Thursday, November 26, 2009

If Only

I can't sleep tonight. Somethings been bothering me. I watched 500 days of Summer just now..and tiba tiba jer that movie made me think about something. Something so serious I can't even type it here. (But it has nothing to do with the movie/storyline though.)

Anyway... as my eyes were wide open and my mind were wandering around at 4 am in the morning..I log on to my Friendster account. It's been a while since I last check it. I try to take my mind off things by reading some of my old testimonials. I just wanted to remember things. There are quite a few that made me I deleted them.

Oh but there is one of the testimonials/comments that made me crack a lil bit. It was this;

It was from my very own sister, Iza. I smiled when I read it. That was way back in 2006. And now we're hitting 2010 dah.

Teringat. Hmmm...

What if...well nevermind.. =(

Just a question. What is love? I find it hard to explain myself. Kepala otak saya serabut daripada haritu lagi. Even before exam week lagi.

Cold feet? Pms? Confusion? Delusional? Well.. I don't really know.




  1. you won't be happy forever until you find someone that can melt your heart back like before (I guess?)

    Well good luck in love things..

    Love is complicated but once you found it, it will be a huge happiness ever in your life..

    Don't be sad..Because we still have our family around us...

    Selamat Hari Raya Wani

  2. i can't remember posting that testi. haha. lama giler dah!


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