Sunday, November 15, 2009

Dressing Up Or Dressing Down?

Which one do you prefer to see on me.. I mean..which one do you think looks good on me? Dressing Up or Dressing Down?

Me, dress up: Corset, Belt, Waistcoat, Jackets, Dressy Tops and some other stuff that are in =)

Corset Belt

Tier Corset

Lacey Corset with Bow

High Waisted Belts

Dressy Top

Cropped Jacket/ Skinny Jeans



Or perhaps..something more serious and work attire-look?

Wide Leg Trousers with Suspender


Blouse / Shirt

Or me dressing down: normal t-shirts, cardys, drapes, tudung bawal, sling bags, slippers, etc.

Tudung Bawal / T-shirt (oh btw, why do they called it as tudung bawal ey? Did Bawal the fish invented it? haha)

Plain T-Shirt with Faded Jeans

Dull colored Top (well..I dunno how to categorized this top. I won't call this a dressy top. But it doesn't look like I want to dress down either. haha) Maybe because the material of this top is cotton, so I guess it's suitable for casual ey? So dress down it is! haha

Sling-Bag and Slippers


Cardy / T-shirt




  1. My fav look is the one with drape. U really like your age, simple, young and carefree :)

  2. As long as pakai ikut sesuai tempat & majlis, you'll look fine. But over dressed will add more years to your age dear.
    BTW, you 'dressing-down' definition is probably dressing -up for me..hehe.

    I love the pic of 3 of you for the Chanel make-over.Nice!

  3. wani dear
    u pakai apepun chantek tau

  4. hi wani,

    i think u should kurangkan pakai belt or corset or anything that snugs ur waist... you'll look more relax.

    less is more :)

    the chanel makeover pix is nice.

  5. Mestilah dress up lagi best. Anyway, u tak gemuk pon.. kurus je i tgk.

  6. aiman nur aimi16/11/09 12:23 AM

    wani, i love all of your clothes. can u please list down everything that u wear like how much n what brand and where did u buy it?


  7. wanie, i suka ur pic yang with tudung bawak with ur friend tue..i think u look young and fresh without makeup. With makeup, you look more glam and mature, which is a good thing jugak kan when attending events and whatnots.. In terms of dressing, i like you both ways. So keep up what ur doing! ;)) Honestly
    and I think Miss Shazwina agrees with me !

  8. hi wani

    you look good on everything. keep it up! :P

  9. hi wani,
    I believe u look better dressing up..
    Simply bcz u own the style..
    Anyways we have to wear a clothes when we go out
    So why dont we be our own stylist and look pretty when we go out,rite??
    dressing up all the way..


  10. i think all of them look nice on u coz u dress up well ikut occasion dan tempat, whether it's dressing up or dressing down.

    but my fave looks are the ones u wore at Tumi event (i have the same clutch as ur chinese lady friend btw), Nuffnang Ogawa event, the gilet, waistcoat, the f21 knot front top and drape.

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  12. Wanny, go for dressing up laa. :) U really know when u should dress up for a specific occasion. Thus, u actually suited the time and place and tak go overboard pun. Tapi, bila you dressing down pun dah macam dressing up. Anyway, love both ways on you :)

  13. hi there, I'm one of your silent reader.first sekali, I nak cakap I REALLY like you style. so cool!

    I wanted to wear the selendang like you and your sister does tapi always end up berbelit2.Hehe.If I mintak u ajar cara nak pakai selendang tu bole tak?tapi kalau u busy and menyusahkan u,it's okla xperlu ajar.

    I voted both, coz I think u looked nice wheteher ure dressing up or dressing down :)

  14. wani..u pakai apa pon semua burok lah! kalau dah burok tu, buruk jugak la!!

  15. eeeeiiii!! jahatnya mulut anonymous yg ckp :-
    wani..u pakai apa pon semua burok lah! kalau dah burok tu, buruk jugak la!!

    sengal bengal la anon ni...

    biarlah wani nak pakai hape pun..duit dia..nape ko kutuk dia plak??


  16. Love your all your style.Paling suka the drape and white slingbag.

  17. adek wani. awak sgt comel. suka sgt suma collection awak. tp i rasa klau hari biasa, no need to put on the make up. so dat u lebih fresh & young.
    tp klau pegi event, tak kisah sbb awal mmg fabulous!

  18. reena: drape...hmmm...really? sometimes i feel like drape is making me look even more bigger.. i have 5 drapes baru pki 2 je..hehe (tak confident)

    liyana: long as i pki sesuai dgn tempat..then..ok la kan? err..cop dlm gamba2 tu ade yg x sesuai utk tpt tu ke? huhu ;P

    anonymous 1: awwwww..thanks!!

    anonymous 2: hahah! someone told me that before! he said the belt wud make me look like a robot and cant move freely (which is true..but...hmmm) =P

    afzan aini: eheh. itu adalah ilusi optik ye kakak.. =P

    aiman nur aimi: awww..thanks! well..umm..i bought most of the tops from high and low end stores.. my fave brand wud be warehouse, topshop, dp, guess..umm..whatelse...agenda (Jaya Jusco's brand), forever 21, seed, padini, and the list goes on! =P

    naddy: awwww..thanks bebeh! hmm..but i dont feel confident when my face is naked. caner tuuu? kena salu tepek bedak and eye liner lah gamak nyeee..hehe ;P

    anonymous 3: thank u darling! =)

    a m-syah reza: eheh. comel je u ni!

    along: thank u sister. oh about that clutch..i have it too! haha.. tp tah mana aku letak..tsk.

    aida narina: awwwww..thank u darling. u always have something nice to say! rasa malu sekejap.. eh tp sekejap je la...haha =P

    anonymous 5: thank u. thank u! ok..this might sound like a broken stereo..but yes i will do the tutorial one day/someday ok! (i know i said this more than a hundred times already! heheee)

    anonymous 6: ala yeke? sob. hmm..sebab i gemok eh..takpe la..i'll try to slim down a bit la kay..

    anonymous 7: biarlah dia..
    biar je dia nak ckp apa yg dia tak puas hati dengan i.. somehow, i like that bcuz at least i can try to improve myself to be a better and maybe prettier gal! hahah! =P

    liyana: thank u! i like that bag too..that's my daily bag/ bag utk pegi class

    anonymous 9: thank u kakak! hmm..since mcm byk je org ckp camtu..well, i'll try bit by bit kurangkan make up lah kot (walopon mmg rasa tak confident kalau tak letak eye liner..heee)


  19. anon tu nampak sgt jeles n busuk hati. wani ni yg sikit punya cantik kau ckp buruk? bodoh gile. kau sorang je mental weh. tgk la percentage bape byk org vote ok paling tinggi. kau sorg je mental sakit jiwa jeles dgn wani. dumbass!

  20. you have an exquisite taste in dressing, my dear.

    but i believe you will look even better if you wear longer blouse (to cover your bottom, if you are wearing tight-fitting jeans/pants) and of course go for better coverage around your bosom area.

    then you will look truly beautiful.

  21. masyallah. cantik nya awak ni.

  22. Dear, eventho u r still young compare to my age (sobsob, dah tua ai ni ye) but i truelly admire you especially your fashion comel, elegent & stylish..

  23. you have very2 good taste in fashion and i honestly think you look good in everything you wear. hehe.

    btw, kat gambar dress down tu ada 1pic pakai baju long sleeve fuchsia and sling bag tu macam kat tg piai. betul ke? sebab tempat tu so damn near with my house. hee.

  24. suka tgk wani..
    very stylish!
    pandai betul bergaya..
    the thing yg kak shay suka..u nampak confident and berani..
    i dont have guts try out macam2 styles like you do..haha malu + x confident..haha kang ada le tersipu2 jalan...

    u nampak au naturale when dressing down..more relax...
    tapi i suka dua2 la..dress down pon wani still nampak stylo...hehehe

  25. blazer putih hitam tu cantik la...brand aper ye?cantik la nak beli

  26. i like the way you dressed up :)) niceeee **thumbs up**

  27. whatever u wear, however u dress, u still look good. maybe sbb u really know what works for u. :)

  28. Hi Shazwani,

    I don't know if you read comments on old posts, but I want to ask you about the clothes in your pictures here! if you dun mind : )
    Can I ask where you bought the yellow ruffled cardigan in this last picture? It's a really attractive pretty top,! I like the color and the cutting. Can u share where you got it? (or selling..?) heh.
    Also I wondered where you get those corset tops from?? especially the tier corset is really nice.
    Owh and the dressy/classy top (sheer white blouse with black details) in the clarins pic is beautiful. Where did you buy it.
    I like the clothes you have : )
    Thank you.

    Merra, :) occasional follower

  29. hello there Merra.. thanks for the compliments! =)

    well...the ruffled cardy is from dorothy perkins. (i MIGHT want to sell it! So stay tune..hehe..)

    the tier corset is from topshop

    and the blouse with black detailing is from warehouse.


  30. Hi Shazwani

    Oh! Maybe nak sell that yello top? he he I shall consider it if it's a good offer :)..
    Wow you really shop all over. Thank god for me for online window shopping! ;)

    If you jadi nk let go ruffle top tu, bleh let me know?

    My email :

    Thank you!!


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