Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Let's Follow Me with These Simple Skincare Tips!

Picking an outfit to wear is hard enough as it is. Not to mention getting that cute someone next door to notice you! Now, you also have to worry about the worst skin disaster ever – PIMPLES!! They always pop at the most unlikely time! So how can you enjoy your teenage life then?

Well, you have two options. Either you spend all your teenage years at home and miss out on all of the fun.. OR you can choose the right skincare products for your skin!

FOLLOW ME Oil Control skincare range will solve your skin woes while simplify your life tremendously! Confidence and healthy skin at last! Phew!

This skincare range is designed specially for people living an active lifestyle and helps your skin to stay beautiful, clean and fresh all day long.

The products contain breakthrough ingredients such as Sea Algae which reduce sebum, remove oil and unclog pores; Tea Tree Oil which regulates oil production, helps reduce blemish-causing bacteria; Solar White-C that prevents pigmentation; and Pre-Biotic that stimulates and maintains balance of friendly bacteria on the skin.

The range of the products includes the Anti-Shine Cleanser, Purifying Toner, Mattifying Moisturizer, Poreless Blackhead Remover and Spotless Pimple Gel.

Now girls, let me coach you step by step on how to use the entire product for your daily basic care, so you can say bye bye to your zits!

Step One to a Clearer and Fairer Skin: Use FOLLOW ME Oil Control Anti Shine Cleanser

It works by deep cleansing your skin and removing excess oil. It washes away impurities and oil to reveal a smoother and fairer complexion.

Lather and apply on face and neck areas. Avoid your eye areas, girls!

It has a non-drying effect on skin. And I love this one the most, as it has some minty effect on my skin. So refreshing! Oh me likey! =)

Feels like a Banana Smoothie has covered my whole face! Its soo creameyyy!

Massage gently and rinse thoroughly with water. You should use this cleanser, twice a day (morning and before your bedtime)

Step Two to a Clearer and Fairer Skin: Use FOLLOW ME Oil Control Purifying Toner

Apply using a facial cotton, after cleansing

Complements cleanser and clears away impurities, traces of debris and blemishes for a fairer and radiant skin. It is formulated with active ingredients that visibly reduce the appearance of pores for a smoother and more refine skin texture.

I love the smell of it! Very invigorating.

Step Three to a Clearer and Fairer Skin: Use FOLLOW ME Oil Control Mattifying Moisturizer

This stuff is enriched with active ingredients that control shine by absorbing excess oil while its natural formula helps reduce oiliness of skin. I love the fact that this moisturizer is easily absorbed by skin and ideal as a make up base. You can use it to complete your daily skin care routine for a fairer and matte looking skin.

Make sure you cleanse and tone your skin before applying a moisturizer!

Apply it evenly around your face and neck area.

I really love this moisturizer! The texture of this gel made my skin look so clear and even. And best of all, my skin stays matte for hours!

Okay, for the following products are for your weekly treatment ya.. (just use them like twice or maybe thrice a week)

Treatment Care 1: Use FOLLOW ME Oil Control Poreless Blackhead Remover

It is effective in dissolving blackheads and exfoliating dead skin cells with micro spheres. Its active ingredients reduce excess sebum and help to prevent clog pores, for clearer and fairer looking complexion.

This product would be really great for slowly exfoliating and getting rid of some of your dead skin cells which could cause pimples.

You should apply this on a dry T-Zone and cheek areas by massaging gently onto your skin for one minute till the lumps of dead skin cells, marks, blackheads and impurities surface. And when your done massaging your face, rinse thoroughly with water. You should use this twice a week, and followed by a cleanser, Ok? =)

Treatment Care 2: Use FOLLOW ME Oil Control Spotless Pimple Gel

This treatment gel is enriched with active ingredients that reduce spots and pimples by penetrating deep into the skin. Natural extracts in fragrance-free formulation work to fight pimple and smoothen skin complexion in 3 days without leaving scars.

Just apply this gel directly onto your blemish spots and pimples before applying moisturizer. Andddd... Zapppp! your zit will be gone in just 3 days!* =)

So that’s five products for you to use faithfully, to prevent pimples from growing on your precious skin!

Oh..and today I would also like to announce to you that FOLLOW ME is also kicking off a Funny Foto Model Search contest, girls!!! So this is your chance to be a ‘Cover Girl’ and win other fabulous prizes! The contest is called “Funny Foto” Model Search.
And it ends on 30 November 2009. So hurry!!

How to enter? It’s so simple, really!

Step 1: Purchase RM 20 and above of FOLLOW ME Oil Control products

Step 2: Strike a funny and creative pose with the FOLLOW ME Oil Control product(s) and have your picture taken!

Step 3: Scan or snap a shot of your receipt. Send it together with your photo by MMS or by email to oc@tohtonku.com.my, or post to:

FOLLOW ME Funny Foto Model Search
10 Jalan TP2, Taman Perindustrian UEP
Subang Jaya, 47620 Subang Jaya, Selangor.

Step 4: Just wait for a miracle to happen for your name to be announced to win these great prizes!

Ok jom jom jom!!! Jom masuk contest ni beramai ramai jommm!=D

Follow Me,


  1. salam wani.
    i nak komen kat entry 'berapi' tu tapi takleh access
    just nak bagitau,
    i love your pipi kembong!
    that's the term my hubby gave me pasal dia kata my pipi is so kembonggg
    nanti i nak tunjuk dia, orang pipi kembong comel belaka!!
    go..go..go girl
    fedulikssss kata org.
    p/s: buat entry pasal blusher sikit??

  2. wani, entry ni kan awak dah publish hari itu? kenapa publish lagi? oh dan kamu nampak sangat manis dlm entry ini walau hanya berkemban.. eh maksud saya ber-robe-ban and juga dililit dgn towel. sesungguhnya kamu memang comel.


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  4. wantd to coment on the nuffnang event post but dah limit eh.

    fr d way u handle anons, u r really SMART. gd, dats d way girl, cnfiden, cool and intelligent response.

    just wana say dat i m shock abt d uia inside story ):
    ya we outside always tink if u islam sure inside smua islamic. i tot of sending my chrn there but now..

    aniwae ur blog interesting, wil drop by again (:

  5. hi, nak tanya...kat mana awak beli black bathrobe tuh? tq.

  6. hi sarah.

    i bought at La Senza. and its not black btw..it's a dark brown =)
    pegi la kat La Senza..byk bathrobe yg cute2!

  7. owh, tq so much for the info. La Senza, here i come. hehe. so sorry ya, i thought it was black. huhu. btw, how much ya...i don't want to ober budget.

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  10. Hi kak shazwani ><
    see, dulu saya beli dua je sbb attracted dgn bhs jepun dan dia punya appearence (Follow Me
    Saya beli 2jenis blackhead remover and anti shine cleanser. pastu bpe hari tah mmg berkesan giler!
    pastu blackhead remover da abes QQ.
    da 2 bulan lebih cmtu, pegi tesco :D bru beli ni ha xD YAHOOOO.
    So bole sy tnye step2..ade brg yg sy beli tpi takde kat dlm blog akak ni,step camni bole kan?

    1.blackhead remover
    2.Anti Shine Cleanser
    3.Purrifying Toner
    4.Pimple Gel
    5.Mattifying moisturiser
    6.Hydrating Sunshield.
    dan...saya beli semua product dia.
    termasuk Duo blemish dan moisture bright mask.. taktau dua ni nak masok kat step mana XD kat description xde tulis lak D:..
    so bole tlg? >< arigatou~

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  14. Can boys use follow me too?^^

  15. sesuai tk dgn muka? Fr ages brp ni?


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