Monday, November 30, 2009

Disneyland for Shoppers in Johor!

I bet by now, most of you already know about this news.

Yes, Malaysia will have a Factory Outlet in Johor realllly soon! I can't believe this is happening.. first, they said there will be the Universal Studios in Singapore in 2011..or was it 2012? I'm not sure.. But I'm excited already because when I was in Osaka, Japan few years back, I didn't get to visit the Universal Studios now that they'll open it somewhere near Malaysia, specifically Singapore, I will make sure I won't miss out on this! They said USJ is much more cooler than Disneyland.. betul ke? Disneyland pun dah best gilerr..hehe

And then last week, I read on the news, they'll be having Factory Outlets in Johor pulak?! Wooh.. This is SO cool! Turun ke selatan banyak kali lah, gamaknya yer, lepas ni..haha.
(Johor people! You are verrry lucky!)

Factory outlet in Paris... Bally, Lancel, Burberry, Celine, Gucci, Furla, Polo Ralph Lauren, Timberland, etc etc!


P/s: Selalu balik Johor lah lepas ni, ek? haha *wink!*

P/ss: Now I wonder, when will Boots and H&M would ever land on this tanah airku??



  1. oh this is awesome! i live in jb! so yeay!

  2. Yay!Lepas ni nak rajin2 balik kampung kat JB.hehe

  3. Pssstt..It's Timberland sayang. Timbaland tu rapper. Hihi :p

  4. USJ is cooler for adult and disneyland are cooler for kiddo ;) i've been to both places and both places also coool ;D

  5. anonymous: good for u!

    liyana: best nye ur kampung kat johor!

    anonymous2: thats what ive been told =)

    reena: thank u for pointing it out! btw, i was thinking of him what i typed that! haha ;p

  6. reena: *while*

    teehee ;p

    p/s: what is wrong with me?? asik tersalah type jer!

  7. yg ko gi dulu tu not under chealsea premium outlet kan?

  8. wow shopaholic gone crazy! haha..
    menarik ogeh?
    ey correct me if im wrong, is that in paris on the 2nd pic?

  9. This is another Liyana from Johor too! I read somewhere it's near Kulai. Dekat rumah my mom tu... rajinlah I balik kampung :) (boleh kayuh basikal, lepas tu angkut all the shopping bags gantung kiri-kanan handles, letak tempat bonceng sekali..haha!)

  10. It's me again. I'm sure if H&M arrives Msia, it will become a 'high end' brand. In Stockholm, its among the cheapest chain stores, and it's everywhere, almost at every other block.

  11. apsal dia tak buat kat KL ja? my hometown is JB. tp susah la kalau kat kulai. wawawaawa

  12. bestnyer!!!
    please don't tell me i'm dreaming, i'm a johorian! (ok drama mode is off now, hehe)

    thnks for the info btw, i xtau smpai bace kt your blog :)

  13. wani. sorry off topic. but please go watch the muaz|fiona wedding video on this page. i bet ur going to love it. i know because i do.


    your old friend.

  14. omg really?! coach coach.. i am waitin for u!!!

  15. i wonder whats the tax like. factory outlet pun but malaysia kan terkenal ngan tax-nya yg amat tinggi.


    but nways. PIL's house at super yeay!!!!

  16. wow!! syoknyer...hi schawazny..i'm ur new follower..:)

  17. h&m takde dekat msia lg? eh mcm pnah pg je? dlm mimpi kot hehe.

    hm ape yg bes dengan boots? sama je dengan watsons, cuma perfume murah haha!

  18. psl shopping outlet tu aku sure ko yg paling happy, tp psl USJ tu aku lg heppppppppy....jom aku tmn ko g usj singapore!!!!

  19. hahaha, apsal aku type USJ?? excited sangat

  20. herm. ilove H&M SO MUCH!!i ader 2 hlai jer bju H&M..1 that i bought kt uk N ANOTHER ONE a ggift 4rom my aunt.BILE EK dy akn ade kt mlaysia?love shopping.i envy u larh.


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