Sunday, November 22, 2009


Hello there.

I know, I'm on my semester break. And I'm supposed to update this blog more frequent than when the days I have classes. But I'm really sorry for the sporadic updates and sorry for making some of you waiting for my blog posts. It's just that my 100 year old laptop got crashed the other day, and I got more than 16, 000 pics in it, and some other things that I need for me to blog.. But now that they're dead and gone, I don't have mood to update anything at all! Plus, for me to blog using someone else's laptop is just very umm...troublesome and uncomfortable.. I mean, I prefer to use my own rather than borrowing people's. The feeling is different. heh.

Anyway, I try to get the laptop fixed and will get back to you, to update more stories as soon as I can, ok?

In the mean time, I will clean up my closet and room and also sort out some of the things I don't use to be given away (and sell)

Ok, signing off now!



  1. sorry to hear that, invest in an external disk to save all your pics & regularly backup whatever important from your laptop.

  2. Beli laptop Apple/Mac. Susah nak crash :p

  3. miss j: itulah. i have an external hard rosak.. fren accidentally terhempaskan dia..isk

    reena: itu laa.. both my sisters dah ada.. i sorg je takde lg.haha

  4. wani...if u r planning nk jual ur stuff...plz email me... i tkt xsmpt nk grab nnt...rugi la...hehehhe...thankx dear... =)


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