghh sedap nyee!), ice cream, all the time! Hey..anyone..wanna go and grab a coffee with me? I'll definitely say YES! =)
I eat anything!! And that explains why I look like a baloon that about to pop!

11. I like your style.

Okay. That's not a question =P
But thank you!

12. Do you wear hijab all the time? answer would be...Umm..honestly, no. I don't wear it while I sleep and while I'm taking my 2 hour bath! haha =P

13. Can you teach us how do you wear your scarf? It looks good on you.

Thanks. I'll a have a tutorial on it when I get the time k darling! =)

14. Are you a happy person?

Definitely. I'm a bubbly girl. See..this is the look on my face when I'm with friends and happiee! =P

15. Do you get mad easily?

Nope! Like I said..only when a person triggers something that can make me go haywire. I'm usually very cool and relax. (and very nice too!) =P

16. What is your skin type?

Ha? Very the bumpy and pimply one! haha =P

17. Are you in love?

Yes indeed.

18. When are you going to get married? I can't wait to see your wedding dress!

Oh my goodness! Dear..please do not ask me this kinda questions. It's in the God's hands. Jodoh saya pun saya tak tahu siapa. Inikan pulak designer baju kahwin nanti! haha.

19. I've seen your pictures a lot in your FB. You must really love the camera and like to pose huh? that bad? huhu. Read here and you'll know why!

20. Do you love blogging?

Of course I do! Blogging has taken my life over the past few months! I can not sleep, eat, shop or go out just because I'm busy blogging! haha. And I super love it!

21. What is your body stats?

Err..let's not talk about each other's boob size or butt size shall we?

Okay..I'm done! If you have any questions at all..just leave a comment and ask ok! Yes you, the one who reads this! Just ask me whatever you need to know and want to know! And I'll try my best to answer 'em ok! =)

Shazwani Hamid.


  1. i like this entry.

    and akak have a question for u wani:

    what brand do u like for scarfs other than TR?


  2. hi there.
    dlm both pics above, u really look like ur sister, iza.
    nice. comel.

    ini mcm FAQs for schazwany hameed la eh?
    i'm wani too by the way. cume spelling a bit different.


  3. anonymous: hye kak.
    umm..brand PSA, and tudung bawal kat jln Tar. tudung ekin tidak. hehe

    memey: hye wani! (i excited bila ada org sama nama dgn i! haha)

    err...lebih kurang la..i amik mana yg i berminat nk jwp..haha..ade je soalan2 yg memang frequent. tp nnt lah i jwp.. =)

  4. Haaaaa! Bagusss sgt u buat entry ni. I dah lama nak tanya (eh rasa macam dah pernah tanya kot). My soalan ialah:

    What's ur fav lipstick/lip gloss? And how u apply?

    I tgk lips u selalu cam natural glossy nude peach yg cun. Contoh cam dlm pic ni and kat dinner kat Nuffnang Award. Sebabnya dia terserlah dlm pic. I buat jadik in real je tp dlm pic tak jadi. Dlm pic, nmpk cam tak pakai apa (Padahal aku ni punya laaaa penat tenyeh & belek lips).

  5. meh sini I add summore:

    - Wani is loud (as in her voice) dan suka bercerita. kalau bergossip satu restaurant boleh dengar. Dan dia akan ketawa dgn bersungguh-sungguh ;p

    - Wani adalah kembar saya yg berlainan tahun (Org asik ingat kita kembar jer, so nex time mengaku je la nak? ;p)

    - Wani seorang budak yg susah giler nak bangun pagi, tgh hari, ptg mahupon malam. Pendek kata, dia kalau dah tido susah nak bgn. Kalau kejut guna mercun pon belum tentu dia terjaga. heee

    - Wani bersiap ala2 tuan puteri indera kayangan. Jadi kalau nak keluar dgn dia, sila beritahu at least 3 jam lebih awal agar anda tidak lewat jua.

    - Wani has a fabulous taste in fashion and she's one stylo girl.

    - Wani seorang budak yg baik. Tak penah tinggal solat, kalau dia tinggal pon dia ada satu buku khas utk merekod solat2 yg dia tertinggal dan dia akan qada' balik (lepas tu dia tanda kalau dah qada'. Cam comel jer kan?). Saya tahu sbb saya curi2 tgk. huhuu

    - Wani sgt adore perempuan cantik seperti mana dia adore kasut. Dia ada folder khas gamba2 perempuan tah mana2 yg dia jumpa kat internet dan save dalam laptop dia. Lepas tu suka tunjuk kat saya lalu puji tak hingat dunia.

    Sekiannnnn :D

  6. gmbr u kt soalan no. 9 tuh mcm kakak u laa..


  7. reena: my fave at the moment: ZA in PK3. sgt cantik color dia.
    kalau i pki, i tak pki sekali tenyeh je. saya pakai 3-4 round..huhuh..
    oh btw..yg dlm pic tu bkn color lipstick.. itu kaler bibir saye kakak..huhuh

    oh dan dlm NN awards tu iza punya Mac..i lupe nama ape..i pon suke..nnt nak beli gak..sila tanya along..ataupon rasa nye..nnt dia akan reply kat tunggu je..hahaha

    Along: awwwwwwwwww...thats so sweet of u gi tambahkan lg..huhu. tak sangka ko rasa camtu! hahaa..
    btw..wehhh..maluuu laa gi baca buku mane tuuuuuuuu weyyy??? asal org sekeliling aku suke pi tgk buku2 rahsia akuh..haishhh...girl n naz pon sama penah bukak hp aku ade tulis bape kali aku terlajak tdo tak smyg..pastu dorg gelak sbb tak sangka pi tulis (dah la subuh paling byk)..LOL!
    sumpah maluuu..haha

    ajalalala: alaa...asal sume ckp muka saya mcm iza lalu ckp lawa. kalau tak mcm iza tak lawa la eh.. hahaha. jk.
    *ye saya tahu..saya gemok pendek..huhu*


    eh..but thanks for the compliment! =)

  8. Pink stilettos said:

    - Wani has a fabulous taste in fashion and she's one stylo girl, emergency...!!
    saye memerlukan pertolongan hubs ni ajak annual dinner company die...theme "Fantasy Nite" what suppose i wear??
    i tanakla nmpk macam cinderella ke snow white ke ape...i nk pakai something yang modern sket and stylo and fantasy...pening me...
    012-222 9453

  9. Wani...we have the exact same height laaa :). Btw, maybe i don't really know you, but the way you blog pun i tahu u jenis orang yang sincere. Bukan memuji, tapi the truth. There is this one evening (midnight kat Malaysia), u tweet alot abt this guy/lady who have bothered you. I tak berani nak tegur, but you are just being a true you - trying to push the bad feelings away :). In a way, it was good. At least you don't keep it to yourself and being bothered by 'it' over again. U go girl! :)

  10. hey wani..

    i baru baca ur blog about 2-3weeks ago,since nuffnang entry tue,link from redmummy..and i dgn kesanggupan pergi baca semua entries u..hihi

    i think i ada similarities with u,in terms of "tidur mati"..suka about makan,do u have problem with ur stomach??i mean perut buncit?cause i u have tips for it,since ur pic mcm takder jer symptom tue...[sorry,soalan menyentuh isu body]

    nice knowing u thru FAQ session! (:

  11. kak salha: u can wear like a butterfly outfit or something! bila ur dinner? my exam abis on 14th la dear..kalau after that maybe boleh laa i tolong survey for u ;)

    aida: yeke? hehee.. kite same ek?
    umm..yup, my fren pon ckp i jenis lurus org nya..hahaha =P

    anyway..yes i did that sbb i tanak simpan lama2 nnt sakit dada..

    cik kembong: hye there! welcome! =)
    aah i tdo mati n suka mmg perut buncit pon!! tp pki corset dia kempiskan sikit la..hehe =)

  12. i pernah jumpa u kat bangsar village early this year, ada warehouse sale (club monaco, JC etc)..

    i don't think you're huge, just nice je..

    nampak sweet and very energetic (tgh shopping kan..haha!..)

  13. iza punya additional points tu kak suzie sgt suka :) u r so sweet!

    kak suzie pun sgt adore perempuan cantik esp dah la cantekkk tp humble,dah la soft spoken tp bergaya n baik hati yg bkn dibuat2..hehe..

    p/s:ur eyes sgt cantik dah la besar (i always suka org yg bermata bulat besar)

  14. ok i have two questions for u

    why do u still publish those hatred comments even tho u made the 'comment moderation'?

    how much do u earn from NN/blogging? im thinking to start blogging too. but i dont know..hmm


  15. dinner memang tepat on 14th...aaaaaaaaaa......butterfly?maybe u ade contoh gamba or website...tadi puas carik kt pavillion...adela dress cantik2...but i like a litte bit funky...kan dah..cerewet ku sudah bermule...huhu..

  16. julia: heh. now dah tambah 5kg ye. harap maklom.

    kak suzie: umm..thanks akak. =)

    1) fyi i publish everything. i never delete any comments pon. i only have that comment moderation to prevent from ppl to advertise this n that and to protect whoever that i'm supposed to protect from any -ve comments.. (family ke friends ke..etc)
    (oh n also to prevent from any pervert who put sex url/links)

    but -ve things about me? well..i dont really care..thats y i publish =)

    2) thats a lil private dear =)
    but..why dont u just start blogging? u never know u might earn thousands from it darl! =)

  17. salha: alaaaa..takde la...i takde byk masa nak google n wat research..tsk..

  18. hai wani,
    i'm your silent reader...
    sgt suka bc apa sj entry u dlm blog ni.
    n bila bc, rs u jujur jer...

    keep on writing k?

  19. kampong gal11/11/09 4:43 PM

    wow ur eyes big n beautiful.
    ur skin flawless, where got zits?
    ya i m enjoying reading too.
    no la u nt fat, u c me then u kno wat fat is :D
    N ur sis is so sweet, reveal more abt ur gdnes, like trcking ur mis prayers.

  20. Reena: it's MAC lipstick in Blankety

  21. wani, i have sent my questions via email. pls reply. thanks u.

  22. miss jue: thank u. =)
    ok, saya akan menulis dan menulis dan menulisss..hehe

    kampong gal: dear, that photo was a really bad quality photo/camera. a good ones will be able to zoom at my zits! haha =P

    hadi: errr...ok will do.

  23. kampong gal12/11/09 5:22 PM

    haha me wan dat camera, close up stil flawles finish. niwae u r soo sweeeet

  24. i like the additional point from iza.and i salute you sebab ada buku rekod solat tertinggal,sebab i respect orang yang jaga you my dear,gain my respect. :)

    to salha: it's fantasy nite kan?why don't you wear something Grecian, think flowy,chiffon-ny,(toga) dress and be Venus the Goddess or something like that. Itu pun fantasy kan?
    Make-up: something golden-y,
    Accessories: unique gold jewellery,braided headgear

  25. salam wani... akak dah baca blog wani & iza since a year ago.. but this is the first time leave a comment.. sbb tertarik sgt2 dgn soalan2 tu.. sayang u all berdua.. gd luck..

  26. KAMPONG GAL: hehe.. fyi, that camera is 5.1 MP only! hehe

    MOOSE: erk. please dont say that.. i rasa segan sgt2 ni. sbb i tertinggal solat..bukan cukup solat. tsk.

    btw.. yup..i pon byg kan benda yg sama for that fantasy nite! =)

    AKAK NOR: yeke..thank u akak for supporting my blog. =)

  27. Oh i have a question..what is your job actually..hihi.. :D thanks

    -reader from adelaide-


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